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velour sofa with its macraméfringebehind a brass bound table
velour sofa with its macramefringeto greet me in the
face short sock straicht cutfringeoot on a veesit tae
face short sock straicht cutfringetubes in her veins like
f1104: and my fringe myfringehas went all funny f1103:
f1103: mmhm f1104: and myfringemy fringe has went all
festival there will be afringebook festival this year though
been performed at the edinburghfringefestival thirsty lunch event 2006
edinburgh festival programme possibly afringeone too if you can
scots leid edinburgh festival andfringethe group notit there wisnae
crown prevailing wind lacquers hawthornfringeto an unnatural angle fields
ancient disused kirkyard on thefringeof marsgian wood to see
it elsewhere in the gaelicfringesean o failean the great
are also being written infringelanguages such as welsh and
are also being written infringelanguages such as welsh irish
the national collections encourage edinburghfringeartists who receive central funding
the princess which won afringefirst award at the edinburgh
no worth a fart thefringell gie ye sic a
spoken along the banffshire coastfringeover all the county of
purrs on tailin aff itsfringewi the hinmaist last meenit
like [censored: forename] s wi afringeone how many is there
her wi her very bluntfringethat was dyed like m939:
and kinky posters for thefringeand other rubbish but you
powkin ooto the tweed claithfringeas it cooried inno a
ilkie slate reef hid afringeo icicles dreepin the yalla

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