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i m freezin cauld m1019: freezinor i m perishin perishin
aye freezin mmhm f1023: ayefreezinaye f1024: bitter bitter f1054:
the windae [inaudible] i mfreezincauld m1019: freezin or i
was it freezin was itfreezinf1023: and then latter in
cold f1023: frozen f1027: ayefreezinmmhm f1023: aye freezin aye
water tap f1027: was itfreezinwas it freezin f1023: and
bilin het whiles near taefreezinwi hankies soakit through an
would say f1027: [laugh] f1026: freezinor it s bitter cold
cold we ve got ehfreezinor chitterin an when i
buildin an island be fuckinfreezinbut will it no the
still use freezing cold m1019: freezinf1018: aye m1019: [inaudible] m1021:
f1054: yeah f1006: ehm m1004: freezin[?]can you stop me?[/?] f1054: [?]pinched o your wey[/?] margaret f1005:
it ower again f1005: ehmfreezinf1054: and the opposite o
you say it was absolutelyfreezinf1023: i know f1025: when
ah im cauld ah mfreezinah im aw ma lane
the fulyerie raxin ower thefreezinwattir ma lane forenent ma
sin shinin bricht dulls doonfreezincauld come nicht saturday 22nd
and the ootside s aafreezinf1102: mum [?]do these[/?] f1101: haud
ice wi half thaain anfreezinagain as aften as no
aye f1102: it s toofreezinf1101: just need tae wait
any claes you would befreezinf1104: no i haven t
f1122: aye f1121: is itfreezinis it f1122: can we
same eh i m maybefreezinor m1014: or you re
[laugh] it would always befreezinand eh m1002: [laugh] m999:

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