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rottit awa nearer sivintie nurfortiean aye trimmlin fur wint
yin o thaim gorbilt upfortiepancakes an syne dee d
aa owre the place forfortiefiftie days nou no thinkin
out o the teahous tifortiefiftie steps up the road
boddom o the loch abootfortiefiftie yeir sin the loch
his saet it wes aitherfortieor fiftie ah canna mynd
tae gaun oot agane wifortieor fiftie boats in fisherraw
on the wrang side ofortieis sprawled out on an
uised ti hae thertie orfortieofficers at oor pairties whit
o strang drink maun getfortiestraiks o the timmer kaim
s morn it micht takfortieyear morag the truibil is
hae cryit on thaim forfortieyear but littil guid it
or even twa hunder anfortiesae ah wad say that
for aw ah m turntfortietwa is it lang sen

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