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1 source http culture coefrael2001eyl eng eyl1000 htm 2
of europe http culture coefrael2001eyl eng eyl1000 htm european
1559 prob both gout goutfrgoutte drop concretions dropped into
the poem pultron poltroon fromfrpoultron it poltrone and mediaeval
french scouts at smeaton hutfrfrank tommy self very hospitalibly
day retreat for scouts byfrleonard very good man a
new priest 1st from kirkcaldyfrmckee french scouts arrive create
caroline elizabeth young today byfrdocherty in st maries catholic
serve hot with cubes offrbread or biscuits garlic loaf
ref good practise for shorthandfrgordon is a fine slow
fine slow speaker 31 thursdayfrinceldon ordained for southwark in
last night a splendid eveningfrfrank comes along to make
to bowhill for scout partyfrhodgson very gracious to 1st
kinnoul monastry by bus takingfrbellus french chaplain we enjoy
scouters guild meeting in afternoonfrhamilton speaks we enjoy his
lessons 12 friday 15 presentfrbyrne brings news that a
good ian does very wellfrd pleased 3 sunday to

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