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stuff was like what sfriedspatzel yeah f1154: spatzel that
be enticingly scrambled boiled orfriedcompared to the vile powdered
she fried her tatties shefriedher breid in a pan
an cakes an peas shefriedher tatties she fried her
dishes of stone cold congealedfriedeggs this unhelpfulness characterised everyone
of relatives she sometimes gotfriedliver and onions for tea
of beef skirlin screeching skirlyfriedmeal and onions skraich screech
tower block for our dinnerfriedchicken rice and vegetables dessert
dish of pleasant meat andfriedpepper onion and rice she
it s just like basicfriedrice f1049: uh huh m1048:
s cookin with some ovenfriedchips even as i write
mince an taurry tea chipsfriedin butter margarine an lard
nights was often porridge orfriedtatties and an egg often
ward was stormy being slowlyfriedfrom inside out burning forehead
traffic jam low salaam deepfriedcricket snake in thicket toilet
is a foreign country deepfriedmaggot shocks pianists tinkle raffishly
that they sell m818: deepfriedpineapple christ m819: er aye
wedge of ripe camembert deepfriedserved with cranberry sauce and
got there not even deepfriedthey re proper pies m818:
could have done with beingfriedor cooked in some way
we drank the champagne withfriedfish and potatoes later in
food uncle vanya s georgianfriedshashlyk so the session was
a terrible weddin wan unclefriedtae fuck and noo a
day left over dumpling wasfriedin butter other baking day
that i preferred my breakfastfriedwhen family the shark decides
kind of noticeable and ifriedmy scalp for an hour
and welcome cereal soup andfriedfish then we had our
parsley salt etc lemon choppedfriedstreaky bacon bind together with
in the burn hae binfriedtae a turn there s
christmas maybe it ll befriedcamel by the pyramids life
aften then they wid haefriedherrin kippers or yalla haddock

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