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raffan s1m 2621 fair tradefortnightlodged on 17 january 2002
russell s1m 2621 fair tradefortnightlodged on 17 january 2002
smith s1m 3936 fair tradefortnightlodged on 21 february 2003
white s1m 2803 fair tradefortnightlodged on 27 february 2002
be something like fair tradefortnightthere s a night on
2 books of criticism thisfortnightfellow students say one advantage
she s eighty in afortnightloretta aye so she was
birthday s the 11th afortnightloretta reed wine though i
of bronchitis just over afortnightbefore his austrian holiday but
holiday in france for afortnightso john and i will
up here for their fairfortnightan they never understood a
over examination papers once afortnightand that can be done
eh it was about afortnightbefore they could operate on
are united in the nextfortnightwe need to be united
ma sister just eh afortnightago an she s sayin
i started growing it afortnightago i hope you re
crabb it was over afortnightago that the public read
start for at least afortnight13 friday mary in bed
agnes in hamilton for afortnightnext friday doll and i
the drill hall in afortnightwill ye be hame that
back in london for afortnightafter the highland adventure and
kenny macaskill s1m 1723 fairtradefortnightlodged on 6 march 2001
to come for about afortnightevery october a squad of
want to apply treatments everyfortnightin order to ensure that
nine an it was afortnightbefore war was declared now
court action during the pastfortnightand has been vigorously defended
that lasted for about afortnightthere were relapses in march
drink it could be afortnighthaving a couple o gins
like a new dawning afortnightafter the rite of purification
visa i get about afortnightat christmas i believe starting
i worked for about afortnightthen i went when i
at hauntin the place afortnightan she s still creepin
time when for er afortnight[laugh] catholics and protestants [laugh]

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