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he hid a fower taedforkan wis a bittie mair
awa wi the three taedforkfin he seen the twa
job noo yon fower taedforkhid made the job a
bit a sma fower taedforkit affa weel worn nae
or twa the three taedforkit wis a richt bonny
first seen a three taedforkit wis fin he wis
raked this auld three taedforkoot efter i gaed hame
up aboot the three taedforkpintin oot jonsar didnae hae
lifted wi the three taedforkthey were pit in ower
he used a three taedforkthis fork wis used tae
dee fine yon three taedforkwid tak a firm haud
a three taed fork thisforkwis used tae gither knott
hae a auld three taedforkyou see it wid be
and what s this m1094: forkf1093: fork [laugh] what s
spoon f1093: now another m1094: forkf1093: fork now m1094: what
s this m1094: fork f1093: fork[laugh] what s this m1094:
now another m1094: fork f1093: forknow m1094: what else have
yes aye i aye usedforkan knives f1041: we aye
knew that i always usedforkan knives m1042: oh no
knives first that s yourforkand knife one two there
[laugh] m1042: an granda saidforkan knife fit do ye
grunny could i hae aforkan knife grunny f1041: oh
f1041: oh no no [laugh]forkan knife [laugh] m1042: an
knife that one and aforkknife f1099: now you re
your son in law toforkoot for fower fares a
some fower mile aff orforktae the north three mile
the maid whit is thatforkdaein lyin on the saet
tyme sternly whit is thatforkdaein lyin on this saet
f1093: two spoons m1094: aforkand a spoon f1093: now
f1093: in there m1094: aforki see these f1093: a
i see these f1093: aforkm1094: through a window and
a barra wi a gairdenforkguid day young sir i
shovelin chuckies wi a gairdenforkor the lassie waterin her
you dinna hae a threeforkjonsar eck jist shook his
jonsar eck yoked a straeforkwi the usual twa taes
eck wis workin awa theforkwis jist perfect fin the
tae spread peats wi aforkjonsar wis a wee bit
jug and beat with aforkadd a little milk and
cheese stirring constantly with aforkuntil melted add seasoning serve
let minnie haud the hazelforkthe day he d fand
aye we ll get aforkand we ll turn them
turn it over with aforkso that it is upside
ll turn them m1096: roondforkthem turn them f1095: fitt
it was turned with aforkbefore being placed in heaps
turned a divot wi maforkwhen there wis robin watching
out nowadays the type offorkusually used about the place
hook made out of aforkwas used to pull the
it teen twa lads taeforkshaves aff the ruck on
o the shaft o theforkas he worked awa he
an fitted it intae theforkhe wis awa tae the
e aal soo wi aforkapiece it wis gey mucky
at its tap wis aforkwi a boorach o willow
said och please yoursel thatforkwis in ower broon an
would mum be able toforkout for another jimmy forced
skippy cood i hae thatforkmin skippy shrugged his shooders
dab this was the shafeforkfine and handy for forkin
mirren tuik the tid tiforkout mair faks anent hir
the custumer out cam tiforkthrou hir kaces contergates he
back wi naething bit aforko hazel atween his hauns
[note: photo: 'a letter from jack arbuthnott to allison, the estate gamekeeper, in 1924.'] implements tattie graip aforkwith little balls on the
faither drew oot the tuninforkfrae its boxie and gaed
in the tines o yerforkuse a spade man an
why you bivouac on myforkuse my chop stick as
or if you dropped aforkthat ll be a man
roll out thinly prick withforkcut into triangles cook quickly
understand dimps takes a gardeningforkdimps ah ll dig the
on e eyn o aforkan toast it in front
i fairly likit e shafeforksince forking was one of
barn cairriet in on aforkthrowe e feeders byre an
till he struck the tuninforkan led them his voice
you ve got f1122: aforkwe can t see it
this is that a [inaudible]forkthis [inaudible] f1099: no that
strikes her plate with herforka gless o wyne for
open ended like a tuningforkabout a foot and a
potatoes and picked up aforkand we love you we
thigh and pick up aforkhe doesn t make a
of stones in the deepforkof a twig a green
ladder and using a shortforkpassed the sheaf from the
10 mins mix together withfork6 oz wholemeal flour 1
1 hour stir well withforkrefreeze 2 3 hours chicken
tongue o dug edder sforkan slae wurm s steing
to go back to thatforkon the road where we
of my feet moor grassesforkand splay moss bounces ferns
gowl to scowl graip dungforkgravat scarf greep byre drain
dreamed of hitched skirts theforkof gypsy legs foreign flesh

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