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48 five sixes 30 ninefours36 eight eights 64 slower
jim seven threes 21 echtfours32 nine eights at was
dinner with coffee and petitsfoursfor approximately 200 she will
no iced tea or petitfourswhere soldiers die in monsoon
door steve jumps on allfoursscurries to the door unlocks
rev ian macphail s plusfourscam fae a noble pedigree
crashing back down on allfoursthe constable walked forward cautiously
costume suddenly appears on allfoursfrom behind the bracken and
stooks sheaves set up infoursin windy weather stot young
goats were set up infoursjust like on jamie s
the same f1054: not plusfoursm1017: breeks breeks f1054: what
he takes off on allfourshe goes through the hall

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