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was maybe about fourteen thirteenfourteenat this time went for
nine ten eleven twelve thirteenfourteenfifteen sixteen seventeen and eighteen
nine ten eleven twelve thirteenfourteenfifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen
nine ten eleven twelve thirteenfourteenfifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen you
nine ten eleven twelve thirteenfourteenfifteen sixteen seventeen oh i
would be you d befourteeni d be thirteen f637:
be f637: roon aboot f638: fourteeni d be thirteen [inaudible]
thirteen f1125: what then f1126: fourteenit s fourteen cakes f1125:
we d would be abootfourteenthirteen f637: aye thirteen maybe
know i was maybe aboutfourteenthirteen fourteen at this time
away f978: ehm about ehfourteenthirteen fourteen two of us
ehm about eh fourteen thirteenfourteentwo of us from the
then f1126: fourteen it sfourteencakes f1125: fourteen no f1126:
school m194: eh fourteen m608: fourteenm194: in them days it
you left school m194: ehfourteenm608: fourteen m194: in them
it s fourteen cakes f1125: fourteenno f1126: i think fourteen
fourteen no f1126: i thinkfourteen[shaking jar of sprinkles] putting that in the
eight nine ten eleven twelvefourteenone hundred f1109: one hundred
eight nine ten eleven twelvefourteensixteen i m nae tellin
an sister krista me jistfourteenan della fifteen what did
and we give those tofourteenfifteen year olds as they
left school when they werefourteenor fifteen and went to
need to look back aboutfourteenor fifteen years my certes
went tae japan aboot twelvefourteenyear ago aye aye f643:
till ye we- were ehfourteenm608: mmhm f637: but at
the oven to cook forfourteenminutes f1126: and f1125: see
put the timer on forfourteenminutes f1126: timing on f1125:
awful sunday school dance himfourteenand brylcreemed to hell french
sunday school when i wasfourteenf641: mm f640: so i
grandchildren every sunday without failfourteengranchildren in a tiny room
one thing we [inaudible] m1042: fourteengrandchildren every sunday without fail
by the time i wasfourteeni was eh teaching sunday
to the maths five tofourteenbut it s the key
there s the five taefourteencurriculum m865: mmhm mmhm f951:
we have the five tofourteencurriculum we cover all the
which replaces the five tofourteenframework and which tracks attainment
the revision of five tofourteenin modern languages to start
to five guidelines five tofourteenstandard grade interme- access three
one o a family ofourteenan she said we lived
of incest when she wasfourteenwhen they all lived at
in scots from the latefourteenhundre- from the late 1300s
was maybe er up tofourteenchildren so it was very
leave school when she wasfourteenand eh she was she
in them days it wasfourteenwhen i left school m608:
a wean gordon i wasfourteenwhen we left the night
of she was something likefourteenf943: mmhm m944: and the
s all it s likefourteenislands or something it s
something must have been aboutfourteen[laugh] f814: mine was m
of thing well about fo-fourteenpages in or something m741:
was called up m635: [inaudible]fourteensomething like that m636: a-
in the public domain forfourteendays but as this was
actually [laugh] f978: it sfourteenhours in the ferry from
mechanically now m608: aye m642: fourteenton actually so we loaded
it wis fin he wisfourteenyear auld an he wis
i started work as afourteenyear old an apprentice m1012:
to go out with afourteenyear old girl f943: no
in the first war whenfourteendied two died in the
parents when i was aboutfourteenf1149: mmhm f1148: and i
it when you were likefourteen[laugh] f1049: uh huh at
my other sister would befourteenehm oh my mother i
they had oh f- aboutfourteens- more just like shelters
answer two questions out offourteenso it s a case
[inaudible] taken us tae loadfourteenton f643: aye it s
of her since i wasfourteenor thereabouts the way you
no i was workin atfourteenso it was before that
and i was wasn tfourteentill the twentieth of august
lasted until lawrence s deathfourteenyears later is one which
aal an francis wis butfourteencourtly dance for wedding seen
won first prize it wisfourteenpound there is aye a
doin it erm the firstfourteenhours are fine but see
feet and a diameter offourteenbut the forests were decimated
it even afore ye werefourteenye were jist no richt
lots o fishes that sfourteenfishes a one and a
at the disco too allfourteenstone of him perhaps she
of stonehaven which is onlyfourteenmiles away couldn t understand
that in a line offourteensyllables the section or caesura
made the higher grade atfourteeni ll be a leaver
up by boat it sfourteenhoor an if you f606:
hunner wecht o tatties anfourteendizzen loaves an oor photo
home in ireland while anotherfourteenhad fortunately decided to watch
importation of specified offensive weaponsfourteensuch weapons have been banned

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