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hunder twae hunder threi hunderfowerhunder a thoosand that s
eftir ah coont thrie orfowerhunder ah gie up an
for there s aathegither thriefowerhunder faimlies intil t ilkane
their care weeds the thriefowerhunder faimlies o shi s
the mains a guid thriefowerhunder fowk trailin their brodstaffs
his side an a thriefowerhunder o the local fencibles
ahint an afore the thriefowerhunder shis heard the clappie
stauf for dingin doun thefowerhunder wardenries an his forename
the english language ower thaefowerhunder year baith in the
chynged a lot ower thaefowerhunder year but naebody wad
thon aw chynged juist owerfowerhunder year syne an the
he steidit the kinrik forfowerhunder year yon s hou
they dellit doun a thriefowerfuit or they cam on
then yestreen there wis thriefowergovermenters speirin an speirin about
no tammas s sister thriefowerither louns croudit intil the
thrie deboshna nor hure nanefowerlouna strank drink nane five
thrie deboshna nor hure nanefowerlouna strank drink nane five
d ti lay by thriefowermonth or he cud staun
the cloister door for thriefowermonth thegither but the wather
brodstaff pree his skeill thriefowermonths wisna lang o weirin
wardenrie here an thrie orfowero them s cried wang
he lissent an brocht thriefowerwaitin men straucht owre ti
law to fork oot forfowerfares a the wye fae
fair on tae dunracht somefowermile aff or fork tae
tae say he hid afowertaed fork an wis a
deein this job noo yonfowertaed fork hid made the
he see bit a smafowertaed fork it affa weel
muckle mair nor three orfowerhunner fit abuin the sea
scotia ay in britain taefowerhunner year syne an he
auld maistir first yin mindfowerhunner years since he wis
tess hoo mony years robbyfowerhunner yi ken aw that
numerals er yin twae threefowerfive six seeven echt nine
country m1017: yin twae threefowerfive six seeven eicht nine
hawick m1012: yin twae threifowerfive six seeven eight nine
ye talk aboot yin twaefowerye wouldnae say it four
the clock chimes ten byfowerfur thon s the time
weet an weary hauf pastfoweris gane five o clock
the nou ah read orfowero clock an syne gaed
wey timekeepin ye telt usfowero clock the bus would
at s a relief abootfowero clock the note is
ti the rector s atfowero clock this eftirnuin a
o clock an oot atfowerthe very same day naething
gat up an steppit awafoweran five houses he gaed
ti say a thing forfowerfive month mair profunditas gaed
an hingin abune them wisfowerfive muckle dads o butcher
our numbering een twa threefowerfive sax seeven ach- aicht
five byllies linkit up wifowero the castle keepers tae
all in could be sayfoweror five hoors m824: aye
syne wi nae mair asfoweror five men ti keep
the river had at leastfoweror five nettin gangs apiece
playin at keepie uppie wifoweror five o the wee
away i wid go mebbefoweror five times a year
gate ah think there sfoweror mebbe five i whuspert
hidna slept atween sheets forfowerdays till the horse wis
the lord clerk atween thefowerseas we re brithers aa
get rarelie insnorled atween thefowerseas we re brithers aa
humph their taiglit fleece atweenfowershanks a tattie bogle weirs
at yin o the parfowerholes geordie skelpit the ba
the aicht fuit bankin intaefowerfeet o foamin white watter
gey near invisible in onlyfowerfeet o watter diseased saumon
the watter nae mair norfoweryairds anent me bluidy hell
bankin sundance had sprauchlt abootfoweryairds throu the watter whan
ma chairiot an stawed mafowerhorse nou evin the michtie
nouns er with numerals likefowerhorse ten year which again
ae horse the charabanc hadfowerin a spring cairt a
tae the horse wi thefowerwhite feet the chestnut tail
wid lik aboot tree orfowertimes a year oh i
gaited in yon charnel hoosefowertimes a year skreichmakkers teuk
championship golden spurtle trophy afowertimes afore he wis made
half hoor i was gettingfowertimes as lang as onybody
ti cam afore his marischalfowertimes he lowtit doun cryin
notheen o da staney hoosefowertimes he sookit in his
cuid hae nettit that puilfowertimes while ye aa lay
see the neisten chapter chapterfowerhou profunditas lu maks muckle
back o t there wisfowermuckle words scartit fairlie owre
the wee wifie that thefowerauld dears fae the ither
up aheid aw the itherfowerheids turned oot tae sea
haein nae ticket an whanfowerither coorse luikin buggers frae
nor a sheil thare wisfowerither laddies forbye geordie diggin
france for safety alang wifowerither noble quines aa cried
tarlan loon three o thefowerbairns war christened at tarland
floats wi lotus petals onfowerbowls three hindu priests wauk
three o them pause orfowereven triumphantly he lays down
still fechtin on three orfowerfronts aa at the same
promised by three o thefowermain political pairties in the
was complacently i d threefowermen roon me at the
puil an efter three orfowernets had fanklt an stuck
wad a deen three orfowernormal pieces i happent tae
couthie but gethert three orfoweror mair s an invite
upstream wi juist three orfowerscrunty slae busses an a
then twa or three orfowerthegither an eerie sicht wi
a o ye divide itfowerwyes instead o three teenie
lived aboot another three orfoweryear still wi the f643:
that was aboot three orfoweryears work tae me f643:
the hoose at hauf pastfoweri the mornin an i
mornin at eleven that thefowero them set oot aboot
mornin sun nae mair norfoweroors mebbe sin the fish
ilk mornin nicht an noonfowertraivels pedalled ilka day nae
1924 efter 1939 anerlie thefowergospels hae been prentit and
no a compliment an efterfowermonths we ve still got
efter thair first sale wifowerpence jinglin in geordie s
the style o yingzong efterfoweryear the croun gaed ti
he thocht een o yonfowerbe fowers wid tak a
like tae gang tae yonfowerit wis a gweed order
ony cairry on wi thefowerauld dears at s jist
decided tae gang tae thefowerauld dears last jist in
sels pechin ahint them likefowerauld spaniels then we saw
our auld testament is infowerpairts the law the former
they trystit yonner at thefowerquarters kent in the auld
the east neuk skiffin thefowerwinds the pool the auld
hoose brian sangster wis twintyfoweryear auld an veesitin his
until he was near eneuchfoweryear auld his faither had
granny bruce she wis seeventyfoweryear auld wi a kind
i hissd ablow my braithfowerfaint bleck sheddaes nae mair
an set up in pairsfowerir mair pairs against een
macnab aince mair gies thefowermain modren characters space tae
on the wye hame thefowerstopped for mair tay and
loose mair n twice infowerweeks it s weel seen
hinna seen a tangerine forfoweryear or mair the rest
year wis twa thoosan andfoweran it wis the first
sae haes it been forfowerdreich year a thousan an
year or mebbe it sfowertoozenbach naebodie unnerstauns muisic in
day eftir day aw thaefoweryear ah ve been dargin
urban schuils ower her lastfoweryear in post in her
skweels noo the kist wisfoweryear in the makkin an
for the first time infoweryear you can gie your
tae the ithers juist aforefowermen gat oot the caur
men canna stell it thefowerseasons serr thaim tho men
killed twal an twal killedfoweran twantie an twa wan
broddit twa edged bill wifowerbores an echt virls ti
line granda bruce hid faitheredfowerloons an twa quines in
twa faces aa broukit wifowerstreams o tears you twa
whid frae ephesians twa andfowerteen he is oor saught
by a fir wid afowersidit block o trees an
richt e shanks wid staanfowersquaar nae need for oxter
believe it wis jist afowereer afore that i hid
it wis tae be thefowero em hid a richt
hid ony amount o friensfowero them wad sune come
an he could pull thefowerwheeler fur the bruces hid
wi ma nivs syne pouedfowero hir back teeth she
v fuss fouzilt a confusedfowera four fowk n people
it four ye just sayfoweran she wonders what are
were they were four befowerbe fower ye pit them
v decay fouter v fussfowern four fowk n folk
were four be fower befowerye pit them on the
hurl in a cairriage wifowerbraw horses but whan thay
stob law whan thai seinfowerhyne ryders skelpin towart thaim
murray whan he yaises afowerletter ward bi luikin up
dine wi them whan thefowero them wir aa sittin
like a jeely whan thefowersheddaes jyned up on the
got here at quarter taefoweran noo it s near
kirk an near drookit thefowero them as they hashed
hyne awa the warlock keepitfowerbirds as his familiars ye
ireland awa back in fiftyfowercost a fiver for train
awa the same gait whilefowerkeepers the cause o the
cuid even tho they werefowermiles awa doun the glen
tae jyne his cronies thefowero them didnae rin awa
awa back in nineteen echtyfowerpitsliga winnin seven titles on
as a giftie it isfowerdays noo i hae prayed
the maitter the day chaptirfowernoo boaz had gaen up
bam he fired agane noofowerwee puffs o white reek
fowk war riggin fur thefowermile haik tae the kirk
at the age o twintyfowera short life albuist wi
wi scripture frae first johnfowerand twinty gif a man
ill tae win up tillfowergorblins warm wi flat yalla
tak sirs get ye infowerhorns ti stert wi says
in the hedge wi thefowero us in hot pursuit
bit squaarish in shape wifowerpaiddles wi holes in em
haafowk wi a tray wifowersairins o greens an ane
itsel wi the wecht ofowersugars tarry bree he raxxes
an unironic scottish novel wifowertory heroes cud e en
wis fair delightit wi thaefowerwords an ti the abbeymaister
smashin wi her laud trailinfoweryairds ahint her cryin darlin
security m903: well i hadfowermonths at macphee s ower
loodspikkers ere wis a blackfowersidit screen ower e tap
open fire gie it laldiefowerwuiden rifles pyntin ower the
droont greyin rotten tae thefowerairts the table wis coveret
wis a braw guid catchfowerboxes tae the cran an
wis fer pleased as thefowero them got their photos
a bargain i ll takefowerpair he wis affa greedy
leams intil ilkane o thefowerairts an the echt directions
but a gang o kettrensfoweran twantie o thaim the
o leddrach na he keepitfowerbirds a corbie a jackdaw
o gorblins fur a halefowerdays an nichts they birled
a pair o bricht yallafowergaured buits o earn s
ti play on in pleisurefowerguidwyfe o the xiang dochter
brawest prince in aw thefowerneuks o the wyde warld
weel as sax fit bifowero deeside nae as much
the table in pitsliga thefowero em starts tae laugh
eyn o the service thefowero them wauked ooto the
ti him it belangs thefowero us shuirlie he maun
cd peek oot o efowerpeened gale windae tae see
a wartime controlled price ofowerpund a cran no bad
o breets poems 2002 thefowerquarters short stories 2000 the
day we hiv aboot seasonsfowersaturday 22nd temp 2 10
the letter said somethin abootfowerwe ve had them back
duly skail t tae thefowerwunds the weel heel t
the antrin blether pairty furfowerher man new tae the
it tae say that thefowermacnabs tine thair boredom altho
cultural strategy the strategy hasfowerobjectives ane is tae celebrate
tae guide them on thefoweroor traik till the tap
there were eight [inaudible] seefowertae this eh ken f1011:
leaves are hatchin tae thefowerwins their wirds despatchin in
twal crae pies ti thefoweran twantie kettrens an at
warse wes ti befaw cheptirfowerthe thesaurar andra sczkozja clam
fish swam in an juistfowerswam oot the trap we
an its anely sax fitfoweraff the grun i realise
his y fronts pittin onfowercardigans to sit doon an
yird the bog an fenfowercheenges ken rowed in the
was ablow some stane anfowerdreid words in saint pate
an a marble mantelpiece anfowerflooery tiles at ilky side
john macnab is that thefowerheroes is tories an there
i tread at hauf pastfowerit s dreich an dreary
an briks for e dfowerlassies an a laddie a
mo pamela jinx an spatsfowermoos puffin on the ae
haed ever seen it haedfowermukkil touers an gairdens fou
fin his plate s beenfoweroors in the oven an
an faur ayont it thefowerseas he traivels see an
scoored an scrattit bi thefowersizzens quarrymen blawn stoor gien
there he was a guidfowerpun sookin the flees frae
ye se nou hae yeirfoweroories we hae gien nick
david warming to the gamefoweryalla chukkens ken this remarked
splashin inside the gless werefowerdumfounert wee minnons ah niver
ma frein is the oceansfowerthe heivins haes ruift me
beltit mother s pride mafowerweans is at the skweel
ai whit haes befawn usfowerplates at ilka dounsittin whyles
been hard at it forfoweroors on a north sea
share their life thegither thefowersainins the lord s prayer
success in the nineteen seeventiefowerelections f785: so who publishes
hiz ei agane tho thefowergasts follaed him but peirie
on the ae weet fagfowerlums rikkin like ganges ghatts
john macnab is colleckit amangfowernovels unner the title the
saipret domestic pairliaments i thefowersaipret kintras scots wud hev
hunkert on a tree thefowerseasons lamp on athout devaul
ebbs and flows ilkie twentyfoweroors sae that there be

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