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plant elegant black and whiteframedarchitectural prints line the walls
the upper corridor hang appropriateframedbotanical prints of balearic orchids
wid scots forest wirds warframedtae strikk a spark tae
upwards until it smashed aframedand glassed wall photograph of
1972 mrs karpinski gifted aframedphotograph of rabbie burns which
housemistress of erskine house aframedphotograph of the 3 different
white lines of the pitchframedby the emerald turf floating
we could have them nicelyframedin our workshops and they
nip o fragile broon beautyframedbi the lomonds twin baps
they were asked if appropriatelyframedlegislation to ban hunting wild
which clause 4 2 isframedi would argue that such
in horrifying contrast his wireframedhooker was an abstract piece
that the words must beframedaccording to the subject matter
that the sentences are alsoframedaccording to the topic the
but for the sentence soframedand disregarding any subsequent sentence
room his expression is deadpanframedwith a pair of woody
a human physog thatched anframedwi feathers drawn oot tae
buddha above two peacock plumesframedby a window holding day
new human cartoon movie whoframedroger rabbit before trying out
the petition the petition isframedin such a way that
the petition is more broadlyframedis to encourage the public
tee we wrote on widframedslates using skylies an fither
to santiago di compostella isframedin stone below a curvaceous
is significant that we haveframedthe debate around closing the
i d heen a cameraframedamon e trees wi glinties
a pretentious declamation had beenframedhere yet two hours later
front there was an ironframedhapper for sowing seed manure
surrealist each room has aframedtext hanging on a nail
terms under which it wasframedand enacted reforming amending changing
the vast bed under aframedprint of a suffering christ
than it is today aframedaward announces that su alteza
by the way m942: metalframedm939: a phone m941: foam
glow from the twinkling lightsframedsusan like a huge halo

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