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sing oh fair is thefortuneo aw wimmin kind they
lori oh sad is thefortuneo aw wimmin kind thur
oh oh sad is thefortuneo aw wimmin kind thur
lori oh sad is thefortuneo aw wimmin kind thur
has made us equally butfortunehas exalted some and deprived
has made us equally butfortunehas exalted some and deprived
has us equally made butfortunesome exalted has in use
forritsum a forward fortuin nfortunefou a full fouter v
forritsum forward forsay deny fortuinfortunefou full fousum loathsome fowert
forordnar adv usually fortuin nfortunefounder v collapse foust v
in the fourteenth century whenfortuneas dame makes her first
donaghadee stories of individual goodfortuneand bad fortune began to
individual good fortune and badfortunebegan to emerge in some
sometimes win fortune over prayfortunehelp for wich unlikely thing
to show their subservience tofortunein many cases fortune is
to fortune in many casesfortuneis seen to be an
omniscience and can sometimes winfortuneover pray fortune help for
the better will result asfortunelykith thame sche will translate
sche will translate v 8fortuneseems to favour the lower
ta cost dem an absolutefortuneer reindeer skins it was
dey most spend an absolutefortuneon der costumes de jarl
at the time an absolutefortuneyou know they were gettin
calm the palmtree has guidfortuneahead of her lilian and
and i ll loss myfortuneand my reputation lilian jack
of her lilian and goodfortuneon board beaumont and we
not always accompanied by goodfortunebefore going on to seek
decided tae seek his ainfortuneguid luck tae him i
before going on to seekfortunethe dreamer receives instruction from
gude hope to seek forfortunethis point is crucial to
it cost me a weefortunefor your operation but fan
that would have cost afortunem608: aye m642: so we
it must have cost afortunetae pit in bessie na
jist cost the country afortunethe bobbies wull be on
saint bernard s cost afortuneto keep wee totty chihuahuas
s right [laugh] spend afortuneon it [laugh] f1049: uh
in some cases the goodfortunehad at first seemed the
no needing that by guidfortunebut i ve to think
the hecht o the guidfortunecome his way wi you
ve to mind what guidfortunei hae and how open
flair some brethren my guidfortunethey wanted to share an
the franklin bi appealin tofortuneseems to be sayin that
knowledge and an understanding offortunevenus seems to be on
have had a reversal offortunefrom good to bad both
of disaster but the goodfortuneof some was balanced by
s ancestors tokens of goodfortunethe one room houses also
executive i had the goodfortuneto be involved in that
dissertation i had the goodfortuneto meet tom crawford who
good will together make goodfortunewhen james is in the
was lucky there as goodfortunewould hae it there was
the stars or god orfortunedetermine what is to happen
prisoner s circumstances as wasfortuneearlier gif god me had
the omnicience of god andfortunes weakness in this field
she would help him withfortuneminerva then goes on to
libertee to cause his awinfortuneshe goes on to discuss
have felt her influence thefortunetradition goes back much further
guys were just gettin afortunef606: yeah f209: and of
costs f606: mmhm m824: afortune[laugh] f823: [laugh] f606: well
ve seen the smiling offortunebeguiling i ve felt all
the most bizarre change offortunewas witnessed by a reporter
over and above these twofortunemust be courted a desire
that despite the reversals offortuneone must stand with a
tae jamaica and made afortunesyne cam hame wi his
of gude will that madefortunetreat the dreamer so favourably
dickoya alexander amassed a considerablefortunebefore retiring to deeside and
easter road is worth afortunecause of the way it
t go to make hisfortunea certain amount of entertainment
to london to make hisfortunewrote very little in the
jist a pare lass mahfortuneis nane and ah ve
is his agreeable treatment byfortuneafter being cast as the
his own previous opinion offortuneand the admonitions given about
he trod the streets hisfortunefur tae try far dealers
3000 the bulk of hisfortunewas left to the scotch
love is more powerful thanfortunealthough affected by it in
crie she may have bettrefortunethan yow semeth and whan
less than the wedding andfortunethat other ballads and the
pat s voice is herfortunefor she is rarely silent
of joy when he meetsfortunein her round place these
in caurs no cages hadfortunetaen anither sklent he micht
sides by the cruelty offortunebut managed to triumph in
like him and forjugit byfortuneit was perhaps fortunate for
survivors a similar reversal offortunewas experienced by the family
everything and she pays afortuneand we were like yvonne
remark wele fynde i thatfortuneis my fo however she
and purpose of winning afortunewhy is it called shotties
the gardens a wheel offortuneraffle and bottle stall were
uh huh it s afortuneto like resit it m1048:
for the fickle nature offortunewhich like the changing scottish
which are worth a smallfortunenow the mallorcans did well
colourful the parliament spends afortuneon glossy presentation i know
ponder on the unreliability offortuneon hir tolter quhele every
hass ulss egualy maide botfortunesum exaltit hess and oyis
the page he recognises thatfortunetakes no consideration of rank
been peyin a great bigfortunein taxes for wir ain
a m818: nood- noodle m819: fortunethat that that that that

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