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got f641: too full m642: fourand a half five gallons
b two c three dfourand e five days per
got reduced to five tofourand the lunch break was
seven pupils five girls andfourboys torphins torphins primary school
got reduced to five tofourcause the lunch break must
less than 180 000 infourdecades three of the five
five books to read ermfouressays to do two presentations
come on one two threefourf1101: four f1102: five six
one two three four f1101: fourf1102: five six f1101: six
spots f1104: one two threefourf1103: that s got five
the day m1110: three fivefourf1109: four numbers fitt aboot
lamps m1110: one two threefourf1109: no m1110: five f1109:
look see one two threefourf1114: five f1113: six f1114:
f1126: two [tut] three [tut]fourf1125: mmhm f1126: five [tut]
us to twenty five tofourf814: you finished at quarter
got f1114: one two threefourfi- five f1113: five sticks
it s one two threefourfive and six and seven
carry out their probation overfourfive and sometimes six years
count them one two threefourfive eight f1091: six m1092:
it says one two threefourfive f1093: what are they
one three [?]four, five[/?] f1103: threefourfive f1104: there s bones
m1110: aye one two threefourfive f1109: five oh now
it s one two threefourfive f1109: five one two
see m1110: one two threefourfive f1109: five that s
two f1114: two f1113: threefourfive f1114: five six make
f1114: s- f- f1113: threefourfive f1114: i ll count
bananas say one two threefourfive f1116: and that s
bad mm one two threefourfive f1116: five once i
there f1118: one two threefourfive f1117: six f1118: seven
f1121: [inaudible] f1122: two threefourfive f1121: well done right
ve made one two threefourfive f1122: one two three
count f1136: one two threefourfive f1135: five mmhm f1136:
a leery f638: a leeryfourfive f640: i spied wallace
uh huh m642: two threefourfive f643: and the door
you know one two threefourfive f643: [laugh] m608: [laugh]
s like five years m959: fourfive five years aye over
it s one two threefourfive it s six f1109:
five f1122: one two threefourfive let s make another
they had like you knowfourfive months of er circulation
got home about half pastfourfive o clock in the
the shapes one two threefourfive o- six seven eight
alive f1116: one two threefourfive once i caught a
of paper whether it isfourfive or 20 pages long
so i ve tried aboutfourfive or six ways of
three potato f1115: three potatofourfive potato f1116: potato f1115:
five six seven eight f1095: fourfive si- six seven eight
there s one two threefourfive six clocks f1114: that
one two [inaudible] f1103: threefourfive six f1104: six it
two f1114: goin- f1113: threefourfive six f1114: i no
we have one two threefourfive six f1121: very good
one two three fo- f1121: fourfive six f1122: five s-
them m1128: one two threefourfive six f1127: how about
f1109: mm one two threefourfive six m1110: i see
tin and you d f1023: fourfive six seven an then
we need one two threefourfive six seven cars m1098:
coont them one two threefourfive six seven chickens f1116:
m1096: aye one two threefourfive six seven eight f1095:
eight m1096: one two threefourfive six seven eight f1095:
got look one two threefourfive six seven eight m1096:
eight look one two threefourfive six seven eight m1096:
you ken m1128: two threefourfive six seven eight nine
aye m1110: one two threefourfive six seven eight nine
um one one two threefourfive six seven eight nine
then f1122: one two threefourfive six seven eight nine
the bones one two threefourfive six seven eight nine
there was a double onefourfive six seven eight nine
next f1122: one two threefourfive six seven eight nine
okay m1110: one two threefourfive six seven eight nine
got one f1122: two threefourfive six seven eight nine
you got one two threefourfive six seven eight nine
ve got one two threefourfive six seven eight nine
eleven f1122: one two threefourfive six seven eight nine
tweenies f1122: one two threefourfive six seven eight nine
a dinosaur one two threefourfive six seven eight nine
f1122: one one two threefourfive six seven eight nine
it s one two threefourfive six seven eight nine
s f1116: one two threefourfive six seven eight nine
barney f1122: one two threefourfive six seven eight nine
[child noises] wait one two threefourfive six seven eight nine
there s one two threefourfive six seven eight nine
beast f1122: one two threefourfive six seven f1121: okay
we have one two threefourfive six six f1121: right
six spots one two threefourfive six two bones f1104:
two f1116: two f1115: threefourfive tatties f1116: five five
rabbits f1114: one two threefourfive that s number five
f1109: five one two threefourfive that s right well
there s one two threefourfive there s loads o
be lucky to laist anitherfourfive year then you ll
as the paper so aboutfourfive years ago m608: mmhm
would say within the lastfourfive years really f1025: mmhm
used five and he usedfourfor his eye and he
m1110: maybe four hundred f1109: fourhundred m1110: maybe five hundred
out of five the otherfouri i didn t fall
on calloused knees five footfourin marks and spencer s
one two f1107: [?]five to two like crispy rice[/?] fivefourm1108: [fart] f1107: [censored: forename] what
four f1109: one two threefourm1110: five maybe ten f1109:
i have five minutes orfourminutes presiding officer the deputy
m1110: three five four f1109: fournumbers fitt aboot rhyming off
nato members except turkey andfourof the five permanent members
the frameworks for everyone intofouror five a4 pages rather
delivered through a network offouror five big teaching hospitals
the indian girl seaworthy infouror five days caird if
half of the play describesfouror five different aspects of
s got a class tillfouror five f1154: is it
is i think it sfouror five f643: mmhm m608:
this year there were probablyfouror five former scotvec staff
those offices there will befouror five lawyers and one
date but you have takenfouror five months to respond
work usually about back offouror five o clock yabbering
m608: mm f643: there wasfouror five o them wasn
m642: er it was aboutfouror five of each of
side of the trip ledfouror five of the group
you know it might befouror five or whatever and
go sometimes m816: well especiallyfouror five pints inside you
follow up ones of aboutfouror five poems m608: mm
queen street station he hadfouror five properties that were
there an argument for havingfouror five retained advisers the
and get enough msps maybefouror five to take part
given that there are onlyfouror five weeks left in
holland for the past erfouror five years and erm
i can t remember [laugh]fouror five years f958: that
old i would be aboutfouror five years old and
sum of twenty two poundsfourshillings and five pence sterling
mm good girl f1122: fivefourthree two f1121: two and
five f1122: [laugh] five fivefourthree two one blast off
[?]and cow[/?] coffee and f1107: fivefourthree two one m1108: one
bushes an gin they werefourto five ear aal they
attempts probably about [cough] maybefouryears maybe five years ago
to be set at betweenfourand eight weeks from purchase
m1098: four more oh fourfoureight six f1097: right we
report someone after f- twentyfourforty eight hours i m
more m1098: four more ohfourfour eight six f1097: right
they broke the curriculum intofourinto eight areas ehm our
we need four more m1098: fourmore oh four four eight
universities scotland acts 1858 1966fourof the eight pre 1992
be divided into eight partsfourof which were to be
floorboards into dust three suitsfourties eight shoes whose musty
scottish parliament reserved eight seatsfourwould be for people over
or eight when i wasfouryear old and ehm i
call wee drew six rootfourand a rapist where do
fully formed monster six footfourand a rapist with a
he was about six feetfourand aboot seventeen stone so
s cause [tut] cakes numberfourand number six and number
number seven number seven numberfourand number six f1125: that
and float away two clogsfourboots six sandals sit at
highlands bere is a hardyfouror six row variety of
six years this mill hadfourpairs of stones i e
big g for six orfourrowed barley from old norse
evin and nocht odde asfoursix aucht or ten and
perfect english got by rammingfoursix inch nails into cheek
six hundred and s- fiftyfourthis year due to go
six rings through one earfourthrough the other one pierced
remain in those courts forfourto six months before they
the six regions and thefourunits of the crown office
been in existence for onlyfouryears not six years in
six years in the pastfouryears the parliament has seen
good f1114: that s numberfourand that s number three
it holds f010: three orfouranyway f122: something like four
and structures of three orfourauthorities in time to speak
case of pick three orfourbecause you ve got to
designs for three instead offourbin store areas each will
usually get about three orfourcandidates but it creates a
totties two and three andfourclockwork taps and chap the
we have highlighted three orfourconcerns dorothy grace elder has
get a job three orfourdays a week m608: aye
brother s for three orfourdays just to get over
day and three examinations infourdays that was not the
our hands after three orfourdays we had a visit
there ll be two threefourdifferent words tra- you know
there s one two threefoureh cargo boats which they
for three four i thinkfourerm films he did it
for children of three andfourexpanding childcare facilities particularly in
what comes after three m1092: fourf1091: four m1092: four now
box m1096: one two threefourf1095: four right so one
[inaudible] f1104: one two threefourf1103: well done four f1104:
three four f1103: well donefourf1104: bone in other one
[censored: forename] m1110: one two threefourf1109: one two three four
get two and three andfourf1109: torto- i i have
counting f1112: one two threefourf1111: four ha- four fingers
f1114: [exhale] number three numberfourf1113: wait till we see
socks look one two threefourf1114: let s see one
there f1118: one two threefourf1117: what did dad give
two le- one two threefourf1127: that s it getting
good they re three anfourf606: ah gosh f823: so
that magazine three guys subfourf643: [laugh] m642: hours f643:
them say one two threefourf963: och we don t
in f1114: one two threefourfi- [child noises] f1113: how much
way f1114: one two threefourfi- [exhale] f1113: count how
f1127: aye one two threefourfi- right go and see
three four f1111: four ha-fourfingers wow so you have
there f1122: one two threefourfiv- three f1121: [laugh] there
parliament include three of thefourfounding principles of the scottish
got three folk oot bessiefourgladys weel aye but een
loose two guys three guysfourguys fightin an you re
one two three four f1111: fourha- four fingers wow so
honoured that only three orfourhave done it and britain
we reckon that three orfourhave not yet been completed
[inaudible] nineteen sixty three sixtyfourhe goes up to the
okay aye m194: ts- threefourhours a day plus we
maybe three hundred m1110: maybefourhundred f1109: four hundred m1110:
did it for for threefouri think four erm films
have to live three orfourin a room they receive
of one two three orfourjobs as few as that
a large panload three orfourlarge onions couple of cloves
sitting going one two threefour[laugh] m608: [laugh] f643: she
types on show three andfourlooped single or double lined
after three m1092: four f1091: fourm1092: four now i ll
right so one two threefourm1096: [inhale] f1095: so wait
two three m1096: oh f1095: fourm1096: no f1095: right m1096:
the rug one two threefourm1106: [inaudible] f1105: right stand
boxie one two f1127: threefourm1128: three i got [?]the lolly[/?]
oh twenty three or twentyfourm608: [laugh] f637: but to
promised by three of thefourmain political parties during the
the next hour three orfourmiles beyond that point that
one two is it threefourmm i don t know
fife ld in the pastfourmonths i have visited three
to italy maybe for threefourmonths in the year and
general election within three orfourmonths without a guarantee that
numbers f1114: one two threefour[mumble] ten f1113: [laugh] that
get it half past threefouro clock or that so
sky after supper three orfourof us staggered down to
rough there were three orfourof us there including the
well done one two threefouroh you count m1110: i
three on british and afouron scottish m865: okay mmhm
concise scots dictionary three orfouroptions can be found for
are not here in threefouror 10 years time saying
sat down too three orfourpaces away i unwrapped the
to concentrate on three orfourparticular census questions and i
will consist of three orfourpeople only therefore will not
not know the number offourperson and three person hmo
improving management practices three andfourperson hmos are often in
particularly for three person andfourperson hmos perhaps we should
starting point for three andfourperson hmos such a scheme
coming licensing of three andfourperson hmos where are those
question on three person andfourperson hmos you have told
one two one two threefourright m1096: i will put
one two three four f1095: fourright so one two three
for sea anglers three orfourrotting timber piles remain of
sections and in three orfourschedules linked to the tenancy
the other give three orfoursentences about the person these
a series of three orfoursentences about the setting and
wonderful we did three orfoursets of smallish rapids paddling
she was like three orfourshe just really really loved
least three storeys high sometimesfourstoreys high and no one
last one shows three orfoursubjects for the next intergovernmental
taking [inaudible] f1111: three ohfourtake them through to the
we can set three orfourtargets at the same time
small groups of three orfourthe teacher selects and photocopies
okely dokely one two threefourthree f1126: put the egg
for two years about threefourtimes a week right gav
high street maybe three orfourtimes and climb away up
basis rather than three orfourtimes as legislation comes into
the assessment are three orfourtimes greater than have been
poorest areas have three tofourtimes the amount of dental
three storey bunkbeds the otherfourto the left of the
about the next three orfourweeks i will be involved
first time around three orfourweeks into their fifth year
oh yeah maybe three weeksfourweeks ou- in a year
leave from three weeks tofourweeks recognises this as an
i was aboot three orfourwhen i was bein eh
f1097: do you want threefourwill i gie ye four
the age of three orfourwould run to open the
it gets to three anfourye think oh we re
it not aboot three orfouryear after the war before
young kids from like threefouryear old up to m608:
many a three and bfouryear olds have had requests
many a three and bfouryear olds have nursery places
of a three and bfouryear olds in the i
nursery places for three andfouryear olds learning from successful
around 100 000 three andfouryear olds receive free nursery
place for all three andfouryear olds whose parents wanted
time round erm what threefouryears ago i did- one
cosla s offices three orfouryears ago some english registrars
treaty been ratified three orfouryears ago the icc would
them up within three orfouryears however they would rather
least the first three orfouryears of the new system
i say for three orfouryears once i qualified and
jordanhill i did three orfouryears then i gave it
for the next three orfouryears there was nothing for
over the next three orfouryears we must have a
[sniff] little bit two threefouryou count with me slicin
outside the hotel three offouryoung men at the taxi
ten thousand nine hundred andfour11 how many acres in
over a hundred years thefourchartered universities established in the
was four hundred and fortyfourhundred and fifty an f606:
f641: [laugh] m642: is aboutfourhundred and fifty pounds f643:
nine the the roll wasfourhundred and forty four hundred
my god f1155: something likefourhundred people or something so
part of a multiple chainfourhundred scottish outlets are part
t know there s anotherfourhundred yards to go f643:
somethin bein there for overfourhundred years f606: that s
some academically concocted modern formfourhundred years later arguments among
years ago and reached europefourhundred years later crossing from
reservations about trying to undofourhundred years of f718: mm
to a hundred and ninetyfourwe had an intake of
we- we ve got twentyfourbooks now and we- we
think i was probably twentyfourby that time f631: mmhm
it was twe- twenty pastfourf812: where s that f814:
ages of eighteen to twentyfourf943: i i i would
s f-f- bottomless m642: twentyfourfeet long i couldnae get
and it was a twentyfourhour a day seven day
m1048: twenty four shop twentyfourhour asda govan oh but
er was it a twentyfourhour broadcast yeah cause i
in kinross on a twentyfourhour cover basis s1w 186
s m819: it s twentyfourhour is it not m818:
mm m194: durin the twentyfourhour spells m608: mm m194:
mmhm m194: for say twentyfourhour spells m608: mmhm m194:
be it might be twentyfourhour though m819: and it
tried to have them twentyfourhours a day m608: uh
m1174: erm you know twentyfourhours a day seven days
and you go for twentyfourhours just right through m815:
are things not open twentyfourhours m1048: i know it
to finish at twenty pastfourm811: we f812: did you
at the age of twentyfourmade a hasty marriage which
got an hour and twentyfourminutes already erm oh to
yeah m845: one of twentyfourprojects by aberdeenshire so we
their rustling to breath twentyfoursenior citizens from ohio their
the shop [laugh] m1048: twentyfourshop twenty four hour asda
out o torry in twentyfourwas it i ve still
still back in nineteen twentyfourye mair or less say
some of them from primaryfourto primary seven f963: mm
two f1114: yes that sfourapples f1113: four apples f1114:
that s four apples f1113: fourapples f1114: got four fishes
four anyway f122: something likefourbottles of wine f010: mm
f1077: four there would befourcakes out erm and you
citizens is to develop thosefourcapacities these are the four
s over the page f1114: fourcars f1113: four cars f1114:
page f1114: four cars f1113: fourcars f1114: what s that
four will i gie yefourcause there only little thingies
f1109: oh i can seefourcolours is there four colours
see four colours is therefourcolours m1110: that s green
coriander with hill country teafourdrops of boiled water four
four drops of boiled waterfourdrops of vanilla essence to
that f1113: number four f1114: fourducks that s n- f1113:
there for havin four le-foureh spellins wrong and ma
erm f1095: thir- m1096: tee-fourf1095: no thirty four m1096:
the clock m1110: that sfourf1109: four on the clock
what s that f1113: numberfourf1114: four ducks that s
[inaudible] f1115: there s numberfourf1116: number four one nana
that must be f1122: fourfourf1121: ten f1122: ten f1121:
about you f1148: i wasfourf1149: four for the whole
f1113: four apples f1114: gotfourfishes f1113: lots o fishes
f1148: i was four f1149: fourfor the whole f1148: four
four for the whole f1148: fourfor the whole year cause
think that must be f1122: fourfour f1121: ten f1122: ten
siblings and then she hadfourfour of her own so
and that one would makefourfour right m1110: where is
long ago an we hadfourfour tenants f1043: [inaudible] f1041:
four capacities these are thefourkey capacities that are always
up tae there for havinfourle- four eh spellins wrong
which means four legs thefourlegs on the bed i
s [?]quahar pwud[/?] er which meansfourlegs the four legs on
or a single tone afourletter word like the four
four rhymed lines with thefourline stanza frequently made up
tee- four f1095: no thirtyfourm1096: [censored: streetname] f1095: bu- m1096:
need just [inaudible] we needfourmore m1098: four more oh
m1092: four f1091: four m1092: fournow i ll never [inaudible]
f1135: four o clock f1136: fouro clock [blow] f1135: what
big blow f1136: [blow] f1135: fouro clock f1136: four o
and then she had fourfourof her own so i
four right m1110: where isfouron the clock f1109: there
m1110: that s four f1109: fouron the clock there it
s number four f1116: numberfourone nana two nanas two
narrative verse in two orfourrhymed lines with the four
that one would make fourfourright m1110: where is four
four letter word like thefoursides of a house a
mil- f1125: four tablespoons f1126: fourtablespoons f1125: four tablespoons of
milk f1126: [tut] mil- f1125: fourtablespoons f1126: four tablespoons f1125:
tablespoons f1126: four tablespoons f1125: fourtablespoons of milk okely dokely
ago an we had fourfourtenants f1043: [inaudible] f1041: shared
table for f718: yeah f1077: fourthere would be four cakes
erm maybe the last erfouryears about four years ago
last er four years aboutfouryears ago m608: okay m1174:
in nine to one infourand for females from one
to nine you finished atfourand you got friday afternoons
nine still here at seventyfourf1040: eh margaret [censored: surname] born
later it s in ecclesiastesfournine it s a good
f1114: that s [?]find trees, brush[/?] andfourumbrellas that s number nine
months at binny house forfourand a half years as
over 100 years he wasfourand a half years old
years yes for the samefourdecades as she has been
in each of the lastfourfinancial years and in the
in each of the nextfourfinancial years committee agreed that
in each of the nextfourfinancial years s1w 9185 christine
the difference fresh thinking forfourmore years a difference for
liberal democrats fresh thinking forfourmore years a message from
the difference fresh thinking forfourmore years contents make the
the difference fresh thinking forfourmore years we will increase
existing plans in the nextfouryears a total of 12
the cronikles of scotland onlyfouryears after the original had
when the parliament was constitutedfouryears ago my dear colleague
he was he died almostfouryears ago oh i m
i don t know aboutfouryears ago or something now
is the quest for justicefouryears ago patients who had
say i am reminded thatfouryears ago that would not
all since the day almostfouryears ago that you were
falling some businesses trusted labourfouryears ago when it said
from sportscotland over the nextfouryears and how much core
in scotland over the nextfouryears and how much of
that i have heard infouryears and i pay tribute
serving sentences of more thanfouryears and in which prisons
the past er the pastfouryears and just in this
east end for the pastfouryears and putting all party
i was going to investfouryears and some kind of
the scottish parliament s firstfouryears and the corporate body
of financing the project overfouryears and whether the most
administrative achievements over the pastfouryears are impressive and stand
in each of the nextfouryears as a result of
corporate body over the pastfouryears as an ambassador for
often been criticised in hisfouryears as presiding officer he
stages i was courtin forfouryears before i was married
soller area was completed onlyfouryears before salvador died and
can do that during thefouryears between 13 and 17
his home in the fortyfouryears between 1871 when he
in each of the lastfouryears business bulletin 64 2000
had arrived during the pastfouryears but i am sure
has considered during the pastfouryears certainly an unprecedented number
or other over the pastfouryears disappointed irritated upset or
coast salvador had travelled therefouryears earlier and he now
older workers in the pastfouryears employment levels for older
t know be more befouryears f958: a long time
been done in the pastfouryears few seriously argue that
overreaction in dismissing nicola afterfouryears flawless service and calls
existing plans over the nextfouryears give teachers more time
over in the states nowfouryears graduate school i m
young parliament during the pastfouryears has been its willingness
the administration for the pastfouryears has not worked and
labour government over the pastfouryears has taken away the
educational policy for the nextfouryears he moved on to
the parliament during the pastfouryears he represented his constituency
i gave up latin afterfouryears i only did it
stayed in bieldside for thefouryears i was at aberdeen
his contribution over the pastfouryears i would also like
been helped anyway after nearlyfouryears in office labour s
city schools during her lastfouryears in post during her
of the 100 million overfouryears in the health improvement
a whirl of happiness forfouryears in the incredible miramar
more he has spent hisfouryears in the parliament when
extremely well over the pastfouryears it is no easy
no doubt over the lastfouryears it is the liberal
well safeguarded over these pastfouryears it would be misleading
[inaudible] f1054: ye courted forfouryears m1015: yeah aye f1054:
and civilised over the pastfouryears ms curran i am
achieve without going through thefouryears of a normal degree
purpose rather than consisting offouryears of basketweaving geography and
anniversary day of our weddingfouryears of happiness 4 friday
on 7 june acknowledges thefouryears of preparation which has
prisoners have re offended withinfouryears of release from prison
where exactly are we afterfouryears of the new parliament
worked with you over thefouryears of the parliament sir
greatest achievement of the firstfouryears of the parliament the
brought about in the lastfouryears of the scottish parliament
moved forward under the firstfouryears of the scottish parliament
my experiences of the firstfouryears of the scottish parliament
got much worse during thefouryears of this administration can
to the first minister afterfouryears of this labour liberal
government because we have hadfouryears of wasted opportunities to
m1016: no i m thirtyfouryears old f1054: and where
he was not yet thirtyfouryears old mitchell s early
school though she was onlyfouryears old she remembered nothing
offenders were serving sentences offouryears or over in each
in each of the lastfouryears s1w 20862 mr brian
in each of the lastfouryears s1w 27379 mr brian
in each of the lastfouryears showing the percentage allocated
seems that over the nextfouryears significantly less money will
shown through over the pastfouryears sir david has defended
existing plans in the nextfouryears taking total recruitment to
if we spend the nextfouryears talking not about independence
its approach over the pastfouryears that approach is palpable
in each of the nextfouryears that point is also
scotland wide in the nextfouryears the convener at present
aberdeen however over the pastfouryears the gnp has begun
this service for the lastfouryears the provision of confidential
real progress over the pastfouryears the stages when children
are rising in the pastfouryears the unit cost of
david s authority that afterfouryears there have been few
s agenda in the pastfouryears this final debate should
year to 15 million infouryears time that is only
the fourth ministerial team infouryears to deal with social
for the school will takefouryears to implement and will
police officers in the nextfouryears to keep police numbers
a duty over the pastfouryears to keep the parliament
through consultation over the nextfouryears to make more time
great strides in the pastfouryears to oversee the social
police officers over the nextfouryears to replace the substantial
the parliament in the nextfouryears we will build on
of victims in the lastfouryears we will build on
stayed in stirling except forfouryears when i stayed in
by 236 in the lastfouryears whereas the increase in
existence here over the pastfouryears will have been worth
the difference in the lastfouryears with bold new plans
me even though i wasfouryears younger now i realise
spell rls after all wasfouryears younger than robertson smith
sure to put it offfourhours before bedtime though why
f643: for what m608: subfourhours f643: hours oh right
of mauna loa flight delayedfourhours in heathrow the pair
these ships stayed afloat forfourhours in neither case would
and there betwixt two andfourhours in the afternoon to
afloat in coastal waters forfourhours is giving ample opportunity
until approximately 1400 just overfourhours later it can be
had been drivin for likefourhours m1048: [exhale] that s
had an interesting afternoon infourhours of play i hit
i m815: you only gotfourhours sleep well that s
monitor again and i didfourhours this week it must
distance and it takes likefourhours to cairns so f807:
f806: it only takes herfourhours to write an essay
berry around mid day afterfourhours trek we reached the
ship which stays afloat forfourhours with a flooded car
clock there it is numberfourm1110: how many parcels can
for both of us aboutfouro clock and thereafter for
a dentist and eh atfouro clock i got to
an dae their washin atfouro clock in the mornin
oot in the backie abootfouro clock in the morning
right f965: people round tillfouro clock in the morning
well sometimes even afternoon aboutfouro clock m818: jeez oh
chime nocturne 1955 it wasfouro clock on a cold
last to arrive just beforefouro clock was the portpatrick
nae it s nae nearfouro clock yet want to
be brunt on earth byfourof the clock that efternoon
clock f1109: there that sfouron the clock m1110: that
can see m1110: it sfourf1109: nae f- oh and
indicated a replacement cycle offourto 20 weeks which compares
s line on fuel povertyfourweeks ago the minister issued
are not being diagnosed withinfourweeks and that the scottish
a hope of diagnosis withinfourweeks despite all the work
s been lang enough alreadyfourweeks fancy fa in at
people should receive up tofourweeks free home care when
on [censored: emailaddress] within the nextfourweeks gow s agatha christy
end there is substituted exceedingfourweeks or on cause shown
s like two weeks orfourweeks or something f689: i
the work will take aroundfourweeks to complete so who
the committee should comprise thefourbusiness managers two committee convenors
the third two thousand andfour[censored: forename] and [censored: forename] m1106: mum
a two day hangover afourday beard a telephone bill
o a penny he hadfourdothers two of them married
f1117: what have i gotfoureights is thirty two f1118:
of april two thousand andfourf1114: and move a wee
got one i ve gotfouri ve got two i
family and their two pointfourkids f606: mmhm m954: and
or ages f1130: erm twofourminutes f1129: what was she
two litres between the thefourof them f1049: uh huh
the cur- current model offourplus two the curriculum for
featuring in in sphinx twofourrainbow armadillos m942: [laugh] ring
set up representative of thefourscottish universities and the two
in leith and there wasfoursingle ends and two room
fish chorus sung by thefoursoloists plus two others aye
right we need ain wifourspots here we go two
[laugh] f813: [laugh] f812: pastfourf814: king s park secondary
street station at ten pastfourfiona his granddaughter was at
but my my grandson sfourpast he was a millennium
east knows is half pastfourthey ate egg or cheese
only moved into toon kenfouryear ago or somethin like
got fifty minutes f814: tofourand the lunch break was
speeches will be limited tofourminutes 15 28 kate maclean
their speeches to fewer thanfourminutes 15 47 karen whitefield
we will have speeches offourminutes 16 07 dr winnie
been speaking for just overfourminutes and am now using
the liberal democrats officially hasfourminutes but i will allow
to cover those subjects infourminutes but i will have
that i will stick tofourminutes however closer to home
last for a maximum offourminutes time for reflection will
time mr sheridan you havefourminutes tommy sheridan i appreciate
might take up one sfourminutes tricia marwick that requirement
i will allow speeches offourminutes with some extra time
i think that in yourfourminutes you should address the
all bees that s numberfourf1113: lots o bees f1114:
mmhm f1114: there s numberfourf1113: mmhm there s more
bees f1114: that s numberfourf1113: no that s number
and one f1113: one andfourf1114: that s number one
blast off f1121: right numberfourf1122: here s one f1121:
an orcadian very much numberfour[laugh] [laugh] m865: most orcadian-
tell me is that numberfourm1108: no one f1107: tell
number to go up tofourso if you could no
when it gets to numberfouryou tell me is that
m i m one offourand i was the baby
fan my mither brought upfourbairns in one room an
glasgow in 1879 one offourchildren of deeply religious parents
is death closing around mefourdrab walls no one to
finland is one of onlyfoureuropean union member states that
fishes a one and afourf1114: [panting] that s that
is she s one offourgirls i think she was
hear the one about thefourguy s stuck in an
i enjoyed being one offouri can t imagine being
we marry one couple infourin scotland i feel that
and a half long byfourinches wide one like this
holding one each of thefourkey standards and they were
f1148: you could be doingfourlanguages at a point one
bsl is one of thefourmost widely used native languages
one year to america thefourof us [laugh] f639: year
do in your spare timefouron stage one man exhibitions
had only actually heard offourone was a washed up
least one local friend thefourphonemes under study were i
least one local friend thefourphonemic variables to be studied
market policies one of thefourpriorities on which they agree
wane home again one infourrevolving door gig bulldozer music
good mental health one infourscots will suffer from mental
a way that there werefoursheaves one at each corner
was the orchy one offourships sheltering off black head
cultural strategy the strategy hasfourstrategic objectives one being to
reading courses one can readfourtimes as quickly so i
proceed to one of thefourvoting booths where they should
continue catherine was one offourwomen who completed the typing
know that one m734: erfourwords per page f718: uh
the numbers to mum f1114: fourf1113: are you gonna count
[censored: forename] f1114: [squeal] i gotfourf1113: oh shh f1114: i
a nothing f1114: that sfourumbrellas a pink ain a
the contracts within the nextfourdays but instead await the
flat out for the nextfourmonths with the coming of
in each of the lastfouracademic sessions s1o 339 5
tormented the artist there werefouracts each climaxing with a
involvement in each of thefourareas that make up the
emphasise that each of thefourconsortia comprised local authorities in
she would be going throughfourcountries in each of which
total membership are community representativesfourfrom each area all but
go round each of thefourhouses in turn the first
of each of the firstfourhouses nobody saw her still
arrangements to each of thefourlanguage skills reflects the perceived
participating subjects 3 7 thefourlinguistic variables each phoneme carried
embedded for each of thefourlinguistic variables i a f
to contradict each other thefourmain sources in this context
the committee of convenors andfourmsps each nominated by members
people in glasgow city centrefournights each week notes that
that the tiny creature hadfourperfectly formed legs each padded
become full ghosts sentence dominoesfourplayers are each dealt ten
letters on each of itsfoursides t stood for tak
of each university there arefouruniversities that can be described
over stolen snout farmer drownsfourkittens in a sack tagging
s hud fur nigh oanfourhunner year krista yi blether
the year that i wasfourkind of thing f1148: mmhm
october last year which wasfourmonths after the implementation of
alaska s there are onlyfourmonths of the year when
new year s day allfourof us sat round the
if you go less thanfourtimes a year it s
often in the chamber perhapsfourtimes a year to allow
that the board only meetsfourtimes a year were there
roof and then we werefouryear and then i done
suffered from anorexia after afouryear battle with that condition
postgraduate qualification people do afouryear degree course followed by
the same room as myfouryear old child is that
gangs awa hame wi eenfouryear old sammie wisna weel
in the context of thefouryear period of the strategy
place and what difference thisfouryear plan will make to
option to stay just afouryear school or you could
we close the first historicfouryear session communities throughout scotland
as the proceedings of thisfouryear session draw to a
we are elected for afouryear term to carry out
last after a long delayfourblue recycling bins have arrived
the 1990 s in thefourmain cities in the last
figures for wildlife mike flynnfourwildlife cases were reported last
i used the [inaudible] f1113: fourthat s a big nest
we only have to dofourand you have to do
f1095: you ve only gotfourbits left m1096: ah f1095:
sign language be recognised onlyfourcountries have complied with that
unanimously in 1988 but onlyfoureuropean union states have given
meant they could only dofourhighers cause they couldn t
words where rabelais only usesfourhis translation of the first
only little thingies you wantinfourm1098: [exhale] f1097: fitt else
to base maternity services onlyfourmiles apart with nothing thereafter
issues it says that onlyfournational health service trusts have
cause it s only gotfourpieces hasn t it oh
and the baby was onlyfourpounds f606: mm f889: uh
drummer the album only hadfourtracks credited to barrett but
on i found that onlyfourtrusts claimed to have implemented
of my aunts has gotfourboys who were just they
have you got noo f1130: fourf1129: you ve nae got
great money it s likefourfifty an hour or something
yeah f889: well that sfourgirls she s got so
f1129: you ve nae gotfourhow many have you got
m845: uh we ve hadfourhuts or as they like
bittie i ve just gotfouri ve got got more
which permeates all of thefourlanguage skills or modes the
s ended up in aboutfourmarriages or something f1037: oh
meaning not at all tofourmeaning very much or very
not at all eh tofourmeaning very much or very
not at all eh tofourmeaning very strongly or very
on a great adventure orfourmiles up the road under
or second language across thefourmodes should be used and
fullbright scholarship to yerevan forfourmonths and margaret or marguerite
in that pit 3 orfourmonths with my father i
or whatever you say ermfourmore f606: mmhm m954: so
teeth cause you ve gotfournew ones since he l-
questions during recess periods offouror more days should be
as many noun phrases containingfouror more words as they
has to be politically vettedfouror so signatures on a
think it was on channelfouror somethin like that ehm
a half and she gotfourred apples canadian red apples
heavy items or down onfourwheels to transport the many
you got to like primaryfouryou d been tons of
split the social classes intofourbut after some discussion with
i shall move swiftly onfourdays after the election i
had problems landing on allfourfeet after a jump [inaudible]
[censored: programmename] and the- there wasfourartists doing crappy pictures m608:
m1163: er nineteen eighty th-fouraye m608: and what brought
mmhm m1163: er f- myfourgrandparents are all italian m608:
f643: [laugh] [laugh] m642: subfourhrs m608: did you feel
and it was called subfourm608: mmhm f643: mmhm m642:
he died in nineteen fiftyfourm608: uh huh m1163: er
saved up my pocket moneyfourpounds m608: good grief that
in the following way thefourbroad areas of language choice
of language choice there arefourbroad areas of written language
they make to developing thosefourcapacities now obviously language [doorbell rings]
to the assessment of thefourlanguage skills at standard grade
than simply development of thefourlanguage skills in the subject
the need to develop allfourlanguage skills including writing from
that we do develop allfourlanguage skills we tend to
underpinning this development in thefourlanguage skills will be a
teachers also consider how thefourlanguage skills will be developed
that i had moved throughfourlanguage zones and the secondary
the centenary celebrations in 1896fourscots language editions of his
spoke that language on pagefourthey were presented with a
the secondary language in thosefourzones was not the language
of us in the fa-fourchildren in our family we
driver loaded wi ye m642: fourhoors it taen us tae
we did it there wasfourof us and i oh
and we re standin therefourof us and up a-
so you and there sfourof us drinkin whisky so
m1015: well it s thefourof us f1054: ah right
f640: but because there werefourof us in the fa-
know just that s thefourof us is sayin ye
being christened we a- thefourof us sat along the
mother pause bitterly from thefourof us that s new
and erm i think allfourof us went to like
right [inhale] so then thefourof us went up to
s mini van but thefourof us wouldn t get
hear a presentation from thefourpeople who gave us a
when ah wis in primaryfourthe teacher gied us tubes
more extended analysis of thefourcommonest synonyms in the hall
my kids but more thanfourdays is quite a strain
they come in to primaryfourmore time is allocated to
more extended analysis involved thefoursimplex shield synonyms bord lind
lot more oh it hadfourwheels uh huh f718: [laugh]
set about writing and publishingfourbooks between 1652 and 1653
set about writing and publishingfourbooks between 1652 and 1653
about they are hot likefourchips straight out of the
and so we tried aboutfourdifferent pubs and phoned other
half circle of stones aboutfourfeet in diameter set into
hotel and there s aboutfourguys in the ho- in
painted a little boy aboutfouri suppose bawling with his
of about 1500 contains exactlyfourit is therefore quite possible
was workin there for aboutfourmonth and then i started
in infancy they were aboutfourmonths old evidently when they
down but there were aboutfourof them it was dark
we saw the square aboutfourtimes the size of a
we read it [note: extract here from 'charlie and the chocolate factory' by roald dahl] allfourareas of patterning combine in
heritage that will enable allfourbodies to work together to
all that when you refourf1130: i don t know
rested the tips of allfourfingers and thumb on the
your friends speak i havefourfriends in tarland they all
we can t get allfourin tune at the same
by the town council allfourinstitutions were subsequently constituted by
that is made up offourislands that are all in
a crucial element in allfourit s absolutely essential for
way of true love thefourlovers are all spoiled self
association to arrange for allfourmatch officials to give post
meaning not at all tofourmeaning very much f951: i
huh m1078: all my allfourof my grandparents were deceased
litre bottles and there wasfourof them all wantin a
on the stair that thefouron the landing has all
december 1997 showed that allfoursites could accommodate a scottish
they do look at allfourskills and see how they
them to do develop allfourskills but without losing the
looks critically at his arrangementsfourthat s all we need
to be all of thosefourthings successful learners confident individuals
institutions however ministers from allfouruk countries have agreed with
sent to ministers in allfouruk health departments and the
to the attack of allfourwriters on social hypocrisy robert
corridor and go into roomfourand the teacher there said
draw from there oh andfourbecause i m yeah i
currency shop there and boughtfourbottles of wine this time
there was a table anfourchairs and that s where
so it wis there wisfourcolours rid green gold and
they distinguish now there sfourdifferent m1022: noel s family
ends f1121: mmhm there sfouredges so what shape does
is not there sadie thirtyfourfairly brash in manner and
in human cost there arefourhorsemen ride the earth the
new zealander was a subfourminute miler and there was
an i think there wasfouro them went oot to
s schools i will highlightfourof them first there is
m1094: there s ain [?]there's got[/?]fouroh f1093: we need the
rubbish current facilities there arefourrather dilapidated bin shed areas
convener i see there werefourreports of wildlife cases which
conduct for members there arefoursections of the draft to
[throat] f812: for instance primaryfourthere was maybe pretty much
but there was there wasfourthings i was offered to
said go along to roomfourand i just had to
plastic kettle had recently boiledfourcups had been primed with
had like a teacher forfourdays of the week and
mmhm m805: and also hadfourfor his muscles m804: what
but then we had afourfor ten pound easter egg
so anyway i ve hadfourletters from carole this week
him as well he hadfourmen m642: wey as long
fifteen months married with afourmonth old son he had
had earned as much asfourshillings a week but the
official rescue ships but thefoursmall merchant vessels that had
been better to have hadfourspare watches for it was
boy's- oh he s primaryfournow yeah yeah cause i
you publish he asks ohfourto ten thousand depending on
settle right now for thefourminute warning time to rush
c- and that ain f1103: fourthat s right aw nae
their f963: right yeah m762: fourwheel drives and the whole
f718: [laugh] right m1078: withfourwheels smaller than that uh
beside her enter gary withfourboxers gary steps into the
of the access fund intofourdiscrete areas s1w 20842 pauline
rhymes divide the argument intofourline groups followed by a
this chapter is divided intofourmain sections identified as those
land she ran into difficultiesfourmiles off the scottish coast
image is then particularised intofourreflections these being of the
into the study hendry devisedfourvocabulary measures these were followed
exclusion for taking forward thefourcommonly agreed objectives the first
was the first shower forfourdays and the feeling of
for the eydp set outfourmain aims the first aim
until his death aged seventyfouron that first morning in
some people to see thefourseasons my first film in
member misinterprets the legal judgmentfouractions were taken against the
roof they were they werefourbe fower be fower ye
in my class who werefourbut that s because they
asked rev iain murdoch thefourmaterials that were produced by
neighbouring burghs in due coursefourparticular burghs were identified as
the conquered area the otherfourregions were given to the
along the plastered walls werefourventilation louvres that pivoted inwards
times they were joined byfouryoung members of a dance
and that now he wasfourand almost a big boy
huh m1108: and and andfourf1107: well done m1108: now
49 for a pack offourand ah hud wan ninety
be played in teams offourand is modelled on the
for top answer of thefourand so on and a
regarding the reinstatement of thefourangus wards excluded from the
northern part of aberdeen thefourareas comprise middlefield printfield alexander
domes many being restored includingfourat the corners of and
nisbet brought forth his witnessesfourbailies of the town who
tradition the third of hisfourbooks logopandecteision is largely a
a bill of 20 forfourbottles of beer i worried
ruefully i managed to packfourbottles of white wine and
scottish executive who are thefourchampions of the textile industry
reflected in the use offourcharacteristic north east phonemes and
resonance of the above mentionedfourcomponents of communicative competence can
car deck a party offourcrewmen under the second officer
the hardest part of thefourday hike as we climbed
can afford to pay forfourdifferent sets of bureaucrats to
half drawer of the eightyfourdrawers of raw slips for
required for the remaining eightyfourdrawers of unedited slips for
medicinal herbal compounds 7pm applyfourdrops of sandalwood oil to
for release the dad offourexplains how graeme s influence
than the theoretical relationships offourfirlots to the boll and
of wound up clickers betweenfourfirs the eye of the
the order of their answersfourfor top answer of the
eh shona eilidh enters withfourgoblets of wine on a
june 2000 which of thefourgroups are still in existence
dublin except these sort offourguys and a couple of
a recipe here it isfourheaped spoonfuls of meal and
consists of a scatter offourhouses at the junction of
a staff of at leastfourin addition to yourself is
injury on the third andfourin the second quarter of
18 x 2x 3 21fouris incapable of doing this
numeracy are part of ourfourkey educational priorities we have
their quality of life withfourkey objectives renewing urban centres
1913 in the form offourlengthy essays freud was already
you see sort of likefourlines of men and they
thirds of plots in thefourmain cities and the remaining
of communicative competence the followingfourmain components combine to contribute
answering to a group offourmembers of the directorate who
in immediate danger princess victoriafourmiles north west of corsewall
handles well in excess offourmillion passengers per annum and
for french extra extra identifiedfourmodes of reading skimming scanning
examine the feasibility of thefournational football associations combining to
a form of economic regenerationfournew hotels have been built
the upper deeside use offournorth east phonemes by 119
the upper deeside use offournorth east phonemes by 119
inclusion in relation to thefourobjectives the promotion of a
ve highlighted out of thatfourof the sort of key
to the provisions of sectionfourof the statute of westminster
of fuses was accidentally mishandledfourof them are buried in
implemented the guidelines in fullfourout of 39 is disappointing
swaggering alone towards the coachfourpack of cally special brew
for the closure of thefourprimary schools in the stirling
lot of things like thefourquartets the quaker graveyard at
shots although 3 of ourfourrinks win friday 5 to
that an appeal by thefourscottish universities on behalf of
characteristic north east use offourselected phonemes this was surveyed
compiled of the subjects infourseparate contexts reading a passage
on the outermost of thefourshrines of tutankhamun discovered in
mirrors the weighting of thefourskills at intermediate 1 benchmarked
humankind s closest relatives thefourspecies of great apes the
north east use of thefourspecified phonemes in the area
of the authority to thefourstar inchyra grange hotel in
dropped its nest smelling offourstar petrol assorted herbs slithered
the pentland firth and includesfoursub dialects of these the
built up a list offoursuggestions in order of preference
peered through the window asfourtall pints of export pulled
announced the names of thefourtextiles champions on 12 june
small size of a peachfourtimes it opened releasing children
dead and half a millionfourtimes the population of stirling
22 march 2001 who thefourvoluntary organisations in receipt of
within the limits of thefourwalls of the slammer and
of gallus glaswegians made thefourweekly pilgrimage to edinburgh bedecked
plunged and reared against thefourwinds like the horsemen of
s1m 1744 strip searching offourwomen arrested at faslane lodged
sophomore fisherman and breadwinner offouryounger children you foreigners look
visited twice a day forfourdays and then once a
drew to a close dayfourwas excessively hot the office
till aboot f- at leastfouranyway so it might be
link our subject to thosefourareas er very clearly so
so yeah [laugh] m845: ehfourhuts stuck on to the
was born in nineteen fortyfourso my earliest memory would
okay so that would befourwould it okay scottish f950:
was born in nineteen fortyfourand i think i was
out and it was subfourand then in brackets hrs
60 plus responses favoured thefourareas conclusion that was reached
eh but it was thefourboys sleeping in that room
was a jester s capfourfuny legs down dangled the
la- that was nineteen sixtyfouri wrote til her an
was just that special withfourlift bound pensioners in p
m865,: any other f950: orcadianfourm865,: yeah good that was
then we started like primaryfouronwards it was like you
to proceed to tender forfouroperating companies was announced in
school f1149: ehm i wasfourwhen i started ehm cause
up on the pulley infourdroopy rows you ve combies
yeah m811: we finished atfourf814: and then they reduced
i turned f1149: really f1148: fourin in may and then
inch wh- wide for abootfourinches long and then they
then conceal that information forfourmonths why did she make
mmhm f646: christened them oldfoureyes and things like that
f643: mmhm m642: meaning subfourf643: mile minute miles m642:
f1155: it s quarter tofourmmhm f1154: when are you
glasgow and st andrews thefourancient universities have their compositions
they would receive elsewhere thefourbodies that have already made
nonsense he said we havefoureh big strong shipping clerks
in a block that containsfourflats they have a responsibility
cutting crime liberal democrats havefourkey objectives we will cut
are said to have beenfourmajor goddesses not counting laura
appears to use it frequentlyfoursewel motions have been moved
our numbers have swollen tofourwe ll see how things
speak rather than my usualfourwhen i have to speak
f814: aye up until primaryfouryou used to have to
glow like praying monks wefourbent down to kneel how
flutters like a mourning bandfourhousewives slip their leash away
[inhale] f1038: do you wantfour[laugh] and we re like
thr- it s something likefourquid for a fish supper
sp- see you spend likefourseconds an it takes you
cause you like you refourwhen you start pre school
like an eagle s wingfourwhisk tailed horses pull a
w- and she saw thefourfor ten pounds and she
f66: come back erm atfourfor the group that d
am criticised for asking afourminute question let me just
because obviously huge timetable maybefourperiods a week for gaelic
asked for as many asfourtimes without a response from
them in relation to thosefourcapacities and in relation to
which are provided in thefourcities glasgow edinburgh dundee and
questions these are grouped underfourmain headings a better division
december 2000 who are thefourmsps who currently serve on
are concerned the bill infourparts is a comprehensive package
has been circulated to membersfourpetitions are before the committee
communities by encouraging enterprise thefourscottish clearing banks are providing
states that please note thatfourscottish liberal democrat msps are
demand is highest in thefourservice areas surveyed are punjabi
in the united kingdom includingfourthat are administered to children
foot deep and stood onfour6 inch legs the back
dreams and his hand unclaspsfourbright nails saturday 10 december
progress and developments in thefourcountries and the dti s
and charted the results infourdifferent graphs here the phenomenon
always possible to put infourdigit dates and that will
energy advice and up tofourenergy efficient lightbulbs the allocation
killed and at the endfourghostly mysterious horsemen obviously conspirators
less as the narrator concludesfourincomplete people came together and
kilwinning academy offers classes infourlanguages french german italian and
corn bruiser green painted onfourlegs and with a cone
criticism the terms quatrain afourline stanza and alexandrine a
prepared and discussed by thefourmembers who went on the
and perhaps those that takefourpeople it is difficult to
be great and we paidfourpounds it went round once
from across the parties andfourprofessional representatives i think that
award and no less thanfourscottish championships in volleyball as
o the mist the bogfourshots and a chaser an
grates and drains standing onfoursteel legs it scrapes the
the pentland firth and includesfoursub dialects he goes on
in his hansome coach andfourto be greeted by his
the joint council representing thefouruniversities and funded in part
with the door and thefourwindows an the slidy doon
a stool facing the mirrorfourboxers appear in the ring
because it s in thefourcompass points [inaudible] m078: yes
as the yin wi thefourguy s stuck in the
in agreement f1054: [inaudible] m1017: fourin a kind nap hand
d hae me wakened atfourin the morning wi her
establishing in relation to thosefourkey capacities the essential role
never been discussed in thefourmeetings that scottish executive ministers
respondents saw advantage in thefouroperating companies concept the executive
in 1994 but rejected byfourparliamentary commissioners appointed under the
under the sheets in afourposter bed provided with a
parent on income support withfouryoungsters has not been able
shared a single end withfourfamilies f1054: [laugh] f1018: he
you think you might wantfouryou rascal m1098: [laugh] f1097:
steaming just steaming steaming m1022: foursheets to the wind er
fower ye wouldnae say itfourye just say fower an
draft the convener we raisedfourpoints the executive has stated
s ability to use thefourcharacteristic north east phonemes under
s it m1096: look f1095: fourjigsaws you re clever aren
that included the modest pitowerliefourmabel smith s stories my
queen s college glasgow thefourother post 1992 universities robert
council which will represent thefourscottish universities the s n
lat s gang curtain actfourthe old garden belonging to

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