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aa that i fancy mafreedomchorus for aa o their
aa that i treasure mafreedomchorus i will tell you
they d a likin forfreedomchorus noo mony an aal
nae wunner i value mafreedomchorus och a wife is
because i hiv guarded mafreedomchorus this pen portrait was
and denmark agreed to thefreedomof movement across borders provided
have not yet achieved fullfreedomof movement for people that
is a desire to improvefreedomof movement for the citizens
are the counterpoint to thefreedomof movement in other words
who take advantage of thefreedomof movement that now exists
if there is to befreedomof movement the police in
not be better to havefreedomof movement to tackle the
of the treaty promoting greaterfreedomof movement while responding to
yes we are talking aboutfreedomof commercial expression if a
of human rights and hisfreedomof expression and an abuse
of human rights and hisfreedomof expression and an abuse
parliament s desire to enhancefreedomof expression and creativity in
deals with the exercise offreedomof expression states the exercise
shot carnival for bakhtin wasfreedomof expression the rude surreal
a democracy it s yourfreedomit s your right to
openness democracy and accountability includingfreedomof information we hear executive
establishment of genuine democracy withfreedomof speech and fair elections
reform act 1988 defines academicfreedomas freedom for their academic
1988 defines academic freedom asfreedomfor their academic staff within
the uk have their academicfreedomsafeguarded under the educational reform
are lawful there should befreedomof commercial activity to advertise
it more commercial and operationalfreedomthan was available as the
the remit of the proposedfreedomof information bill s1o 1757
ms sandra white s1m 2311freedomof information bill skye bridge
the mound edinburgh 1 draftfreedomof information bill the committee
the context of the futurefreedomof information bill this information
followed by ministerial statement onfreedomof information followed by no
15 pm ministerial statement onfreedomof information followed by no
director of the campaign forfreedomof information health and community
bring forward policy proposals onfreedomof information in scotland s1w
democrats trumpeting the desirability offreedomof information innocent people should
environmental information based on strongfreedomof information principles legislate to
the aims of its proposedfreedomof information regime s1o 407
that other parliaments with strongfreedomof information regimes do not
scotland act 2002 and thefreedomof information scotland act 2002
the general principles of thefreedomof information scotland bill at
resolution in respect of thefreedomof information scotland bill followed
stage 1 debate on thefreedomof information scotland bill followed
social justice committee 6 junefreedomof information scotland bill passed
and sport committee 22 januaryfreedomof information scotland bill stage
community care committee 12 decemberfreedomof information scotland bill stage
thursday 14 february 2002 announcementsfreedomof information scotland bill stage
and sport committee 12 februaryfreedomof information scotland bill stage
community care committee 31 octoberfreedomof information scotland bill stage
stage 2 completed 12 marchfreedomof information scotland bill stage
community care committee 7 novemberfreedomof information scotland bill stage
lodged on 4 april 2002freedomof information scotland bill stage
lodged on 3 april 2002freedomof information scotland bill stage
scotland bill passed 28 marchfreedomof information scotland bill stage
premier prison services ltd 3freedomof information scotland bill the
made a commitment to thefreedomof information there should always
of information unit geoff owensonfreedomof information unit and john
1 from keith connal headfreedomof information unit geoff owenson
keith connal head of thefreedomof information unit stuart foubister
also be glossed as peacefreedomfrom molestation security and if
second area for discussion isfreedomjustice and security the third
implementation of an area offreedomsecurity and justice in particular
to become an area offreedomsecurity and justice leads to
working group 10 area offreedomsecurity and justice what improvements
s1m 1867 dorothy grace elderfreedomfrom pain campaign and b
mr kenny macaskill s1m 1867freedomfrom pain campaign lodged on
human relationships with a newfreedomand bringing together the creativity
be tolerated pledges to encouragefreedomof speech by workers as
drown the lot of themfreedomof speech would thereby be
reflect on its aims peacefreedomprosperity and working together towards
works when people have thefreedomto join together to work
is surely that love andfreedomtogether makes for complete happiness
auntieloip houss is of lovefreedomand adventure found in the
beginning to enjoy your newfreedomregards to all love [censored: forename]
aa that i cherish mafreedoman noo that i m
i prize abeen aa mafreedomnoo a single mans s
i d plump for mafreedomnoo i daur say there
silence della oo ve tastedfreedomnoo zeb wi spend aw
f829: there s lots offreedomf606: mm m830: yeah that
well where they ve morefreedomin this ehm centre f606:
know they ve much morefreedomm824: aye f606: mmhm f823:
we had f606: aye f828: freedomwe jist could do what
aa that i value myfreedomsome lassies will kittle you
a few more weeks offreedombefore i move home again
the possibility of more personalfreedombut carrying the knowledge of
yeah you ve got morefreedomf1151: i need a change
more as the necessity forfreedomfrom hypocrisy in sexual relations
councils more discretion and morefreedomin setting their budgets c
that they might have morefreedomof action if they applied
cousins came they got morefreedomto roam the fields and
took great relish and greatfreedominto becoming a man and
and a great feeling offreedomnae doot yes i can
capacity expands give patients thefreedomto choose any appropriate and
guidance will give designers thefreedomto produce innovative solutions to
would give you all thefreedomyou want but i am
i m gled o mafreedomtrue a lassie will mak
rousing call to act forfreedomin his scots wha hae
2000 alasdair morgan s1m 672freedomof the press lodged on
the oppressed negro finds hisfreedomis scotland alane tae chain
obviously a sort of f-freedomeven with things you care
citizens as well as theirfreedomand privacy it strikes the
fought for and won theirfreedomby force of arms and
became their truth next stopfreedomhe cried and they cheered
youngsters who are enjoying thefreedomof their bikes rather than
the see they live infreedomand i a man and
court and manners salvador tastedfreedomcaverns measureless to man a
this crown and kingdom thefreedomfrequency and power of parliaments
a brief period of comparativefreedomfrom normal discipline for elizabeth
state of being pure cleannessfreedomfrom pollution moral cleanliness innocence
manhattan if the price offreedomis eternal vigilance it is
three roubles gives me thefreedomof moscow on metro bus
sometimes feel jealous of thefreedomof some of the erm
the minimum restriction on thefreedomof the patient that is
the minimum restriction on thefreedomof the patient that is
years has taken away thefreedomof the voluntary sector to
had brought a sort offreedomsalvador ordered the construction of
his stirring song of nationalfreedomscots wha hae wi wallace
of doing it with thefreedomthat i have with my
truth and the spirit offreedomthey are the pillars of
of evil must exist thatfreedomto choose is perhaps as
in different countries must havefreedomto enjoy effective exchange of
tae us the right offreedomwhaurever slavery has existed in
get to those moments offreedomwhen you re enjoying it
made a mad dash forfreedomand was free again you
us a famely again jillyfreedoms here pat pause bein
is if he claimed hisfreedomand acted upon that claim
wyrd or pre destination withfreedomif the stars or god
does that mean anyway andfreedomif you are on the
his war cry it isfreedombut for the young ones
crime as tae forfeit hisfreedomin perpetuity nor was he
his lack o wages andfreedomit would be still mair
his ain sax weeks ofreedomthey were let out early
left us ti face oorfreedoman you spoutin keech they
is legal there should befreedomto advertise it miss goldie
they got a type ofreedomthey never got here you
one small lively sperm itsfreedommight not last its term
joanna s search for sexualfreedomis as much a rejection
the post office with thisfreedomand in an effort to
bureaucracy that interfered with herfreedomand independence to organise her
polluted with radioactive fall outfreedomas it turned out was
public gallery had celebrated thatfreedomwith cheers and handshakes all
the programme teachers had somefreedombut we clearly would not
you co 77 in thefreedomthat disappointing woman recovers some
the lion s share naefreedomthere for black or puir
1876 vyborni s need forfreedomhad been awakened by the
will not speak to thefreedomorganisation for the right to
e railways goin ey werefreedoms road for mony countries
ellen s struggle for thefreedomto be a writer and
forsyth calls for monarch sfreedomto marry bbc news 26
i mean orkney lots ofreedoman yet it also seemed
hertit sic a sense ofreedomah see masell free an
bard o quality makker ofreedomcome all ye fareweel here
lads that are champions ofreedomi m guid natert an
a hoose an e finefreedomo ootside wark gies ye
he surged wi thochts ofreedomonwards urged three times he
s council and remember thefreedomhe enjoyed to serve the
will affect personal and individualfreedomissues and make legal frameworks
smartly and fresh air andfreedompoured over me reminding me
assured despite the openness andfreedomthe treaty brings significant parts
character there s unco littlefreedomjammed in atween twa neebors
the boxing world gives yifreedompause oot there in lee
is good cause that sfreedomdo you know what i
is or public choice generalfreedometcetera f718: mmhm m734: er
learn tae fight fur yerfreedomlook throws a cushion on
on she turned briefly smilingfreedomshe sighed i can jist
authorities in relation to thefreedomgiven to councils to spend
tae tak ye frae yonfreedomsky whaur aw yer traits
oors receivin the toun sfreedomdoos cooed an flichtered the
in fear an trepidation oorfreedoms gone taxes fines torture
he didna bring hir hirfreedomthe saumon taen tent til

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