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sayin of course better classfolkf1018: i know oh my
m sure ehm i mindfolksayin at home that they
d hear a lot ofolksayin i m fizzin fit
tired m999: ye hear somefolksayin oh i m fair
m999: but ye dinnae hearfolksayin that a l- a
but but ye dinnae hearfolksayin that often noo m1000:
you ll whiles hear ofolksayin the front room an
that you re sayin tofolktalk and they re sayin
awthing ehm sayin that wellfolkwere sayin they dinna give
couldnae hear the whispers whatfolkwur sayin sayin aboot yur
m1042: well f1041: because fittiefolkadda lot o es f1040:
broad an a lot ofolkare quite tickled at him
but a lot o ordinaryfolkas weel hurryin hame to
an quite a lot ofolkat cairnton fairm had come
was quite a lot ofolkat in auchenblae here come
[someone else in room says 'somebody somebody that's very cheeky and very very very thingamy tae you, abrupt, abrasive'] [someone else in room says 'somebody you couldnae kid wi'] a lot offolkcall their wives wee nippy
there was a lot ofolkcome doon because there s
there s a lot ofolkcome doon fae doon fae
good yeah a lot offolkdidnae have another word for
lot of this bre- brechinfolkeh but eh they they
re meetin a lot mairfolkf831: aye m842: an there
like a lot of youngfolkfeeling spring hunger a longing
ye hear a lot ofolkgaein tae australia you know
there s a lot ofolkgo tae aberdeen ehm f606:
a hello a lot wifolkin the richt frame o
s an awful lot ofolkin toryglen that doesnae realise
it s a lot ofolk[inaudible] f606: aye m822: station
f950: an a lot ofolkjust wouldna understand it m865,:
alien to a lot ofolkm842: my my best ain
oil industry a lot offolkmoved out and property became
have been a lot offolkmoving around the countryside in
a lot of good burnsfolkmusic on tape i understand
thought that a lot offolkmust have been hungry at
there s a lot ofolko the road at rocky
roused m999: a lot ofolksay i m r- would
d hear a lot ofolksay m1000: aye mmhm mmhm
eh do a lot ofolksay that m1012: [inaudible] maybe
spoke a lot about herfolkshe d been told that
ordie dis a lot ofolkspikk scots roon aboot far
road an a lot ofolkthey aa speak aboot the
same for a lot offolkthey were sometimes with milk
is stealin a lot offolkthink lik that donna s
word that a lot offolkuse f1011: pleased aye i
on m1013: a lot ofolkuse that word m1012: a
the larick like all countryfolkwillie mathieson had a lot
tae eng- a lot ofolkwould mean not well off
affa het a lot ofolkwould say cor i m
hame m999: at hame f1001: folkall he- folk hereaboots ll
[inaudible] m1042: contermacious folk arefolkare aye disagreein with ye
means f1040: [inaudible] m1042: contermaciousfolkare folk are aye disagreein
whole thing the fo- thefolkfolk music you know traditional
frowned upon at school anfolkfolk would f-f- f831: uh
hame f1001: folk all he-folkhereaboots ll say when i
think folk in leith orfolkin edinburgh would generally say
wha- what do you thinkfolkin leith or folk in
i know but i thinkfolkjust conc- [laugh] folk just
think folk just conc- [laugh]folkjust f835: [laugh] i know
that are alien to somefolklike semmit to some folk
folk like semmit to somefolkm842: aye [laugh] f831: my
thing the fo- the folkfolkmusic you know traditional scots
there s folk there sfolkshiftin in an it wasna
aye m842: an there sfolkthere s folk shiftin in
upon at school an folkfolkwould f-f- f831: uh huh
something that folk would youngfolkwould use doverin ye do
and is that something thatfolkwould young folk would use
a you ll often hearfolkoh did ye ken sic
i hear some amongst farmingfolkpeople in the shops speak
ll often hear o youngfolkthat s particularly modern in
words that you just hearfolkuse hear nooadays m1042: but
kinda words that you hearfolkusin aroond aboot here f1040:
what do you hear youngfolkusin today aye m1012: in
you d use or hearfolkusin you just tell me
hear more detailed evidence fromfolkwho must travel a distance
speak scots no do mostfolkin aboyne speak english yeh
they aa speak aboot thefolkin the co- the in
way start greeting and giefolkmair to speak o stop
nae lee tae speak ofolks hair staunin on end
about a vest an itherfolkspeak aboot seemits [laugh] aye
f902: [inaudible] m903: well somefolkspeak about a vest an
images that rush forward whenfolkspeak of spring gay flags
look at dod s motherfolkstill speak o her as
and neen o the toonfolkwould speak to you except
didna want tae speak taefolkye could make oot ye
weel efter oor mither diedfolkca ed morrison moved into
onybody or steals fae poorfolkgeorgie weel nae mony poor
fine pleased wi the wyefolkhave dealt wi me weel
georgie weel nae mony poorfolkhave safes have they jim
i use as weel anfolkhaven t a clue then
screivers o the leid forgottenfolkis weel aquent wi this
douce an weel tae daefolko the south side o
me gladys she got threefolkoot bessie four gladys weel
wisny his first cairry onfolksaid dow had been weel
be busy with the oldfolkthat are nae weel jack
he is that a factfolkusually dae weel in america
that on my conscience forbyefolkwill think awfy weel o
ach weel let them bidefolkwill think they re aye
meenister for education an youngfolkan on maitters anent culture
resource of activities for youngfolkat a time when we
them to like these youngfolkbut it was just f814:
anything different amongst the youngfolkdo they call their do
all conscience adandon you youngfolkembarking on a new life
needed break and the youngfolkfrom kirriemuir and forfar who
them that pleased the youngfolkhe dressed well something like
for country dancing among youngfolkis also worth exploiting for
think ony o the youngfolkken fit they wint peggy
that good things but youngfolklike you have never heard
was a game the youngfolkplayed in drumblade where you
their chairs and the youngfolkslipped ben the hoose on
that the nummer o youngfolkthat comes intae contact wi
alive tae see fit youngfolkthe day get up tae
dinna like bein beholden tofolkbut i canna think fit
be he thinks to himselfolkca us grippy they dinna
o the time shetland shetlandfolkdinna see themselves as very
f1001: an we wonder whyfolkdinna understand agriculture that s
well i dinna maybe itherfolkdiv but i dinna f1104:
teenie i dinna haud wifolkgan into a mairriage wi
i dinna ken though poorfolkhardly have the energy for
time cause if ye dinnafolklook at ye as if
come here they dinna letfolksee me he had a
i dinna want to letfolkthink i m mean an
for cats is that becausefolkthink they dinna ging to
ve noticed ye dinna touchfolkye ayewis seem tae avoid
mental seein some o thaefolkagain that s if anybody
gradually began to disappear somefolkalso say they stopped because
something that ha- that somefolkaye say if it s
language is scots because somefolkcanna understand it and it
a thing the way somefolkcling to life mrs beaumont
give you some names offolkfor remote postings too the
that s modern because somefolkhad nowadays have a livin
it s very pleasant somefolkheated the milk and added
boy richard not like somefolki could mention don t
fine if you like somefolkif they re brought up
are left however some newfolkincluding adel the egyptian and
but there are some decentfolkleft it s lonelier than
sanctification of some areas offolklife and lore with the
lasting benefit to thousands offolklilian there is some truth
uk i suppose an somefolkmight feel really strongly aboot
naething o a plooer somefolkmight think that to keep
that i m aware ofolknoticin f606: mmhm m830: some
am i missing out somefolkor does it encourage people
an bilet it up somefolkpat fusky amon t fin
guy called dave invited somefolkround to his flat to
that was enough in somefolks eyes they tried to
washed oot f1054: er somefolksaid that knackered kind of
awa tae rest kip somefolksay kip which is nae
extent but there are somefolkshe just naturally stops spickin
is aye m1013: oh somefolkstill use it oh aye
i think the bog somefolkstill use the bog an
some spontaneous outpouring by thefolkthere is an argument that
says a cannae understaun somefolkthey see me on the
wasna as daft as somefolkthink said lauder i believe
and everybody an s- somefolkunderstand her fair enough even
don t know what somefolkuse for brains [laughs] ah
in some ways left handedfolkwere made out to be
1888 18 some local ballaterfolkwere sorry to have lost
o year ago an somefolkwi a coorse tongue in
top as well noo somefolkwid say ye hid tae
believe that there are somefolkwilling to lay their hands
s statistics show that somefolkwisdom can be right for
call it a weir somefolkwo- i don t know
and there were always somefolkworse off than others when
call that a hurst somefolkwould call it a weir
the fine mealy flavour somefolkwould eat it with a
hae been a parlour somefolkwould hae caed their best
back to front as somefolkwould have you believe he
baby as well f1026: somefolkwould say sprog but i
pailfuls at a time somefolkwould use a yoke across
of settle in an meetfolkan f829: mmhm f606: mmhm
would have been original auchenblaefolkf606: mmhm f902: [inaudible] m903:
aye so when they werefolkfrae f606: [cough] m822: aboyne
re a bit hard onfolkreally f606: they don t
his f606: mmhm f823: thefolkthat m824: aye aw the
the other aw o thefolkthat s in that f606:
f606: mmhm m822: there sfolktravels through brechin to montrose
fairm workers f606: mmhm f902: folkworkin m903: well there was
f606: mmhm f1039: talk taefolkye know ask their permission
a good one yes f1054: folkactually use that do you
is different things tae differentfolkan i would use that
they did the the fittiefolkdidnae use the names like
a word you think thatfolkin your local community use
t use it anymore causefolkjust haven t a clue
by its use by thefolkpoet isobel pagan pagan was
any way just things thatfolkwould normally use or [inaudible]
and help me tell thisfolka aboot it cheerfully the
song aboot hawick and hawickfolkare referred tae as teris
rain a marvel aye thatfolkcomplain an wheenge aboot a
should just go aboot killingfolkf1104: no no [inhale] because
ronnie he does care abootfolkgeorgie an especially aboot teenie
skivin or hearin aboot whatfolkgot up to when they
like access tae information abootfolkm942: mmhm f940: an they
a i d heard abootfolkscatterin the ashes ower their
right i get irked whenfolkstart spikkin aboot yards m1000:
an excuse pitten aboot befolkthat eh ye know maybe
ye aboot weir no abootfolkthat helped and bieldit me
f902: i m speakin abootfolkyour age group that have
north east m1002: aye f1001: folkll say awa for a
funny thing is when f-folkll sometimes say hoo re
also say they stopped becausefolkon farms needed fewer warm
they comment on that aberdeenshirefolksay heifers m1002: heifers aye
non marital ones what wouldfolksay i mean here in
that s right mmhm m999: folksay oh well better ging
aye fancied a blackman myselfolksay they re affa good
i heard that i heardfolksay they thocht it was
is it as easy asfolksay to make something of
o a s- ye kenfolksay what s the definition
aye so they were wantinfolktae say that they would
say that ye ken hawickfolkthey re they re all
say yeah f1023: [inaudible] f1054: folkused tae truant cause they
to collect boots and shoesfolkused to say to him
growk o bairns missin foodfolkvisit cosy flet they say
describin your mam tae itherfolkwhat would ye say kenny
leopard is the number offolkwho write to say how
ll find that that mostfolkwill say somethin along those
again afore i was marriedfolkwould often say to me
a feast o fat thingsfolkwould say when a special
covers with chaff pronounced kafffolkwould say you slept on
was free care for oldfolkagain in the daily record
caring for cancer cases oldfolkand the usual childhood illnesses
was said by the oldfolkaround that william ran the
parliament to give our oldfolkcare dignity and security in
on free care for oldfolkon new year s day
been put in an oldfolks home for a few
old in 1927 the olderfolkspoke gaelic when they came
s tale an old gallowayfolkstory as told in a
an old scots superstition encouragesfolkto make a wish wish
mourners you hardly know upfolktroop tapping the old dear
t overdo things like otherfolkbliss peace place to myself
oot there eh things thatfolkdae i mean i was
about the daft things otherfolkdo i used to get
important things that happened tofolkfell out of time altogether
no aware o them butfolknotice me usin things an
yeah m816: the things bigfolkrevival and ehm oor school
thae wicket ill heartit thingsfolkspak o efter ye were
things to do to makefolkwell by singing they can
you were interested in thingsfolkwould be interested in telling
the street was full ofolkair raid wardens bobbies an
losh whit a feck ofolkan bairns tae makin a
nae sense o shame thaefolkare no fur turnin aw
dab beaumont and i jalousefolkare taking tent o it
lists are so lang thefolkat the heid o the
the toun see all thaefolkcoming out o the chemist
doctors are so scared ofolkdyin on the operating table
phrase like a helverie ofolkfor a mass of people
mixture o people there sfolkfrom all over the world
oh teenie you o afolkgeorgie quickly there s nae
wi the flu dreamin ofolkgettin tortured whit kinna wey
bairns the despair o theirfolkgreetin the cauld thrill o
at that time o dayfolkhad great big hooses m1000:
would ony ony o oorfolkhae said kye m1000: kye
an aul misery plenty ofolkhave naebody to send them
tree did bide port glasgowfolkheard o this yarn and
guid lord o aa thefolkin britain why is it
was typical o the olderfolkin inverey but by this
atween the various degrees ofolkin our society laying wecht
though there s plenty mairfolkin sair need o t
could hae oany o thefolkin the story could hae
on the faces o thefolkis freer deana oh aunt
new market her o afolkit s a caul hole
mirthfu joke tae terrify defencelessfolkit s no ane o
vyces o the three centralfolkjimmie liz an anne marie
the hens though plenty ofolklikit tae drink a cuppie
bit o a terror taefolklivin in oot o the
tae greet tae the guidfolko auchterarder its braes are
s a place that welcomesfolko evry race an white
yirth democracie fir aabody baurfolko lesser birth oor empire
on the bus loads ofolkon the bus m1092: there
they were o the fisherfolkquo jesus til them come
in front o a thisfolksittin fine s you like
just need these kind ofolkso aye onyweys so tell
bold o donahue traditional irishfolksong man bit i wis
o it harry deed ayefolkstopped in their tracks and
re the same kin ofolkstraight forward doon to earth
her ronnie you o afolkteenie that s jist fit
if there was hunders ofolkthat could write scots competently
the hundreds even thousands ofolkthat lippen on to beaumont
the the majority o thefolkthat live in the community
same sort o crowd ofolkthat was m1146: yeah mmhm
expression o a nummer ofolkthat wid justify adoptin the
o his waddin aa thefolkthere were richt gled tae
me it disny dae forfolkto be aye thinking o
o a great literary anfolktradeition at the makars o
mysel but i didna wakenfolkup in the middle o
could be up tae seventyfolkusin a couple o lavatories
ropes shoutin oot o herfolkwere aye complaining gladys the
m1042: yeah aye incomers f1041: folkwere flittin oot o fittie
couldna move but i thinkfolkwere jist keepin oot o
whaur the majority o thefolkwho are ehm leaders o
peep tae a living soulfolkwill think ill o the
yersel tae yersel years laterfolkwould mind o a few
blast o leith accent howfolkwould normally spik f1018: we-
f948: i think most ofolkwould recognize aberdonian or glaswegian
laird had come of wealthyfolkan aye drew money oot
sledge on snaavy days countryfolkare aye gweed at recycling
min your ma to lorettafolkaye came for her you
yer clique ill gab bitfolkaye mak me seik juist
trouble at nicht withoot gieinfolkhert failure aye remarked tam
aye aye aye aye thefolkin the chaumer ate in
anither ane cotter hooses thefolkin the cotter hooses aye
silence berna aye aw thefolkin the story aw feart
were m608: aye f643: sixfolkinterested in that even a
bones easier than wi itherfolkonywye it was aye her
peggy aye you saved threefolks lives bessie to loretta
beaumont scunnersome harry aye outlandfolktaking our assets like that
fact he was aye tellinfolkthat your mither had his
beaumont aye for your ainfolkthe working class i ken
teenie interested is that fitfolkthink ronnie oh aye she
just tae be wi itherfolkye ken peggy aye loretta
want to ken is arefolkas high mindit there as
oot his haun an thefolki dinnae ken aa the
that f940: so that thefolkin the future ken what
glasgow and i spoke tofolkken and they said there
wouldny be feart to letfolkken it rowland oh deana
ken what we are wefolkthey cry the pillars of
wi them but half thefolkwinnae ken what a tumshie
square there were not manyfolkabout the cowgate as ever
inbetween were a blur offolkcomin an goin of makin
them the main nights whenfolkgathered were at the end
round various bars where jazzfolkgroups were entertaining the thronging
[laugh] f1054: i was asidefolkin perth yesterday that were
time ago when all thefolkin the kingdom were happy
were built fir law abidinfolkis faain doon or damp
rasps though goods were scantfolklearned to make them tasty
there were many oral traditionfolkpoets and singers there were
they were not written forfolksuch as pavarotti as they
f812: they ran out offolkto fight so they were
were kept by a fewfolkto provide honey bread bought
big table at the steadinfolkwere aa takin their fill
summer when the sidhe fairyfolkwere abroad in the countryside
the build up plenty offolkwere at least curious to
toon athin like that anfolkwere comin in an i
when many of the cottarfolkwere flitting and there was
be going home when otherfolkwere getting up and he
tae the aal quarry holefolkwere great walkers at that
pennies or bigger amounts iffolkwere in the gambling mood
the wifie packing the dalkeithfolkwere jealous of her her
it but in the pastfolkwere not as concerned as
hae heard that last yearfolkwere on about building a
the drama ye know anfolkwere really really really surprised
in it one or twofolkwere still using them in
and good boots and suchfolkwere the news bearers of
who came in the localfolkwere watching this going on
and at the same timefolkwere yattering about our business
same implements eh to assistfolkwho were coling eh ye
came here first that thefolkwho were coming into the
no credit was given tofolkwho were speedy in applying
who divorced were loose livingfolkwith no moral fibre at
a bus do you thinkfolkare in i mean is
re making ordinary working classfolkbuy it i mean and
a generational thing i meanfolkhave said that these days
the f- the wey thefolki mean m- [laugh] even
unusual meaning is the commonfolkit didn t mean that
mean there s an affafolkye see the queue on
peggy nae like us aulfolkyou mean ach neil s
saying that many of thosefolkare out of the equation
eejits has engaged so manyfolkerm in fact by it
society as in so manyfolkfairy tales the grisly character
s so many changes thatfolkhave f826: mm m903: ah
there s nae that manyfolkin the village left noo
south pacific cannae see manyfolklyin oot in their bikinis
gallant weaver why shouldna poorfolkmowe and many more his
the box bed how manyfolknow have had the pleasure
times of the year butfolkremember many playground and party
a tent [note: photo: 'example of a typical programme for a ball from 1946.'] concerts manyfolkremember spending enjoyable evenings in
m055: dae ye know manyfolkself publish eh i dae
the days before many newfolkwith new voices had come
t know these thousands offolkand my life and happiness
judge them ower sairly thesefolkare no born with the
have said that these daysfolkare posh and they have
in liz niven eh thesefolkhave been few and far
re read these pure scottishfolkidylls when in the evening
book these showed the followingfolkliving there 1879 john wyse
nutters m811: these two likefolkmaybe about fifteen or somethin
just one of these namesfolkpicked up but it turns
the close relationship between thesefolktraditions no scholar is an
other organizations established by thesefolkwho came in the local
affa queer chrissie bursting outfolkcan think fit they like
like i think aa scottishfolkcould probably understand it m865:
i i think ye knowfolkhaudin on till their ve-
suit their taste in suchfolkpoems they should think over
m inclined to think thatfolkthat canna pronounce the name
good to see how highlyfolkthink of you without being
i think that most scottishfolkwould probably find that too
cooper ca in ye mafolkwould think it was affa
f1006: [inaudible] f1054: think aboutfolkyou know that are no
boardroom designed tae overawe workinfolkan they slappit their brief
gradually supplanting gaelic our deesidefolkare a composite race their
leids speir at weys thatfolkcan access an uphaud their
ll surely please somebody fewfolkchurn their own butter nowadays
ye d be sit- [laugh]folkd be sittin in their
byre the amount of workfolkdid with their own hands
it s funny the namesfolkdig up fur their tykes
a model of orderliness localfolkdo their work as it
as angus mackay said thefolkinvolved must be at their
i suspect that eh thefolkll batter their wey intae
about 9 30 p mfolkoften did their shopping then
reception was in the hallfolkoften organised their own food
in the sea s headlightsfolkstand still as cliffs their
their fancy meals let foreignfolktak spicy dips but a
dead to gie the greenockfolktheir due because they couldny
names when it comes tofolktheir faces are still in
is about supporting and encouragingfolkto contribute to their communities
the enthusiasm of the mearnsfolkwho invested their money with
to town belong to localfolkand to palma people who
you is it to turnfolkaway who re suffering what
deregulation already a number offolkincluding those who are involved
again who ll cringe thenfolknot listening mostly tuesday six
is representative of good localfolkpoets and singers who worked
who gather to perform thefolktraditions of halloween night this
there are any for thefolkwho are in that sort
i ve occasionally bumped intofolkwho found him a teacher
down the names of thefolkwho had joined the class
hereabouts has meant to thefolkwho have gone before us
well received by the ordinaryfolkwho have heard of his
sure if all the soothfolkwho ve come to the
the support i got fromfolkwho wrote to me after
cause i was speakin tofolkyesterday in aberdeen who said
than it would have beenfolkare getting the benefit of
would gey means but thenfolkin england [inaudible] ehm what
the name gretna to mostfolkit would only have conjured
no better than devils butfolkwould believe anything if they
come roon and the farmfolkwould buy hard dried fish
this be something that otherfolkwould do in gaelic or
if you didna get pregnantfolkwould fin oot oh dod
danger to the extent thatfolkwould need to get on
if i was sure thatfolkwould take the right meaning
at a bus stop andfolkwould talk to ye m608:
made a good piece offolkart for it was in
m1015: a winter vest f1054: folkin peterhead had good words
ma money stealin fae itherfolkthis better be good gordon
it is good to getfolktogether to sing and celebrate
attracted a good audience withfolkwalking and cycling from far
good conker that beat otherfolkwhat was the prize just
supposed to be good forfolkwith stomach troubles and in
the gla- an the dundeefolkalways they have a very
i have lent it tofolkand they ve had benefit
they never referred tae fisherfolkas the proper name or
that s how they tellfolkat work that they re
where they lived in arbuthnottfolkbought meal from mr watson
selkirk they dinnae if selkirkfolkca a [?]yokatolly[/?] a [?]ticky[/?]
knew that for a liefolkcome in droves they re
at it maybe the weeminfolkhad mair sense still they
all the bridge of allanfolkhave got what they call
of the other rosary clackingfolki ve clocked they salute
how little they estimated poorfolklike her if they thought
oh [inaudible] f1054: but butfolklike that don t they
thing that fanever you seefolkoot on strike they ve
they will start to changefolks minds because we ve
up the duff they tellfolkthat s how they tell
what an orra set offolkthey re nothing but gangerels
the eating habits of herfolkwhen they lived near fraserburgh
a new shop they wantitfolkwi a degree and i
all knowledge by the youngerfolkyet at one time they
re tryin to act thefolkfrom the school like you
re not as bad asfolkhere seem to paint them
re the only workin classfolkleft wi jobs except fir
hoo re ye daein anfolkll reply oh i m
you re br- eh havingfolkover f1049: gettin the stupid
stupid bloody whore you wantfolkto know what you re
mentioned there that you encouragefolkyou re teachin to get
fennel bread betcha she saidfolkare sitting in poncy restaurants
and parted out amongst thefolkmabel said this was the
and then maybe years agofolkmight have said pe- peely
mmhm f1054: interesting yeah thefolkover in pitlochry said ehm
development of the organisation andfolksaid hey wait a minute
was after you bluidy toonfolksaid the farmer and drove
was said that the countryfolksplit them and sold them
said ye d meet mairfolkthat wey but ye didna
but then we well myfolkcome fae [inaudible] area ye
aside and gawps as otherfolkcome on the scene to
that that come into conversationfolkgo m842: mm sad to
maybe come dae ye wantfolkto see you ve been
the steadin as an innfolkayways hae a guid drouth
together tae bring me downfolkhae lang memories in this
been wioot a soothering effectfolkhae to learn to reduce
i speir whit fir suidfolklike us no hae oor
mak it a crime forfolkthat hae gey little wrang
and dee afore yer timefolkwad hae peyed ye little
mak siccar that as monyfolkas can be able tae
order tae mak shair thatfolkcan haud ontae a sense
fae the place afterwards forfolkcomin up tae me ye
lane tae dree whit auldfolkdread lang waefu nichts a
doin knows how tae makefolkfeel comfortable that s how
its moo wytin tae giefolkflegs turn on the tap
community leids mak shair thatfolkgets alloued access eneuch tae
passin them oan tae itherfolkgordon i know it didn
tae what do you cafolkin your faimly ehm start
f1054: yeah cause north eastfolkis ower hard workin tae
hair and mannerisms that madefolklook twice tae see if
your havin tae wrestle withfolkor climb walls an deal
only thing is of coorsefolksometimes want tae be known
stick she yaised tae tellfolkthat this wis because she
when we sprang oot onfolkon moonless nichts it wis
to bring the the commonfolkinto this more because that
and fairm workers because thefolkup there aa wore top
to other areas therefore arbuthnottfolkcould have deliveries at any
and showed consideration for otherfolkget back in that room
more smeddum than most otherfolkhereabouts and forbye it was
understands it other than thefolkin m842: exactly f831: peterheid
groups and the development offolkjazz and other festivals to
father at carlincraig but otherfolkknew the story too and
though storms might overwhelm otherfolks marriages the macdonalds sailed
committees rather than from otherfolksuch as staff it is
great interest was places andfolkas it happens there are
then there s the wayfolkbehave towards food in the
it there ll be plentyfolkclyping jack hm deana but
to mr beaumont there arefolkdeaving awa against us that
which flower there in summerfolketymology has been at work
inhabited by ower twa thoosandfolkfor at that time there
yer very name can garfolkgrue there s naebody that
difference between rich and poorfolkhere or is there varying
this district there s wiserfolkin larbert which was the
mair there s sae monyfolkmak it to a hunner
you can t quite tellfolkon committee about this there
speaking of how the americanfolkrowland is he in there
it s just er thefolkthat stay on islay there
consulted by intrigued and helpfulfolkthere is an interesting reference
doubt it for such likefolkthere is no pleasing whether
do with the fact thatfolkthere s a bigger difference
are fleeing whitna stour offolkthere s the festival committee
yourself f1011: there s hawickfolkthroughout the world an of
the street and there wasfolkunderneath it loretta mercy in
wis born in london herfolkwis doon there wirkin wi
the news is that knowfolkare like befriendin people in
know [inaudible] f718: mmhm m017: folkbein thrown to the jail
the future i i knowfolkhave to g- so if
i know that that flummoxesfolkis yammals meanin freends it
epic and just you knowfolktales and and you know
mm m762: at you knowfolktales erm legends f963: mm
frew you know and andfolkthat have gone in liz
and linda are the onlyfolkthat know i d everybody
by the rest of thefolkye know and i stayed
f- ne- never spoke likefolkat johnshaven did or when
in reading scots eh whenfolkhappen ower it or when
her family and all thefolkin the community when i
to the day when thefolkof scotland can stand up
year wis fur the aulderfolkwhen mrs mcharrie came doon
nae bad somethin m999: causefolkeh eh it s funny
same chance to news wifolkat the toolies ye jist
avoid communicatin eftir a whilefolkjist left ye alane in
often here ye ll findfolkll pit on an i
ring the bell an giefolkstitches gin ye maun gang
at s fit wye maistfolkll ha e naethin to
instead i ll just makefolklook pretty [laugh] an that
ll meet are mair daftfolkoan the road wha cannae
hoose itsel she ll showfolkroon it an nae doubt
m feart for all thefolkthat ll lose the breid
on [laugh] f834: ehm yeahfolkare just like tryin to
that s just another jobbiefolkhave forgotten and even in
homes are nae just forfolkthat s dottled bessie firmly
creep like him steve bitfolkah kent let me near
that made lovely porridge thoughfolkdidn t like the look
s in for repairs thaefolkexpect us to work like
highways and orthodoxly dressed amishfolkin the towns like the
europe then and few jewfolklike us could ignore the
end of my bed educatedfolklike yersel the guv here
ruthrieston school like maist itherfolknae me though smugly i
finished mark leaves tomorrow andfolkare drifting away i m
i want to go wherefolkare no upstannin and moral
the english word muggy dictionaryfolkare not quite sure of
to that romantic notion thosefolkare tremendous role models to
of council housing saying thosefolkare using the system but
on to a second versefolkat the back are out
the powers above fowk arefolkdee is do faa is
highland games cattle shows andfolkseafood and jazz festivals are
if i didny live amangfolkthat are so rowland so
classes and occasionally the countryfolkalso managed to acquire them
might send a message tofolkand discipline them about personal
houses with a dog butfolkoften invited them in and
the hooses shovin them throughfolks letter boxes it must
the skill of the toonfolkthat made them once at
way sour grapes and [inaudible]folklook at me thinkin och
between the fairmin an fishinfolkm1014: [inaudible] m1017: no really
mmhm f965: national guard shootingfolkm964: [inaudible] exactly the iss-
was growin up wi differentfolkplayin fitba team fit hiv
be taen that no awfolkwi impaired hearin uises bsl
building a coast line monyfolkwi influence spak in its
tryin not to discriminate againstfolkwi left handed that s
could damage yersel or attackfolkwi that ball point i
stan haein a crack wifolkwithoot gettin soakin weet gladys
after that looked after youfolks teeth as well f631:
urquhart the varied deposits offolktradition and balladry as well
so that we can reassurefolkabout the uncertainty that has
that i heard from thefolkaround me in auchterless and
shed or the stories aboutfolkbut the fact is that
it s very strange thatfolkcomplain about a friendly drop
it s a wonder thatfolkdidn t have more sheds
gaelic tho it wis maistlyfolkfae glen ey that spoke
lord you set thir guidfolkfree nou set that blessin
virility ritual with about 15folkfrom the house that was
that was so as itherfolkgot a chance to answer
play making worlds that bigfolkhave forgotten mabel and her
the weelfare of thousands offolkif it means that ae
in scottish libraries no wonderfolkin arbuthnott at that time
f1054: can you explain forfolkin london that s never
report opinions centered aroon whitfolkjaloused wis the extent that
raid look at a thatfolkkilled at the commerce bar
be around that kind offolkm1020: mm no not really
can it be that fetchesfolkon seaside trips if no
that sold bread and groceriesfolkremember taking a jar along
that can er possibly changefolks opinions erm and erm
s very aggrieved i heardfolksaying that if it was
the point wis made thatfolkspeakin a community leid is
sheen an aal rags evenfolkthat looked a bit tink
door shut fine thocht herfolkthat s lizzie safely in
movement s that weak anfolkthat shud be oor allies
before the term for thefolkthat still hadn t managed
gey pressing that you tellfolkthis evening in the midst
medium of great literary andfolktraditions one that contemporary writers
it is thought that morefolkused to be geck neckit
help reminding one or twofolkwe met that jack and
that s twenty years agofolkwidnae do that noo m1022:
the broad that plenty offolkwill remember in the north
sixty the aul age pensionfolklookin at you as if
heard and if ill hertitfolksucceed in shaking the confidence
ehm oor school had afolkclub at the time and
weddings as most working classfolkgot married at home or
camera at first to recordfolkthough it had a bad
response to the oft reportfolkhave been afforded a range
lovely warm and lots offolkhave remarked on it noo
now a fe- a fewfolki ve spoken to have
in the south do thefolkin the north west have
oh no mr robb hittingfolkpunkie did have a hard
and the commonalities of coursefolktales have travelled all over
country not only for farmfolkbut also for tradesmen and
duncan mcneil referred but thefolkin the borders did not
chord not a kumbaya schoolfolkmass chord but a broken
but in earlier days aspiringfolkmight go in for fancier
hundred times afore but thefolkon the tape havenae heard
guid for the poor humblefolkbeaumont andy we ve been
roars na na i vefolkcomin for a meal the
you ve got hundreds offolklining it [inhale] and you
what about moody any moodyfolkyou ve to put up
scotland is regairdit by monyfolkas an essential pairt in
on the lips of gleskafolkas doon ra watter i
ne er regarded the greenockfolkas gormless dopes for hanging
it s seen bi monyfolkas wrang slovenly an careless
can be dressed as countryfolkof the 19th century scene
lady nairne nor an oralfolkpoet and singer such as
melody as in the lyricfolksongs in his important study
and the oats a spiltfolkstood and gaped as it
wanted targets and sub targetsfolksuch as marian keogh from
as sandy thomas ross thefolktale and nursery rhymes collected
blend into what we hopefolkwill enjoy as a light
and the efforts of thefolklooking for fees to do
was her mairried name hisfolkhad a fairm gladys i
the prairie ilka house hadfolkkeeking through the windaes waiting
she had to tak infolks washing and sewing to
get aa her jobs behanfolkdidn t always show much
she s depended on itherfolkto mak up her mind
happened an sees a thisfolkwatchin her so fit does
side and thousands of localfolkall got behind the games
of course it s allfolkmusic wherever it comes from
all the way up warningfolknot to make any loud
the stair to all youfolkof yester years i slowly
bed it was sae suddenfolkdidna even ha e time
5 medicines superstitions medicinal curesfolkdon t remember being ill
it any song is afolksong cause i ain t
from a better class offolkthan we did isn t
it was very disappointing f940: folkwon t even believe this
so he looked after thefolkclub so of course you
to bide efter the newfolkmove in so she micht
yes m1055: s-s- so fo-folkplaying shinty is simply play
clement 1983 only a fewfolkbrought up west of ballater
a clock watcher it woundfolkup he knew it you
the the yin which maistfolkwouldnae pick up on is
maun ca cannie mother exactlyfolkgan in fear an trepidation
intae thon comatee an forgottenfolkshuid lead the wey ma
matt mcgranaghan on fiddle anfolksinger entertainer tom sweeney bit
in its nature an oralfolksong of the traditional love
allison s secret batter mixfolkalso remember attending dances in
and written forms in literaturefolkand classical music and the
processions of dancing children infolkcostumes snaked around the periphery
in both cities also thefolkfestival should be fun did
left in the bed thefolkgie it colour in plenty
in primary school telling thefolkhero tale of the lad
people back to the housefolki d never seen in
pay packet you become posherfolkin a different bracket your
the 1840s for example poorfolkin caithness with no poultry
most of the top rankingfolkin the current us government
centres and the more sensitivefolkin the north western highlands
athoot the story the thefolkin the story passes awa
in his notes on thefolklore of the north east
still a teenage chukie horseyfolkma posh cousin bides in
be heavy rock in anotherfolkmusic here flamenco a string
kent his groats in itherfolks kail found in inwick
in the selection of balladfolktexts not always selecting the
my day it was bigfolkthing was the m815: yeah
s he acting for harryfolkthought he was surely acting
was a transitional period wherefolktraditions and high art could
fascination was with the wayfolkworked and spoke and with
i can still rely onfolkfestival saturday for a nice
s yaised bi mony afolkfrae mony a different background
actor s union by afolksinger of gypsy songs alla
a s- a sami ermfolksinger won it last year
produced a book of russianfolktales from the alexander alfanasiev
will be lairnin leids bringsfolkopportunities awbody can dae it
haill gairden s fou offolksanderson the street s reamin
encircling the evening s hiredfolksinger real cool man talking
under the general heading offolkor traditional song the ballads
back into medieval times unlikefolksongs of love or work
story is mitigated by itsfolkcharacter it has been publicly
way the inseparable combination offolkart and high art and
between male art and femalefolkart the one preserved the
ships by robert leask shetlandfolkbook vol 7 1980 names
study the ballad and thefolkdavid buchan focuses his attention
nora radcliffe s1m 882 edinburghfolkfestival lodged on 19 may
keith harding s1m 882 edinburghfolkfestival lodged on 19 may
fower n four fowk nfolkfrae prep from freins n
beast here used figuratively offolkfrom buchan bun bound busk
chris and ann joined thefolkfrom jules verne holidays and
ay oan the move hauntinfolkgawn ti different hooses different
house and with my ainfolki d loss my influence
the existence of those innermessanfolkis not merely documentary much
buchan the ballad and thefolklondon routledge 1972 pp 4
allows him to be bothfolkpoet and universal artist hans
twice once to the 6folkpresent and again immediately afterwards
of wooden butter clappers differentfolkput different geometrical shapes onto
mm mm mm f951: withfolkremem- auld shetland people rememberin
resources sensitivity to literary traditionsfolksong qualities matching words and
song composers drawing on existingfolksong traditions to create songs
translation into scots of germanfolksongs and ballads and his
culture with ballads oral traditionfolksongs and composed traditional songs
be gaithered anent hoo monyfolkspeaks scots currently the ainly
makes it better for localfolkto make decisions and the
myths of classical sirens andfolktradition lorelei suggest the poem
supported by ancient literary andfolktraditions indeed this distinctive scottish
100 the auld hunder aafolkwha dwall upon the yirth

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