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the shape of kermit thefrogand put on this metal
was me- m941: kermit thefrogby the way m942: metal
lifts steve up cammy leapfrogdimps jist caw me kermit
teeth miss piggy kermit thefrogi canna remember the rest
m1106: no no the speckledfrogf1105: oh no no no
m1106: two one little speckledfrogsat on a speckled log
cammy dimps start playing leapfrogcammy ah m takin yur
they all play at leapfrogcammy sings oh ah do
cammy steve dimps play leapfrogdimps sings he aint heavy
steve stew start playing leapfroged joins them light fades
cammy dimps stop playing leapfroged sings someones head resting
down long silence cammy leapfrogstew steve dimps steve cannae
frog that s a funnyfrogdriving a bulldozer f1116: where
this time f1114: er afrogf1113: a frog f1114: yes
it down f1114: [inaudible] afrogf1113: you makin a frog
er a frog f1113: afrogf1114: yes [inaudible] f1113: there
frog f1113: you makin afrogf1114: yes stick it down
m1106: [laugh] f1105: farr sfroggone mr frog m1106: [laugh]
of frog is it afrogin a chair f1114: [child noises]
you right what kind offrogis it a frog in
farr s frog gone mrfrogm1106: [laugh] f1105: mr froggie
gone f1115: that s afrogthat s a funny frog
but does not see thefrogpuddok ho ho ho luik
a statue cast in leadfrogbreaks from a cloud of
by a rip tide windfrogbreaks from a cloud of
i don t like mummyfrogand my daddy having conferences
ll throw her away mummyfrogand my daddy horse and
is looking at him mummyfrogand my daddy horse are
gripping me harder than mummyfrogdid and his eyes are
and i see that mummyfroghas arrived and is looking
says my daddy to mummyfrogi ll just take her
better your mummy is afrogi tell morag and my
opens it to let mummyfrogin and i m knocked
don t squeal because mummyfrogis cross i put my
and unbuttoning his coat mummyfrogis putting out the tip
up listening to her mummyfrogis saying back she is
are saying just now mummyfrogis telling my daddy that
coat at last suddenly mummyfrogrushes out of the kitchen
get home i see mummyfrogrushing about getting the tea
t know anything about mummyfrogs private ear and i
sure it s a mummyfrogso i throw it over
and he is telling mummyfrogthat he doesn t care
wait your turn says mummyfrogto me then she turns
you always do says mummyfrogvery crossly don t be
the beach i caught mummyfrogwhistling very quietly into my
steve dimps steve cannae befroggreens to visible stew jist
with you you wantin yourfrog[censored: forename] m1106: just the water
look look there s myfrogf1105: oh so it is
happent tae pick up afrogit objectit na na said
a n present puddok nfrogpuil n pool pul v
in turn encounters the puddockfrogguardian of the magic water
the fish jist like afrogthey think that heaven is
clock f1121: mmhm f1122: afrogand a elephant f1121: that
called mmhm f1122: piglets afrogf1121: and what s that
highest there f1107: ehm afrogm1108: yes you re right
let go and the actualfrogripped in half an i
so it is one littlefrogsitting on [censored: forename] s bath
put on see if thefrogcan catch you oh he
f1104: it s got afrogin it oh can frogs
at caterpillar weel said thefrogye ll please yersel a
like curved propellers a tinyfroggoes blip misses the mark
stil lookt sortaef like afrogthough it seamed tae have
shaped platform shaped like afrogused to transport heavy loads
scottish version of the europeanfrogprince theme it is set
and find a horrible plasticfrogburied in the sand its
nature leaping lena a durbanfroghas jumped 32 ft 3
good boy m1108: and afrogon his hand f1107: so
dae for do puddock forfrogand dowp for bottom we

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