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ull bei left tae myndfocko thair ancestrial scottis border
o the gospel ull convickfocko thair need an wun
a dinna ken hou monniefockull ken this bot thar
is the feck o thefockgaed wis siccar an predictable
siccar an predictable verra fewfockwuid bei i receipt o
kent the waittergate an itsfockweel frae the mid 1800
wheen maist informative airticles bifockwhae kent the waittergate an
eng an gaelic eng wifockswutchin frae the tae tung
craik hope the ferthest backfocka kan mynd on it
an wis guid tae baithfockan beas monie tymes a
is seelent nae beas naefockan i that seelence yin
aboot anenst roberton pairish atfockkan mak reference tae fur
it should be in saefockthere understands it better than
an change mi tongue sofockunderstands me if they come
fack yin o the ferstfocka veesitit efter a laundit
is ae maitter o fackfockkam frae fer afield tae
ma prayer is at thaimfockwhae raipresent the scottis estaiblishment
you really need ta kenfockder no much point goin
up smootie dey aksed derfockif dey could pick her
daft aboot cats an derfock so hit wis dat
aff idder eens for idderfockta do up and dis
i tink so i tinkfockare plaesed aboot it [laugh]
o da uk i tinkfockmicht weel fin some interest
allusions to local events andfockand dat kind o thing
cause dey were dat monyfockat cam in f960: wantin
various ex jarls an juistfocklaek dat f960: yeah uh
no mind gien dat dafockll be foreigners nae doot
dat mony f960: yeah f961: focklookin for hooses and so
thinking aboot it laest twaefockat bade it deanburnhaugh whae
bot no eneuch fur twaefockhis son george whae a
frae aw owre the woarldfockwhae hed bade the nicht
thrang tyme fur sheep fermersfockhed tae git on wi
fur thair families needs keepitfockjuist gey thrang n a
suddent the shedda o twaefockleanin ower ilk ithers bike
huh f961: various just variousfockf960: uh huh yeah is
cause you kennt aa defockat dey were spaekin aboot
as much an shuin dafockforgot da days dey d
mmhm yeah yeah i supposefockf961: yeah [laugh] start savin
them and it is becausefocknever [?]reckoned they'd[/?] grow f1074: mmhm
in shetland was southernwood doesfockstill grow that f969: aye
savendle foond the waitter heidfockan thair ferm cairts yaised
wur ae hive o thrangityfockgangin aboot thair daily darg
in ma bairn heid daysfockhed tae cairrie thair vivers
island the day tae myndfocko thair norwegian forefock is
is the sweirtie o somefockthit spoke nochts ense bot
here mind dee head dafockll be blyde ta see
made monie lestin freenships wifockfrae aw owre the woarld
wur plaisent warm hertit forstaundinfocktae wurk til an it
tae say at the menfockwur fairlie weel domesticated helping
a ve read the islandfockadopted the celtic kulter an
[inaudible] playing m1042: playing f1054: fockin dundee spoke aboot kick
vittals for baith bease anfockan ither sic messages ay
spell the names o baithfockan places is naur is
young adulthood a suppone lykefockhev ey dune doun throwe
sleepin on the settle wifockkeeping ae periodic ey on
on place naems an thefockat a kent up yonder
different and so on differentfockhas different ideas aboot what
but the wey that thefockspak aboot it wis that
mei richt a ve herdfocktalkin aboot him bidin wi
nichts dancing the waiter heidfockbruikit i yonner n is
haund daen orra jobs furfocka ken at hei wrocht
trang tae fix whit scunneredfockfur lang wi innovations kniff
wis protrudin oot frae itherfocks a quaitlie tuik aim
do you ken foo langfockhave bidden there f1074: not
paid much attention to thefocks languages m865: right okay
gaen tae forstaund at whitfockca the wee hall wis
leukit alang the raw ofocka tent at wullie mackinnon
the an affa lot ofockagainst this you kinda they
saxtie yeir sin things anfockirna the same is thay
mmhm m1146: mmhm f1054: anfocksometimes on the east coast
weekly column to cheer upfockdurin the first world war
it is that ehm thefockdidnae even bide in it
s right f1073: and noofockare haein to cut doon

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