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a pyot an a crawfochtfur his soul the pyot
littlins ower time the septilesfochtagin the skreichmakkers fur spikk
oot wis that the skreichmakkersfochtwi the ocean fowk the
we thocht war faes haesfochtasyde us siward ma lord
their faes in palestine butfochttheir fiers the christians o
dance flouer flower flyte scoldfochtfought follae follow foonder collapse
n mist flouer n flowerfochtv fought follae v follow
aa throwe an gin itfochtfur his sowl agin the
crap for fit he hidfochtwi nature jonsar kent it
tae imagine a battle beinfochtere jonsar eck wrote we
wye tae see john haeinfochtback fae serious ill health
a war that wis beinfochtnae mak believe t v
fechtin ootby the keep thayfochtsouth o the breistwark thay
he deserrs the name hefochthis road throw thaim until
war mirklyke as the rydarsfochtan war slauchtert nou thair
war sair noo an shefochtfur win her braith fin
war 1914 18 an hedfochti the trenches it passendale
chief the verra man thatfochtsae weill ti set me
wis weill alowe as theyfochttheir wey out on breinged
daud o tomatae sals hefochtti fleg thaim awaw than
an kiz the douglas faimliefochtthe suddron on hiz behufe
o moray the twa airmiesfochteen anither at langside near
the hoose o breid ahfochtwi wild beass at ephesus
the brodies beggs an campbellsfochttae hae their say an
affo his back alec mathiesonfochtwi the reyns bit the

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