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hantil graund opeinions frae moniefowka soud enjey thir nou
burds war gaen no moniefowkaboot from the chinese of
whan ah seen sae moniefowkah coudna help it naither
girnel they r no moniefowkas weill aff moula ah
ye sei the wes moniefowkat didna hae a bauld
thair geir wi sae moniefowkbreingin about naethin ivver restit
in monie cases this strangfowkfeelin wi the leids gart
in monie cases this strangfowkfeelin wi the leids gart
an nou monie thousants ofowkfrae ivverie airt traivel ti
but a m thinkan itherfowkhaes aye shawed whitwey monie
haen ma day an moniefowkhaes haen waur lives nor
ilka day language o thefowkin monie cases this strang
ilka day language o thefowkin monie cases this strang
wantit a bield for moniefowkjalouse life is a lang
fyred but the warna moniefowkon the glaur at the
monie fauss quarrels wi honestfowkti slay thaim for thair
belangs me lat alane itherfowka wadna begek the deivil
sterted tae withdraw frae itherfowkacton croke daes weel tae
god s choicen fowk itherfowkalsweel for we ken that
lot o vulgar an nestiefowkamang the ither civvies the
fowk in the warld fisherfowkan the ither kind thon
men an the ither warkinfowkat s about the cloisters
mukkil bigger nor ither heichfowkaw the ettins he haed
got there it keepit itherfowkawa fae yer trocks eence
screen or computer ither unmerriedfowkbedd wi their parents anither
richt tae gaap at itherfowkbit i will admit it
guid scots speakers tae itherfowkbut dinna think thirsels they
clivverer nor a hantil itherfowkbut whyles ah think ti
abune aa ither thing warldliefowkcries him fundator viapervador a
ar aw obrans at itherfowkdinna vaillie he hed thon
comin up the aisle alongsidefowkfae foreign pairts in ither
a wheen o the itherfowkfollowin ahint them they quat
in the name o releegionfowkfrae ither planets thocht them
cried by ordinar forbye itherfowkhae argued that ony mismatch
is gran fur fish bitfowkhae ither needs thor silkie
stounds he wis giein itherfowkhe d juist gae straucht
gittin uised tae lattin itherfowkhear ye speakin scots an
an inklin o fit itherfowkhiv been tellin s charles
gibble gabble o the itherfowkin the bar as angus
mean ither ither m1002: thefowkin the cottages they aye
pairt amang god s choicenfowkither fowk alsweel for we
gey brave aboot jaggin itherfowkmebbe you wad lyke ti
thair adews ti the itherfowko the widds tammas cam
feet six snippets fae itherfowkone of the pleasures of
hed ti lissen ti itherfowkreadin out loud whit he
wis that mistellt wi itherfowks claik at he brocht
in petitions an read itherfowks comments for mair speirins
bein nae respector o itherfowks dallies or onythin else
ye re intill e itherfowks ian at s faar
scutter on fine wi itherfowks languages it s jist
likit tae rake aboot itherfowks places it s jist
that helps hissell til itherfowks siller but he dochtna
the wardens an siclike itherfowkspeirit the marischal wad he
an i d like itherfowktae dee e same onywye
tried tae cater for itherfowktee ah weel eence aathing
like a hullock o itherfowkthat widna admit till t
that is lived for itherfowkthe hert gien gledly the
say an read whit itherfowkthinks whiles msps yaise the
meanin nor a hantil itherfowktoozenbach ye aften roose me
warld men share wi itherfowktwa gif its true o
aye the ither news ofowkwi north east connections includin
white a warld whaur aafowkare ane in jesus christ
tae gie a warld whaurfowkare gleg tae tak in
a monk s haill lifefowkat s quit the warld
warld mairattowre our ain kintrafowkdee o puirtith and skaith
a sair disjaskit warld wifowkdiscomfist by aa the ills
a sair disjaskit warld wifowkdiscomfist by aa the ills
and upon aa god sfowkin aa the warld saebeit
r juist the twa kinnafowkin the warld an he
tae ken there wis mairfowkin the warld bar hissel
wis juist the twa kinnafowkin the warld fisher fowk
wul ring ower aw thefowkin the warld his sceptre
is bi aw the wycefowkin the warld sae mynd
scant in a warld farfowkwas gey slaw tae dee
the haill warld an synefowkwul mynd o us kyndlyke
a maist interestin collection ofowkey cam fae aa ower
owerance wis laid on aafowkfrae areas o the maist
ain bairns pepper ay maistfowkis no sae bad whan
an in common wi maistfowkit wis the only time
s a fair ingaitherin maistfowknou wun roun ti axin
or no this gart maistfowktae judge a stranger s
is maist onlykelie at thefowkthare wul suspek ye gin
maist hamelt scots speakers somefowkthat s juist been gien
fae e memory o maistfowkthe mart was a well
o a phd except maistfowkwad lee includin me sae
ti dae that faither maistfowkwad say ye canna soum
park wis teem maist clachanfowkwar inbye their hames watchin
wi maist o thair weeminfowkworkin in the mills they
or in the end maistfowkwul be lyke you sae
wither sae damp an cauldfowkgang aboot gey near twa
s dry bit affa cauldfowkgang aboot gey near twa
day aye affa bitterly cauldfowkgang aboot gey near twa
a bittie mair than cauldfowkgang aboot gey near twa
affa bare an cauld seefowkgang aboot gey near twa
s affa bare an cauldfowkgang aboot gey near twa
is gey swear later onfowkin their simmer gear monday
are gey historic wi funnyfowklike lear an yorick but
says gey little to thefowko our ain days an
an we canna loss mensklandfowks gey few tho says
the buyin an sellin ofowks intimmers fur wi gey
this motif gey common infowktales is at the centre
his faither s corp hisfowkwar gey comeat that the
awa days na the auldfowkwaur gey releegious twis hymns
this job as a fillerfowkwere gey hardy then they
by the feck o thefowkwi gey pickle status it
by the feck o thefowkwi gey pickle status it
they re gey weill gaithertfowkwi siller an vivers galore
oot sae bricht an cauldfowkwrapped up gey near twa
awa hame tae her ainfowkand her gods gang ye
mauna gang owre the scorefowkaye says drink ll mak
wi ye tae yer ainfowkbut naomi said gang hame
according to the physiotherapists bitfowkdinna aye gang be the
fowk gang tae supermairkets somefowkdinnae shop at aa some
he wes sauf the weefowkdochtna gang anither step an
sunday 5th temp 6 12fowkgang aboot in simmer attire
s hard tae believe dryfowkgang aboot in their sark
lang ootside i div bidefowkgang aboot in their sark
turns oot dry bit cauldfowkgang aboot near twa fauld
is dry bit affa cauldfowkgang aboot near twa fauld
ere s squaads o youngfowkgang aboot on t an
dull an affa cauld rainfowkgang aboot twa fauld monday
in o the air seefowkgang aboot withoot a care
shop or staa chorus somefowkgang tae supermairkets some fowk
frae thir or the fairiefowkis oot yeir houss gang
oot an in an forfowktae gang in tae gaither
foo tae gang intil yonfowkthe yird hid anely bin
kis o this the kintriefowkwad gang a guid hauf
wis richt kent o finfowkwid gang aboot gaitherin even
a cauld that cancels cheerfowkbide at hame raither than
say cauld eneuch for snafowkdiv pit on some winter
deeper in the briest ofowkfa thole the cauld the
lest he should shakk anfowkmistakk pure cauld fur signs
o cauld wattir whitever wadfowkthink but the puir seik
o cauld wattir whitever wadfowkthuink mebbe morag wul can
the lift an fan oorfowkwi nitherin northern cauld noroway
thair ain scots language giesfowka first cless inlat tae
the gate o time anfowkalang wi thair consaits gits
did ye no ken thatfowkcan dern thair luiv a
hissell gin ghaists ir puirfowkcondampt ti drie thair weirds
of wu ti 464 549fowkderns thair luiv wha says
460 northwords 9 1996 18fowkderns thair luiv wu ti
telt hir but the weefowkdidna stap thair cryin no
feelins til thaim an auldfowkeithlie gies thair herts the
rejycin but inby the pailacefowkgaed waesum til thair beds
maunna middil the ryal personfowkhaes lost thair heids for
an couthie tung thir kintriefowkhaud til thair auld weys
dae ein this apairt fraefowkkythin i thair scuddies or
winna be that lang aforefowks sauf in thair ain
i the sauchtrie burn thefowkskartit thair pows ower this
mynd ye a ve kentfowkthat daunert in thair sleep
finnd oot what cums tifowkthat kills thair faithers an
the sangs o langsyne anfowkti blether wi thair neibours
that s whit happens tifowkwi greigorie s ill thair
tuim an aye the weefowkwrocht at thair cairdin an
awbodie wul be lyke youfowkwul leeve thair lyfes in
wul be cawed gret butfowkir wee an shargert aw
r awa mebbe sax mairfowklyke yeirsells wul pit in
the end ye ken whitfowksay it wul be aw
mercie on us whitever wulfowksay whitever wul thay think
hou dae ye think thefowkthat bydes thare wul gether
mercie on us whitever wulfowkthink whitever wul they say
a thousan year s tymefowkwul aye be girnin an
is on haud the weefowkwul be in a hurrie
that nane o the weefowkwul face up ti the
eftir we r aw deidfowkwul flie aboot in balloons
she lookit lyke ah daursayfowkwul forget aw aboot us
up wi this nae mairfowkwul say it s ma
olga s breast yae dayfowkwul unnerstaun hou sic things
this wisnae bairns it wisfowka bittie aulder fowk that
his ain fowk an fremmitfowkalike r glorie tae you
he threapit tull his ainfowkan fremmit fowk alike r
thy fowk shall be myfowkan my god yours at
fowk i wis hopin thefowkat north gellan hidna taen
i m still gettin fowkfowkcomin tae me an sayin
gonna get the fowk thefowkeh wi the capability at
this i m still gettinfowkfowk comin tae me an
s cousin s man sheetfowki wis hopin the fowk
fowk we will capture slavefowkin ilkie knowe an howe
mair stallholders my kyn ofowkkintra fowk sellin eggs tatties
my kyn o fowk kintrafowksellin eggs tatties flooers cheese
bide i shall bide thyfowkshall be my fowk an
they hung fowk they wheepedfowksyne prayed fur their sowels
wis fowk a bittie aulderfowkthat hid nae respect for
are ye gonna get thefowkthe fowk eh wi the
tae the skweel they hungfowkthey wheeped fowk syne prayed
we will flegg an dirkfowkwe will capture slave fowk
maybe they re jist likefowkaa kins here e day
it s aa anent landwartfowkaboot craps hairst puirtith and
neist he cried ti hisfowkan sent them roun aa
wife afore god an aafowkan wull you be hers
husband afore god an aafowkan wull you be his
fu o virr aa thefowkaroon him tho war peelie
tae me that aa thefowkaroon war scots tae jist
burn aa keep the fairyfowkawa minnie kent that fires
see ayont tuimberry hill thranginfowkay o aa the nine
for ilkane and for aafowkaye be blythe nae ho
blaik heidit like aa oorfowkbit noo he sat stent
horses clatterin up an dounfowkbuyin an sellin an aa
and the nave ilka sabbathfowkcam tae the preachin aa
aafa much bit ere wisfowkcomin an gaan aa e
an aa o the yangfowkdisna ken see the things
say tae the sri lankanfowkefter aa they war professionals
monkey oh noo aa thefowkfae peterheid cam doon they
aa hopes war dashed finfowkfell throwe the air likes
a dram ti aa thefowkforgaithert there he says a
for he sall sain hisfowkfrae their ill daeins aa
aa an flesher zheng sfowkhe clappit in aside them
blythe aye yersels and aafowkin ilka airt tae ye
ramsay cried aa the bigfowkintae the ferm kitchie fur
an aa gin onie smaafowklike us sells drink ti
shore i likit aa thefowkmiss rubislaw didna fan we
dinnae shop at aa somefowknoo e mail their eerins
he hid terrifeed aa thefowko the kintraside sib tae
in yer seed sall aafowko the yirth be sainit
aa his freens frae businessfowkor heicher diplomats lawyers doctors
beat gars aa blaik skinntfowktap their feet wid ye
guinness aawye an aa mafowkteetotal i wis ower young
o god an aa thefowkthat s here my true
o god an aa thefowkthat s here my true
aa the writers o thefowkthegither he speirt at them
ti be assoilyeit an aafowkto be exonert o ilka
e foxes hiv condeetioned efowkwi aa es rowin up
gaed owre aa syria andfowkwi aa sort o malice
it s aa ti glaikfowkwi yir warlockrie weill a
skinklin steel the smaa fuitfowkwis rowtin awa aa the
gran affair aa the boddamfowkwis there it mynt ye
dumb an aa kins ofowkwull prig ye tae help
the aylers and aa thefowkye are deponents the day
the war a thrang ofowkaw lauchin an as wauken
day lang an the warfowkbydin on the island mukkil
me they war far oorfowkcam frae time ooto mynd
the dark gods war ferliesfowkcud see sun and meen
the war a fek ofowkdaunsin an divertin thairsells in
war scores o the weefowkfairies an wurfs an fanes
war dairy fairmers nae muttonfowkfit killt it speired minnie
music haa war thrang wifowkin festive mood in festive
aff like a parrot fishinfowkin the auld days war
gift the lave o thefowkin the hame war sittin
the wyes o the localfowkmaistly the natives war buddhist
war a mukkil jessie sumfowkmicht say ye war manly
war kidnapped maistly tho somefowkselt their ain littlins tae
war aye makkin muisic thirfowkthat bade in the sea
heard war aboot the weefowkthat flittit frae migvree tae
peacefu sic a rowth ofowkthe twa bereaved faimlies war
wes fair thrang wi eydentfowkthe war tylars rinnin awroads
the war nae dout thatfowkwad juist lauch at a
the war a splore anfowkwantit ti daunse an be
she kent that the weefowkwar back an she wesna
lang for suin the weefowkwar cryin sairlie til hir
vyces thay haed the weefowkwar dauncin til the muisic
ferapont they say twa thousanfowkwar frozen ti daith awbodie
tree wes that bonnie thatfowkwar never duin speikin aboot
the sabbath an minnie sfowkwar riggin fur the fower
wes naewhaur ti be seenfowkwar rinnin aboot aw airts
ootby the dure th weefowkwar roused an gittin mair
i kent her bit herfowkwar the mckays ay rin
bittie sayin that the hoosinfowkwar watchin that he d
as snaw asyde me thefowkat hame wad see him
even the best cless ofowkgin ye wad juist watch
be guid for stickin intifowkit wad be the verra
wisna his birthday ower monyfowklikit him joe wad say
yirsel he at wad hirslefowkmauna rin them owre mind
t wad be tae mindfowko the inpit that scots
ah m shuir whit wadfowkthink gin ah coudna dae
bike the kinna thing somefowkwad cry a klaxon an
an the warth o nochtfowkwad gie muckle siller tae
the civvies an the airmiefowkwad hae been uninterestin the
whit it is pompitie sumfowkwad juist hae keepit it
awthegither but ah im feirtfowkwad lauch at me for
tae squar the buiks iffowkwad lowse their spayver far
ken wi yeir guid looksfowkwad think ye a richt
prood an never heed thefowkwad vex or fash ye
wad be if ower manyfowkwere killed in accidents and
and go away puir hamelessfowkwhaever wad trauchil roond the
hallan was taen awa guidfowkah jalouse ye didna come
the glaur twa thochts guidfowkanent faither damian ane gin
the glaur twa thochts guidfowkanent faither damian ane gin
the r a guid wheinfowkat tak sic friedomes ower
whan hairsts wir guid anfowkblythe at their darg whan
lear that oor ain scotsfowkcam frae scythia aiblins guid
ae maik guid cheap fegsfowkdidna think muckle o them
naething better nor ti daefowkguid turns pompitie daes it
guid scots tongue o thefowkhugh macdiarmid the faither o
has nae life ava guidfowki jalouse ye dinna come
we r speakin here abootfowkthat soond guid scots speakers
nou god bliss ye guidfowkthe musicians bow and go
atween us ay wha guidfowkthe potestatur o christifay liggsna
brocht thegither aince mair guidfowkthe virr the pooer o
ye they ir guid naituredfowkthey aw ir an they
a guid thrie fower hunderfowktrailin their brodstaffs or pouin
of stirling june 1973 guidfowkwe are conveent here neist
stirling 6 june 1976 guidfowkye hae mind o the
mynd thon kirk whaur yeirfowkar beiriet a m gaun
it s an airt whaurfowkare needit an we se
is heich hill glens whaurfowkbydes whas herts is saikless
ben a laun whaur thefowkhae cum ti be dour
creepie stuils whaur the weefowkhaed sutten thairsells doun an
purves cries it eh whaurfowkhave had it kinna no
throu the out waw thefowkhedna jaloused whaur the faut
itsell whaur bydes the siefowkin the kinrik o the
it s an airt whaurfowks needit an we ll
ken whaur he belanged sumfowksaid he wes malcolm brither
an apen heiven fir thefowkthrou touns whaur wark s
soshaliss byke whaur hauf thefowkwes wirkers waantin wark an
wisna the ae place whaurfowkwisna smittlt wi this ill
didna ken ere d beenfowkaboot e place lang seen
didna think o the siefowkas fairies at aw richt
byde foraye wi the weefowkbut callum didna think o
this luvers day ach weelfowkdidna boo nur sweir twa
names on the steens furfowkdidna flit verra far langsyne
d peenge that sae monyfowkdidna like him they didna
at least to places faarfowkdidna like tae waste onything
s ail an o thefowko the widds he didna
kintra and cam tae afowkye didna ken afore the
wis aye een or twafowkat jist coodnae dee withoot
o twa separate boorachies ofowkbi bitter experience she kent
was sepharit intae twa kirksfowkbiggit a middle waa or
fae noo twa or threefowkheard fit jonsar eck hid
twa or thrie hunder yearfowkmicht see oor present lyfe
fin threttie towmond sinsyne thefowko the twa kirks conveent
ti see them for likefowksays whan twa ill willers
trance rebiggit the twa kirkfowksesit as ane and saught
afore there d bin twafowkthere in the room an
skirp ritual watter ower thefowktwa fat dreeps trickle cruiked
him an the twa weimenfowkup ti savetie it tuik
back i can tell thefowkyonner we need a twa
wee bit o information tellinfowka a aboot doocots ths
wis an aafa lot mairfowkaboot e place n masel
think at ere s beenfowkaboot for thoosans o ears
for young companie for youngfowkaboot me pompitie div ye
as much as i couldfowkare aye gabbin on aboot
socht efter aboot noo saefowkcan send thaim bi surface
maks ye think foo monyfowkere d been aboot a
wis born thon day abootfowkfa ll ne er agree
believe t v programme faarfowkfaa aboot actin efter the
tee though maybe it wasfowkgettin fleggit an flappin aboot
aboot bi whit sum puirfowkhaes ti pit up wi
jonsar a a aboot herfowkher mither an father an
e bucket ey spik abootfowkin e country being slow
the main passage wi plentyfowkmovin aboot jonsar wis noo
wifie tae the borrach ofowkna na fit aboot them
lot geed on at youngerfowknoo ken naething aboot things
me frae stravaigin aboot clourinfowkowre the heid wi ma
mmhm mmhm mmhm m999: anfowksay that aboot days it
let us rin minnie sfowktuik the bairns in aboot
bit affa fine tae seefowkwak aboot sae happy an
entertainment came from wanderin abootfowkwhen mabel was young there
aboot it as wir ainfowkwid a been ere wis
was a great melodeon playerfowkwid came in aboot bit
flee ers bit e weeminfowkwid rin aboot flappin eir
loch likely in time finfowkwis harly even thocht aboot
pittin it on which somefowkworry aboot ye know ye
quean we re eastren capitalfowkat cam here ti weilands
weill thocht o bi thefowkat cam ti pouer i
baur bot gryte nummers ofowkcam ower i howp the
an some tae stare somefowkcam tae buy or peddle
at aikey fair chorus somefowkcam tae coort an cuddle
tongland in the stewartry somefowkjalouse he cam frae italie
tongland in the stewartry somefowkjalouse he cam frae italie
cam ilkane o the fairminfowko shi s toun rowtin
there cam the soun ofowkroarin an greitin an bubblin
cam on a thrang ofowkstaunin roun in a ring
thrang wi fittin oot thefowkthat cam in wi gas
she d gotten frae herfowkat migvree fin she d
the language that thae youngfowkbrings wi thaim frae the
an ithers amang the traivellerfowkcreepin frae the shoreline up
meg taen him thare thefowkfrae the clachan ahint thaim
an warnins frae their ainfowkfrae their teachers frae aabody
tae keep please gie thefowkfrae your schuil that pit
hairy duggie rins aff fraefowkma big shuggie s a
frae the fleer yon irishfowkmaun hae richt fool feet
v fuss fower n fourfowkn folk frae prep from
a confused fower a fourfowkn people frae prep from
gat frae the gleg tonguedfowko the toun but aye
wes a pistil frae thefowko thewidds ti tel m
sall be wantit frae thefowko this generation frae the
wis vauntie frae the meenitfowkquo tak tent o her
frae the gairden yett anfowksaid it wes the hame
roads an parks aroon asfowksteered in frae leddrach dunracht
skreichmakkers focht wi the oceanfowkthe septiles they learnt frae
franklin taks his auctoritee fraefowktradition an pits his ain
an drink for a hantilfowkye never see frae ae
aff wirk wis stoppin bitfowkay hid eir tools in
hid wyted years the lawyerfowkhae bin in tae draa
the yird tho the yirdfowkhid brunt an ondang an
up a bittie for efowkhid covert e openin wi
auncient cathedral a steer ofowkhid gaithered a stramash nae
touchet in e closer parksfowkhid put doon eir tools
itherwise dreich horizon isie sfowkhid sattled inno the glamis
fyvie stood ajee the fairyfowkhid trained him weel sae
s parks a kirn ofowkhid witnessed the accident an
kidneys gaed tae smush somefowkhid wyted years the lawyer
oot her joog bit maistlyfowkkent that the milk hid
hame at the hinnereyn thefowko the howe mither hid
she wis amazed at efowkshe aye thocht hid been
the nicht ere wis somefowkthat hid nae licht some
s toon faur she hidfowkthat kent her the bairns
hid its ain culture cairriersfowkweel lairnt in the auld
tae say that the rfowkdeein noo that hisnae dee
an idea an the rfowkdoun in the yaird tae
r nae want the mairfowkin the company that jynes
an ye r vext forfowkjek maister it s ill
the r juist thrie brichtfowklyke yeirsells atweill ye canna
nou the r juist thriefowko intelligence in aw this
tries thai r cryed thefowko the widds an nou
ye the r plenty ofowkthat wid be gled tae
awa hame tae her ainfowkbut ruth bidit wi naomi
the wey hame aw thefowkcuid jyne the saicont lyne
hame in that s threefowkdafter than the dungarrochs thocht
a tent bit the localfowkmaistly geed hame for their
s greater claim on thefowko this lan hame or
wirkin at the local auldfowks hame ruth wis a
the veesit tae the auldfowks hame they said it
been hame tae see eezfowksince at day in mey
sang like nae the wyefowkspakk back hame sure an
ane upcum the wes mairfowkabout the yeir eftir an
an mair ti save itsfowkan nou oor wark is
john macnab haes mair ordinarfowkas heroes and heroine altho
wis the same tae youfowkat s gratefull mair an
nott nae mair an efowkat used it hiv geen
whan ruth was scrievit thefowkfasht themsels mair wi the
nicht as mair nor 300fowkgaither t to raise siller
is naething mair queer thanfowkgrudgin fuel for a car
mair on the countryside anfowkit s sair later on
o a kinrik an itsfowkithers hae peyed mair deirlie
retoured ti mair sempil kibbilfowklik umquhyle sojers an reteired
be mair an mair smertfowklyke yeirsell or the day
in september maggie mackay giedfowkmair information on the report
s cathedral is nae mairfowks faith wis as certain
as a result of mairfowkspeakin writin performin eh ye
metter o fact the mairfowkthe better it made things
but in thir pairts whanfowkgie a gift o wyne
bi their ages whan hisfowkhed gien out bickers an
s lyke whan thousans ofowkhyst a mukkil bell intil
whan he saw aw thefowkin the houss but whan
ah canna beir it whanfowkir treated lyke that it
haud the stere owre mafowkisrael than herod whan he
it inti ma offish whanfowkleived in it it wes
it aye halps ti listfowks inner inlaiks whan ye
shuir aneuch whan the castelfowksaw whit she haed on
ye laughter koolyghin whan therteenfowksits doun at the yae
bubbliejok eftir whan the menfowkskailed ti wattir the horss
them whan the smaa fuitfowkthere hed speirit out their
breinge oot but the weefowkan thaim strampin ane anither
bake bannoks for the weefowkas fest as she micht
it gae on the weefowkaskit awthing in the room
ferlie knowe for the weefowkbydes thare an thay ir
cryit anither of the weefowkcreepie stuils creepie stuils lat
royal guidson wang jinqing atfowkcries wee marischal wang for
finnd thare but the weefowkdargin awa an girnin that
splore gaed on the weefowkdaunst an daunst lik thay
wis like a wee ployfowkdid that jist happent tae
the fester did the weefowkgorbil up aw she set
awthing owre that the weefowkhae laid haunds on in
whummil awthing that the weefowkhaed set haund on she
that haed brocht the weefowkintil his houss an up
haed she seen the weefowklat alane haein thaim in
wee store pies forbye somefowkon ne erday had steak
dure an syne the weefowkran awa stourin lyke shaidaes
the lest o the weefowkran doun the loan mhairi
some wee sri lankan quiniefowksaid there wis a teenage
binks an here the weefowksat doun ti rest fair
a wee bit foostie anfowkstarted tae shun the circle
she fleitcht at the weefowkthe girnal is amaist tuim
wes fou wit the weefowkwee men an wee weimen
the tents o the traivellinfowka gypsy lament tae the
the public domain an giefowka sense o whit it
the public domain an giefowka sense o whit it
a m shair hunners ofowkacross the kintra are luikin
but alsweel for the gentilefowkalbuist the politique o the
ephratah ye are a peeriefowkamang the thoosans o judah
tuik his leave o thefowkan gaed oot tae his
the keing o the siefowkan his thrie dochters asyde
fifty o the smaa fuitfowkan syne wi drums bangin
aften hard o the fairiefowkan the skaith thay coud
the smeddum o the scotsfowkan their ties tae the
the smeddum o the scotsfowkan their ties tae the
had been mindfu o hisfowkand had gied them their
o sweetness an licht forfowkare only human bit e
haps oor kennin o thefowkaroon relationships like roads ye
ane o the smaa fuitfowkat hed aye convoyed the
the wark he telt thefowkat i the nem o
i m een o esfowkat likes tae start sleepin
o this birlin planait wifowkbamboozlt and dumfounert and forfochen
o this birlin planait wifowkbamboozlt and dumfounert and forfochen
nae wurd o him synefowkbeguid ti forget him his
busy thrang o the mercatplacefowkbirlin alang throu the stour
objek o vaill ti thefowkbot als a releigious taiken
s a platform cleanswept ofowkby the snell eastlin win
tae the east o steenhillockfowkcaad him spikk fur he
boorach o willow boughs thatfowkcaad the thunnerbird s nest
windaes an a wheen ofowkcriss crossed the insides o
wis oot o eese bitfowkdumpit aal rubbish in t
the place is ful ofowkeverie wey ye turn ah
plumes o its posteerior anfowkfa harbour bees in bunnets
glaur o the gutters thefowkfa sleep on the streets
as keepsake o granmither sfowkfa traivelled ower the seas
body ain o the traivellinfowkfitiver he wis he d
he seen a hiddle ofowkgaithert at a crossroads to
an a fair crowd ofowkgethered at eh mooth o
afore the aylers o mafowkgif ye are gaun tae
there wis a boorach ofowkgithered ootside een o the
lay in a bud saefowkhae fund o their fortouns
boy ten generations o myfowkhae vrocht the north east
wi sic a rowth ofowkhaein this braw remeid in
o the inpit that scotsfowkhaes made til the airt
wis juist the kin ofowkhe d fee for they
a great opinion o rhyniefowkhe said there were some
inno the mids o thefowkhe wytit douce like till
o e young lass youngfowkhis gleg e en an
wis a crood o youngfowkin e kinna halla ye
wir first view o efowkin e village wis e
noo there s peely wallyfowkin here wi dizzens o
oot o place wis thefowkin o the boat weel
warmth in o the airfowkin sark sleeves fittin rare
a fer bit o breezefowkin simmer attire feel at
empire o milk served thefowkin tenements fa lived like
howls o laughter fae thefowkin the bus staffa wis
said tae some o thefowkin the bus you canna
haed sic a thrang ofowkin the houss the place
mids o the douce quatefowkin the kirkyaird minnie bruce
danny stubbs wisna fond ofowkin the main bit he
outside fer foo o germsfowkin trollies were gaun rattlin
tae me pairts o livingfowkithers nivver see breists an
oxter o green leaves anfowkjist gaed him a queer
hierarchy o respect bees atfowkkeepit in ruskies an hives
o bits an pieces atfowkkept like fairmers an crafters
o charismatic teachers eh likefowklike matthew fitt f785: mmhm
naething left a lot ofowklikit beremeal porridge an beremeal
the mids o the gaitheredfowklord in your mercie help
tuik a sair dunt tillfowklost mind o jed the
wha o the period willfowkluik back in eichty year
she noticed a boorichie ofowkmellin roon the yett o
mou o the gap tellinfowknae tae sclimm the sides
whiles oot o fashion leiritfowknoo pynt oot the psychological
telt his bairns judged thefowko a toon bi the
sae relievin twinty first centuryfowko cairryin oot the degradin
fuff o wind weill thefowko flesher zheng s hous
cheptir sax carlyle jyle thefowko gaitsgill wes uised ti
tae serve an represent thefowko scotland in the scottish
the pairlament an til thefowko scotland the first meenister
pairlament is accoontable til thefowko scotland the scottish executive
andro was missioner til thefowko the kintra hecht scythia
briers an butterflees the auldfowko the leddrach said that
conseered a waste bi thefowko the pairish bit a
hir howff speirin gin oniefowko the pairish wesna beisie
ll can aiblins sain thefowko the pest at s
thaim ti mak siccar thefowko the widds aye hain
him the whaurabouts o thefowko the widds he fulled
kirk o yeir foirfaithers thefowko the widds kent at
the eydent wark o thefowko the widds saufed him
the hale clachan o thefowko the widds wes tuim
the twasum stapped wi thefowko the widds whyle tammas
back o five o clockfowkof coorse were in a
dementia as puckles o aulderfowkon the age serum did
grubber roller harra tae haudfowkoot o langer dod the
strickin wis a quantities ofowkoot wirkin in e parks
orrals poems 2003 boorich ofowkpoems 2003 winnlestrae poems 2003
confrontit the speerit o hisfowkraxin ootby an throu him
think ye o these fremmitfowkrolex gucci chanel they buy
the quaet o the auldfowks harne it felt safe
they belangit the naiture ofowks identity houever is sic
they belangit the naiture ofowks identity houever is sic
in an art gallery somefowks nae sense o decency
o confidence sets goals ayontfowks reach washes mony s
wis ane o the traivellinfowksae niver weariet o singin
watter itsel wis deid boddomlessfowksaid o yon loch hemmed
helen o troy an somefowksaid she watched the fecht
keepit a champion cull bitfowksaid that spikk o northies
ane o the baby boomfowksaid tho chae d bin
is oor luve eternal anfowksall mynd o us anerlie
1950 the area black wifowkscalin oot o the buses
ti hae dominion owre thefowkseiven lord o the east
that i suppose aafu fyowfowkspeak o ream for cream
a bodie or group ofowkspeirin the pairlament tae dae
at this time o yearfowkstart tae fill up their
needit straucht awa the cloisterfowkstertit on the makin o
up the vernacular o thefowktae its richtfu place in
up the vernacular o thefowktae its richtfu place in
for the liltin an thefowkthareabouts cawed roderic maccodrum o
he ll ken o thefowkthat bide there fur it
a lot o difficulty forfowkthat does speak it kennin
yammerin vyces o the hantilfowkthat haed steyed for ti
hud been the ghaists ofowkthat i hud nivver met
tae the feck o thefowkthat stey there jeddart hes
and eh the group ofowkthat that brocht the society
hir hauns o thon kinnafowkthe bettir thai ar the
side throw his mither sfowkthe menzies o claggordie the
them clean livin hard wirkinfowkthe ngobos fas idea o
the help o the fairyfowkthe nicht is halloween ladye
tae the bumbazemnent o kilmamockfowkthe sign tellin us we
fivvers and decline amang thefowkthe sough o him gaed
an the pouer o puirfowkti crie airt o birr
in amang the press ofowkti hear for lu da
prood prood quyne an lykitfowkti think weill o hir
day nae a meenit langerfowktraivelled atween the sectors o
twae o the smaa fuitfowkundernicht they chappit at the
profile o sld and steirinfowkup tae speak and scrive
jist tae see tee foofowkvrocht in e wye o
o warmth in the airfowkwauk ahoot withoot a care
o the lave o thefowkwe met yon day bit
mornin an affa lot ofowkwere at the shop door
cheese tae yer breid weelfowkwere richt glaid o a
was ane o the fisherfowkwha dwalt in bethsaida a
ye ve a group ofowkwi little or nae scots
in a nyow warl ofowkwi stout herts an strang
ti caa the clappies hisfowkwirna lang o comin til
memmer o the group andfowkwis askit tae lat the
on e skirts o culsalmondfowkwis gaitherin em wi widden
rum a lang tail ofowkwis passin a raa o
them up because thon samefowkwis wastit three quarters o
e loss o time wifowkwytin idle at e rucks
park wis fer foo wifowkan cars noo this wis
wis sic a skeely objeckfowkat hiv tae dee things
step forrit an stop themfowkat wis passin on the
sleepin fin she wis deenfowkaye took a teet oot
this wis favoured be aalerfowkbecause it wis low an
e village wis quairt efowkbeddit early an raise early
wis ooto kilter tae somefowkblamed the skweels ithers the
hairst wis early the leddrachfowkcaad the shaif the maiden
lad opened the back doorfowkcould see the van wis
matthew wis precentor an thefowkculdna sing a note wioot
jonsar eck couldnae understan wisfowkdid grudge the fuel bit
the strenth wis aye sendinfowkdoun wi gowd or siller
thon wis karma the weirdfowkdreed organ transplantation wis big
them thocht it wis affafowkfillin their motors fer foo
jonsar eck wis that thefowkgaun tae their work an
aathin else wis daen thefowkin the hen hoose estate
crimes wis sentenced tae twinninfowkin the twinty first century
till es livel ir maybefowkjist thocht i wis better
he wis pleased ere wisfowklike her if ere wisnae
logs intae wallin timmers efowklived amon wid it wis
fair like the auld norsefowkmicht hae haen she wis
the kirk wis reamin wifowkon the sabbath ben the
mirk soul wis sained thofowksaid he wis anely pit
on his back a pictfowksaid he wis foo it
nae oh michty fit llfowksay ere wis a mornin
seiven hunder houses there wisfowksellin butcher mait he seen
bleck oot wis stertit anfowkstertit tae git bleck oot
identity it s important forfowktae ken whit words wis
thrie stentit age for smaafowkthae years wis blythe an
on it the signs warnedfowkthat a sponsored wauk wis
the trouble wis that thefowkthat entered the pot plants
rel queasy wis it keepinfowkup ti date wi e
dung wis aywise welcome bifowkwi gairdens fur bringin on
coorse wis cleanin up timefowkwi shovels an barras tryin
it wis jist bizzin wifowkwirkin aroon t in e
in e spare room efowkwis aafa kindly an fin
the news in catalan thefowkwis smitten wi the creenge
we got nearer till tfowkwis startin tae come oot
d raither no ken thefowka hae ti rack an
gied the word ti hisfowkat a soiree he maun
steidin an dingin doun ithersfowkat stuid up ti m
lad the wes skarcelins oniefowkat the tron kirk ti
leishence ti herrie sic onestefowkbehaud the ill wark ye
in this toun the militaryfowkcertainly seem ti be the
an blethert lairnit lecters atfowkdaft aneuch ti heed me
hearin an flesher zheng sfowkgaed aff ti see ti
til this an ti hisfowkhe cries dinna you apen
it for ti lat thefowkinby the castel ken he
ti tusk out the ulsterfowkintil cumbria at mebbies bene
an it lykes ti keepfowkricht but it s a
ah m no uised wifowksayin na ti me puddok
ti rist fur the nichtfowktelt at the burds hed
ti mak a real effortfowkthat haes ti tyauve disna
gie ma lyfe ower tifowkthat needs it it s
us ti help the puirfowkthe best we can bobik
gaun on syne the smaafowkthey d sent doun ti
out a placket cryin onfowkti come an gie the
deiffekwalt it wes fur modrenfowkti pas ower the territour
darg he socht alane forfowkti play the weapons wi
myre eigged up the ulsterfowkti seke relocautioun i scotland
shi jin cried on hisfowkti tak chen da an
ain a ll tell mafowkti tak it out ti
beiss weill kent ti thefowkti tak ye ti herbourie
t sae he tellt hisfowkti wale out an slauchter
hauf deid wha canna tholefowkwi the ootmaist wey ti
cleckin ferlies ti begowk daicentfowkwi ye dae thae places
lookin grumphies weel eest taefowka side turnin took s
the thuggees use tae garrotfowkae yark cud slit a
says i doot the shopfowkare gaun tae be gruwin
be mony things tae monyfowkas it turned oot the
was leart tae the israelitefowkat hairst latyne gawin douglas
scotland by kythin tae herfowkat her spoken language can
e hooses an e maitfowkate an jist tae see
be fine tae think atfowkcd get e best fae
breithir tae compesce the fecklessfowkcomfort the dowffie uphaud the
s gotten tae ken thefowkcoo s tail skelpin niver
i m awa the threefowkdearest tae me in the
maybe begin tae winner fitfowkdid for coats in the
daith isnae blate tae sweelfowkdoon the grate tae clear
an plenishin s prepared noofowkfa sikk tae pree the
its mou wytin tae giefowkflegs turn on the tap
vrocht in taiwan tae bringfowkfun ma name is sam
bad ten tae wan thefowkget mad an they catch
up tae him mind thefowkhe s helpit the weemen
alane nae merridges wi fremmitfowkill wull tae the fremmit
age reversal drugs limited taefowkin key joabs police informers
shine fae mornin tae nichtfowkin simmer attire a fine
be simmer fine tae seefowkin simmer attire an nae
a dram jist tae celebratefowkin the circle were fer
a time we howp whenfowkis gaun tae hiv tae
tae be ee grippin causefowkisna expeckin tae see oniethin
tradition wi food tae somefowkjuist had sweet stuff black
still sae here s taefowklike the bothy king that
the denburn tae frichten thefowkna tae cweel doon ma
he started tae tell thefowkon the bus a story
tae play fin the bigfowkon the sofa dinna hear
tae jonsar eck tae seefowkootside the shop every time
is the day tae befowkrelaxed richt fine tae see
the gate tae the tredsfowks hooses that ower leukit
suited tae battery hens nurfowksae caad the hen hoose
said ma faither tae mefowksaid we wir wealthy bit
biggit wi gless tae letfowksee the golf course an
knockie the cords drap doonfowkshakk tae see t corse
tae cliff tae the beachfowksharin the island wi rock
in onie other situation thatfowkshould be settin oot tae
rare place an aafa finefowktae be wi ey couldna
where would ye get thefowktae dae all that f785:
tattiebogles guaird nae parks bitfowktae fleg coorse jungle demons
held up his haun furfowktae gaither roon tae hear
pettit it wisna unusual furfowktae gie the horses a
said it winna dae forfowktae ken a wumman has
it took ten or elevenfowktae mak a richt squad
there s a tippie forfowktae min when dished up
such a sin wi nofowktae see it is no
as lang s there sfowktae sing the sangs thon
end ah hae been encouraginfowktae sponsor a wird in
its string it s willinfowktae touch its sides the
cuid git patches tae stapfowktalkin an aw ay a
areddies says he tae stapfowktalkin ay a didnae ken
hae tae sell thaim taefowkthat s juist wantin tae
bothered tae gie the cottarfowktheir richt names fur they
whit s cheengeless as thefowktheirsel and common tae the
collogue tae find oot whitfowkthinks scottish pairlamentary democracy at
happened tae pass an thefowkwaved back an the horses
tae pit up wi itfowkwere seen on the t
fremmit and nae companionry wifowkwha dinna belang tae the
and ye hae taiglt thefowkwha ettlt tae win throwe
wha s the covenanters margaretfowkwha want tae leeve their
clerks alsweel for ye ladefowkwi birns gie ill tae
dreich as methuselah s dandrufffowkwill queue up tae hear
monsoon fae bombay tae rangoonfowkwill say the monsoon is
an bigger bairns ainster sfowkwirds fillin eneuch neuks tae
dee ilky day an efowkye hiv tae spik till
hinna traivelled yet tae thefowkye ll growe tae be
wirk hard be kind taefowkye meet dinna be rude
in the windae tae tellfowkye sell scots language christmas
hae ane infit wi thonfowkan afoir mirren cuid beild
ahent richt eneuch bot wifowkat l nourice ye an
hersel the nicht wi yerfowkawa she d sleep throw
this northern yule richt hairtilyfowkbanish dule wi santy hats
gae back til his ainfowkbut maun byde foraye wi
the fishes coud speak anfowkcoud unnerstaun am speiak wi
m weill uised wi seeinfowkdee but a dinna mynd
wi a sauce spurt somefowkdee fur t kistit i
taen up wi the yirdfowkfur halie an releegious rizzens
wi the butter wir ainfowkhe would tell them butter
wi greenyoch mushinfu and sleekitfowki sall nail it wi
fin ye re crivved wifowkin a hoose an e
travelling along wi the bigfowkin the train they waved
wi thaim nou the samefowkis gaen muckle faurer an
sidmooth sea is stapped wifowklike aipples dooked at halloween
dee wi the fack thatfowkll aye open their door
presses whyles wi a strangerfowkmicht try them on if
feel that joco wi youfowkonly irena and toozenbach remain
skeletons hing like jaikets infowks presses whyles wi a
get ower the shock finfowksaid ey were impressed wi
worn oot awthegither wi hearinfowkspeak even on the heidmistress
is there a chynge wifowkthe noo eh certainly there
strang wi the eagle sfowkthe wauks are thrang see
gweed crap though e newfowkve deen awa wi em
in ilka kintra we haefowkwarstlin ane wi tither the
in ilk kintra we haefowkwarstlin tane wi tither the
sweeled doon wi typhoo teafowkwaukin past the gairden caad
an things cheenge an efowkwi em at s me
eydent at his trade birslinfowkwi reid het airns ah
furl an spin an efowkwi t a soon at
laes hiz fortrace a kenfowkwyte him wi treddin in
education committee discussed wi youngfowkyouth warkers an parents an
ain shadda my da auldfowkare like crystal glaisses affa
his ain mither an faitherfowklike the andersons waurna gien
ower mony neebors daecent quaetfowkterrifeed in their ain hames
fit s yer fare hurlinfowkfae here an there taxi
meetin shuid tak place atweenfowkfae the group an douglas
dyke ere s nae monyfowkgangs oot haad awa fae
teachers an half a dizzenfowklike masel fae e west
roch wirds howked fae mafowks spikk ooto the dubs
yaisually seeks evidence fae interestitfowkthe bill is debatit by
wittins back fae the deidfowkthen ye d think the
fae the committee the wrangfowkwull get the prizes said
a futterat fur rubbitin hisfowkained a craftie hauf wye
lichtlified ye should stop deavinfowkbi priggin fur haund oots
waukwyes jist fur fear thefowkfa vend takk back fit
lik maistres nisbet the borderfowkhed a grenein fur wittins
fur their sowels an fedfowkin peer hooses parritch in
richt fine thing jed andersonfowkll respeck ye fur it
syne i left fur aiberdeenfowkmuttered surely nae sae seen
bairns wyte mebbe nae theirfowks either fur they cud
a lang fyle fur auldfowks ill will agin jed
fur a mament whitwey daefowksay its ower the brig
brass nae wirk fur youngfowkwytin in the queue staunin
eenoo she wid lead herfowka richt fine daunce fin
cd lippen richt on atfowkat took ower much ah
believe oot comes the sinfowkdiv feel richt gweed within
yer nevoy jed bappy asfowkcaa him fyles the auld
jaloused that the auld yirdfowkcud screive an spikk bit
fit i mean like mediafowkfashion conscious ye ken auld
the matron at the auldfowks harne brocht roon a
sangs like thon the auldfowkshe telt him meanin he
franklin seem to agree thatfowkachieves soveraynetee ower their pairtners
the horseman s wird yourfowkan mine are ower at
the machar kirk minnie sfowkhad bin ower taen up
wark doon here isie yerfowkll be ower at first
dram sae he brocht hisfowkfor a bit tulyie he
wids in sooth americay ginfowkhidna bin sae greedy oor
food an dinnae stare atfowkit s rude an sae
bit the thocht that draasfowkroon like gowd unsocht sae
langsyne or sae the kintriefowksaid the man did as
on e hill an efowkat bade in em an
e police box at somefowkcaa e tardus aside e
ploo marks fit e aalfowkcaad burrel rigs i watchet
at in e aal daysfowkjist pickit fit ey nott
e skweel for e bigfowkmabel geed eence an it
ontill e thraahyeuk at wyefowkstoppit makkin strae rapes an
stiff shooders ivver since youngfowks nae aye jist as
a life min ken yerfowkfor a start an hae
fit wye i d gotfowkinvaigled intae lettin s hae
s past tholing to haefowklike that in the faimily
an heid the early yirdfowkmaun hae ettled real sair
gettin scarce enyeuch again aalerfowkmicht hae fyow teeth an
an ahin the stable waafowksaid thon sang cud hae
in thaim thorfinn the weimenfowksoud hae gods orm wha
sned bit fairmers are cannyfowkan they dinna throw things
s naething as queer asfowkbit hares tak a lot
spikk s wife hersel bitfowkll say onything fariver he
at the cooncil offices somefowkmicht caa this interferin bit
bit i really think thefowkpitten their views es early
ticht nocht bit a whigmaleeriefowksay that tombs are teem
watter in tomb size sinksfowkwerena wastin time bit were
caad em seagulls bit aalerfowkwid say seamaas makin t
fend for masel fit canfowkdee faa s left t
a well liked dish somefowkll be speirin fit s
neck an i ve heardfowksayin come on dog fit
they didnae ken there sfowkinvolved an faimlies an jobs
ah ve never enjoyit seeinfowkburnt mebbe she wes never
the wey this wes thefowks fend agin onie inimie
bring oot the worst infowkan surely it made for
hoose pykin their wye roonfowksplayed oot on the fleer
cannae see whit wey thefowkaw stare at me the
his queen an aw thefowkin the kinrik the keing
maun the sitivautioun aw thefowkkent hir an obayed hir
aw made the same sumfowklykes parritch an ithers lykes
weill again an aw thefowksang praisin the broun prkincess
hir an lowse ae thefowkthat sleeps lyke deid aw
a speecial event forbye thosefowkfa kent nae better computers
donnie speired granda foo daefowknae christen their laddies sandy
discovers balquidder nae traffic naefowknae toun his barkin fulls
lang rin for the fairiefowkan he coud hear that
a clachan kyths yonder sumfowkan spring is shuirlie here
he speirit an the fuitfowkanswert him the thrie capitanes
back an fore ahin mafowkas they reenged the liffey
haarie wastern coast an thefowkat bydes in the hebrides
three oors at dennertime thefowkcudna hens an dyeuks still
polloi an gar the educatitfowkdae a pikkil wark sum
jaloused that whyles the fairiefowkdaunced an sang in it
an get them us smaafowkdaurna tak the hill for
junkies luvers flechy mongrels anfowkfa likit naethin better than
bed tho shi jin sentfowkfaur an wide for medicinars
neist day he gart hisfowkfin out a tailor an
an look up til thefowkhere dis naething but eat
aye an warm as weelfowkin simmer attire happy i
a terrier he cud readfowklike a buik an play
an niver a thocht firfowkmary we re movin haud
we wull ca the shopfowkmr an mrs technicolor jonsar
fey computer leid blue japanesefowkpeintit on an ashet if
nerr as wyce as tenfowkpit thegither an hes gied
butcher mait he seen anfowksellin greens ay an noodle
fill at games an fairsfowkshakk aff cares an daunce
them an bade the haafowksneck the yetts baith but
day is by again anfowksuin say the nichts is
bluid in her an sicfowktak a scunner at the
near it is the fairiefowkthat haird ye an it
an celebrations aawye like shipwreckedfowkthat s bin saved fa
coud educate the common wurkinfowkthe hoi polloi an gar
commissioner for bairns an youngfowkvote in the elections staund
smiddy door he spied thriefowkwarkin the airn an he
we will kill the kirkfowkwe will flegg an dirk
and black coffee the weeminfowkwerena big eaters an they
ye can never tell whitfowkis lyke bi first appearances
friends my grandmother had herfowkas they say but once
nesty norseman my fitiver widfowksay if they kent that
nesty norseman my fitiver widfowksay if they kent that
a thing ye aften hearfowksay it s the dule
in yer moo in englishfowksay what and who and
d fill t syne finfowksay ye sang yon weel
smell funny doon by herefowkwid say stoory ir raither
a chappit door that somefowkay keep lockit for gin
c but lang efter somefowkjalouse it was scrievit afore
orphanage high caste brahmin herfowkkillt in some bluid lettin
down and visit the bigfowkand persuade their grannie to
ballad screivin wirkshops at cullerliefowkenjoy them they screive their
fan they were workin thefowkin the chaumer got their
a am at ye letfowkmak sic a din greitin
fish shops thae fish shopfowks juist greedy hogs ye
lang seen es museums atfowksets up nooadays maybe ye
fest i byological tairms thefowkat byde in a kintra
takkin up yer attintion esfowkat drives motorwyes throwe gweed
jobs that needin daein aftenfowkat the big hooses wadna
connaissance ah hear tell thefowkat the french coort eats
naebuddie hes the skeills yingfowkpap peills sneish awaw at
the castle at dunsinane sumfowksays he s gaen gyte
hoosaeiver dinna see differences infowkanely similarities jenny sangster pued
ony sin autumn is herefowkcan easy see slowly changes
sin is on fire seefowkin simmer attire sunday 28
its sides latchy fin meetinfowkfirst aff ma scots sel
the auncient quarry video conferencinfowkhe cudna touch he d
hello wiz cos she dfowkin ah hedna a clue
she d yell be quatefowkroared back we ve got
she d yell be quatefowkroared back we ve got
affa coorse wither i hearfowkcry hale day rain poors
bc the sair weird mafowkhaes mairrit me on a
nava s daith tell himfowkll think he s a
them be a by ordinarfowkezra and his feres pit
s like his mither sfowkhe disna favour my side
hunder year a hunder thousanfowkbydes here but naebodie stauns
the steerin room like fireflauchtsfowkdid flit inbye my hairt
grocer s shoppie sklaik drewfowklike flees roon sharn despisin
bide like the nou forfowks lifes ay is weirdit
rowed in the sizzens girdfowksteer like wasps roon hinneypot
winnert far the lord tuikfowkthat dee t like jessie
it but ah dinna wantfowkskliffin up the green fug
up the chairs that heldfowkhingin in mid air it
jeels the hairt that garsfowkturn the heatin up in
abeen are the powers abovefowkare folk dee is do
as weel we dinna fattenfowkas i went around the
gien me fikkil fortuin treatsfowkdifferent tak the excise clerk
wattery grave far the fisherfowkdroon yer blethers are havers
you re fir the warkinfowkfine words faust i ll
is hauden in the electionfowkin scotland vote for candidates
gien the western pleisur sikkinfowklived throw thon widdendreme bairns
the haar a waik sinfowkpass talkin sma through the
the dreepin trees the newfowks shieled the sna mynd
be offert bi the fairiefowkthat bydes in the green
smyles ava binna the glaikitfowkthat kensna what s gaun
s the wey that sumfowkthinks that road gangs strecht
humanity and the attitudes offowkto craiters the two cannot
and ilka hoose forbye thefowkwere disjaskit alsweel discomfist it
lantern show and the bairnsfowkwere there as well and
a man s skin waurfowkfuspered coorse things jed anderson
aathin s in a hurryfowkin sic a hash customers
na i dinnae really mindfowkwatching dynasty fir it s
i ll nivver tire finefowkcood be in simmer attire
mak siccar that as monyfowkas can as can as
beaumont wheesht i dinny wantfowkkenning caird enters caird can
coorse ill mainnert keelie mashafowkthat disna notice whuther it
that masel hate often bindsfowkthegither as ticht as love
mak siccar that as monyfowku1028: [inaudible] [inaudible] m865: mmhm

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