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to the mater as inflytingand invectives your words be
bot speciallie tumbling verse forflytingch iii montgomerie s flyting
be drawin lang qhilkis inflytingman be short ye man
gives an example from theflytingof polwart and montgomerie a
pentameter form rhyming ababbaa forflytingor invectives he recommends tumbling
that of alexander montgomerie sflytingsonnet against his lawyer mj
grammatical phrases alliteration montgomerie sflytingsonnet against sharp also vividly
flyting ch iii montgomerie sflytingsonnet certainly follows james precepts
but specially tumbling verse forflytingby literall i meane that
elegant complex sentence whereas theflytingsonnet is a rumble tumble
words with positive associations theflytinghas a few latinate words
for verse heroic acts loveflytingand high and learned matters
argue however that since theflytingis against a lawyer a
response to the king sflytingsuch a poem is obviously

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