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which is also known asfragilebones disease affects men and
i happened to burst veryfragileneither here nor there drifting
aw for it wis afragilecraft ah wis in an
not only on small andfragileorganisations but on larger groupings
island s economy is veryfragileand could be damaged irreparably
the vital contribution to thefragilelocal economy of sutherland made
successful scotland will reverse thefragilestate of scotland s economy
horse is walking over myfragilememory as if it was
summer is concerned that manyfragilerural economies and the communities
siller n money silly afragilesimmer n summer sinder v
gaelic is still in afragilestate considerably more needs to
the area further notes thefragilenature of the textiles and
others were china and veryfragileif you were lucky enough
have peeled and cracked myfragileworld like rotten fruit once
of fine gauze was veryfragileas these were pressure lamps
turn pause she s afragileblossom yi dinnae want ti
me and making me feelfragileand precious i didn t
around you is much morefragileyou know f963: i think
portray this man as afragileperson erm f963: mm mmhm
is she also shows howfragileour personal memories of our
up hairpin bends and overfragilebridges no one can pretend
a butterfly floating up onfragilewings waded into the water
made up of myriad overlappingfragilestrands we do well to
wasn t good for myfragiletemper the way they ll
fieurs du mal forest offragileflowers the emptiness is sinister
muchty road a nip ofragilebroon beauty framed bi the

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