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pysonous gear tae ply hisfriensfan hames an destinies in
tae veesit her ava naefrienstae spikk till naebody tae
savin ma spikk fur mafriensthey micht hae skied doon
aye be wie his lealfriensaye ee n tae the
an coorseness gie her gweedfrienstae traivel wie an stoot
stream or puil mair diversefriensthan tam an will born
yon heich mountain flooer kindfrienstae the newly wad couple
he tried makkin the auldfriensploy she merriet a chiel
been speaking of our americanfriensthen that editor chiel hamilton
aye pressed for time yetfriensthis nicht whan burns s
whiles frae skaith alive forfriensi ve nane come richt
nane pit oot that herfrienswar cheengin the tale an
toy sowpin usque wi twafriensbidin the snaw drinking whisky
beauty s side pu mefriensi ll scrat yer hide
days seein aa their closestfrienstae hansel the year matthew
haein trystit here wi herfriensfin the skweel hid skailed
forget even fit her twafriensluikit like thinkin sic thochts
yet he cried i vefriensat the verra tap an
aa roon ireland my bestfrienswar gaun tae europe thon
she hid ony amount ofriensfower o them wad sune
hoose bit her new fandfrienswad hae leuch at her
clap or grieve twa guidfrienstwa servants baith rock the
came wi french embraces butfriensye ve made by scores
the auld sauch creel fishinfriensbut in ither things as
unnerstood that she didna makkfrienswi the cottar bairns shiftless
an first fit aa theirfriensfur a wikk an mair
s rinnin free mang couthyfriensan baurley bree time nou
ye on the knowe yerfriensresume their lives claik noo
killer o their kind madefrienswi the enemy lued him
o her an her junkiefriensan hingers on brian set
wi his birth mither sfriensthe scum o meikleburgh the
wis his buiks an hisfriensan his future that widna

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