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an lang efter a haefondmyndins o lang intil the
efter hir operation a vefondmyndins o ma faither an
friendship n an a haefondmyndins o thum aw philhope
more porridge i m quitefondo porridge but nae seven
but owing to being toofondof a dram the lintie
native and who was veryfondof a dram then there
love songs such as aefondkiss and my luve s
s ain espeecial favourite aefondkiss which as aabody jaloused
flakes a m no owerfondo thae bleck yins wis
you know i m veryfondof you deana if i
oh deana i m thatfondof you oh wheesht here
hae time tae grow owerfondo them she had said
how could you grow morefondof a bairn than you
a little english and isfondof playing revolutionary songs on
an nicol ir baith datfondo da peerie cat i
the cassies danny stubbs wisnafondo fowk in the main
the same he wisna aafafondo work an he d
old woman he was terriblefondof you and if he
her grand aunt who wasfondof all things growing in
fae hawick that ye refondof or keen tae share
share that you re reallyfondof that you think are
tell an he s nofondo fruit himsel said adam
aw ir an they irfondo us baith cum ower
pinkie of fate i mfondof salmon and cream cheese
because i was er quitefondof gaelic and particularly when
and these critters are particularlyfondof his green beans in
father s shop and particularlyfondof the turning lathe but
alasdair morrison and i amfondof him if i keep
dinnae think i was thatfondae it when i was
thare baron ah m verrafondo masha sic a nice
nice girl i m veryfondof her f889: aye she
day i m neen owerfondwater awye like a muckle
til hei deyd a haefondmydins o ma veesits wi
ah wad hae been awfufondo ma man sae ah
hir ah m no saefondo fashions quo she but
they seem to be veryfondof children we saw a
the funeral grampa was veryfondof him growls my old
buik that he wis saefondo spikkin yet sally bruce
craitur she s aye beenfondo animals but no me
an herons noo are uncofondo feedin on ma fishes
at hame we are nafondo fish ava an saumon
turnt oot tae be affafondo nature as weel the
lassie there he wis byordnarfondo yon place bit as
but it s amazing howfondof the place you get
throw in that you refondof you know f1145: yeah
or that you re justfondof yourselves f1144: can t
told her i was passingfondof rabbits i said i
think she must be everyfondof it but i think
you my dear ever sofondof you she be you
no easily managed he wasfondof coming up to see
a distance of 10 milesfondof all kind of sport
however as professor x isfondof pointing out we can
the next orchard i grewfondof them and often stopped
followed by a sigh offondrecall the sort of sound
goats dogs to kennels afondfarewell to the chickens i

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