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earthenware teapot got broken thefragmentsmade fine lamies for the
owerset wi indian lyrics anfragmentsfae the catholic hymn salve
minute pieces tephra jets sendingfragmentsof hot rocks froth scalding
brown a mix of glassfragmentsfilaments and frying plankton under
of ashes charred wood andfragmentsof bone tantalizing clues perhaps
well and er fractured bonefragmentsgot into his blood system
felted shetland wool and bonefragmentsinfluenced by jeanette s many
collecting and writing elliot usedfragmentsof a lost original song
in large circles our russianfragmentsof conversation adding to the
cages of old monuments holdfragmentsof a nation s holy
desire to gather the shatteredfragmentstogether again p 32 i
back to 1947 stillborn poeticfragmentsand morbidly sensitive short stories
liquid meet i am thefragmentsground by time the gentle
the greatest assiduity he foundfragmentsof scots wha hae all
to achieve by pouring thesefragmentsout into the increasingly cluttered
in by call at cuffinsfragmentsof straw cut a length
make something of bits offragmentsthat are lying around i

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