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a friend m1000: freen wellfreenaye m999: a freen f1001:
well freen aye m999: afreenf1001: but that has two
s not a freend freenfreenf1143: no freens freens they
it s not a freendfreenfreen f1143: no freens freens
a friend a friend m1000: freenwell freen aye m999: a
puggie ocht daein naethin yetfreencam the reply but there
puggie hou s it gaunfreeni speirt as we cam
nane ither than oor auldfreenpuggie he didnae ken neil
that s a blood relationfreenit u- it f1001: mmhm
for masel an ma danishfreenras ere wis an important
been touched the day thanksfreeni replied an set aff
five mile oot yer weyfreeni replied whan he tellt
bikit ower tae see afreeno mine bert shepherd at
got it fae ma aalfreenan former boss david murison
dark fin i saa mafreenfred stannin on e pavement
a rubber baa an aalfreeno mine a deputy director
gings tae wasps an aalfreeno mine an edinburgh lady
for a walk wi afreeno mine e wis brocht
class spikkin o class afreeno mine wis doon at
mine would he s afreeno ye know an an
mmhm f1001: or a closefreencould be a close friend
forfochten is hard pressed exhaustedfreenis friend retrait an faa
ye call your friend yourfreenit is f1043: mmhm mmhm
understood it like that ayefreenf1001: i ll often maybe
end there f1040: no nofreenm1042: no no mmhm f1040:
no mmhm f1040: just yourfreenye d a lot o
e dizzen bottles fae mafreenroddie gettin a bittie aff
a howdie s haun auldfreenan missed my ne erday
a haun jist as afreenye unnerstaun let me adjust
present fin it cam wirfreenbrocht a fine bit o
j tae see ma gweedfreencharles barron the skeely writer
lang syne fae ma gweedfreenjim mcdonald o wartle speirin
s nae related an afreeno yours m999: aye aye
fit wi bein an aulfreeni suppose lucky me it
dark it wis ay afreentae me an eence ye
north east a far afffreencould be a far aff
ay ay robbie said afreenhe d better be or
where somebody s sayin theirfreenan it s a relation
somebody said is he afreeno them meaning he is
weekly news or e peoplesfreenor e press an journal
eh that would be yourfreenthat s what ye call
he wid bring in abootfreenfae roonaboot tae get their
ere he d warnt hisfreentak tent the big yin
tell ye didn t ahfreenan there s ma bluidy
fella lie de low mafreenfrae ayr is no heid
made a graan start afreeno ma faither hid a
is sic a scunner mafreens aw deid aye every
age o 78 noo mafreentells me he hid them
the rest inside my bigfreeniona had us onboard she
olding an hid been afreeno jock smith o alford
socht the help o afreentae clear awa winter s
failin fast my wee auldfreenan that s no ill
no the furst time oorfreenhad been there juist there
ve dwined athoot yon uncofreenthat dodged richt roon t
nor soum away wee burnsidefreeni maun salute yer quest
oot it flew feart hisfreenhad come tae grief wee
the aalyoch tae see afreenan get er tae i
an she d teen erfreenas weel s er three
would say she s afreeno the mcwilliams an it
ebony elephants trauchled wi theirfreena plastic goose wi a

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