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grun wis fer fyte wifrostan as jonsar laid doon
3 grun fyte like snafrostdis persist a winter sark
18th temp 0 5 fytefrostin the mornin fin we
27 temp 4 5 fytefrostin the mornin for us
awa doon past minus twafrostin the mornin fyte like
25th temp 1 5 fytefrostin the mornin jist eence
22 temp 5 9 fytefrostin the mornin turns oot
5 rainfall 2 6 fytefrostin the mornin wither dis
3 0 fyte is thefrostit glistens like sna dry
4 grun fer fyte wifrostjist like sna gran day
5 grun fer fyte wifrostlike sna richt cauld wi
see the grun fyte wifrostpits winter in oor mind
a thing fer fyte wifrostpits winter in oor minds
the dyke didnae see thefrostsparklin fyte noo ere s
hard an fyte like snafroststicks in nae bad ava
6 oot throo the nichtfrostdis loup again damp bit
sunday 1 temp 1 1frostdis loup an on comes
is the mornin eence mairfrostdis loup bit wither dis
friday 9 temp 0 10frostdis loup oot throo the
thursday 23rd temp 3 5frostdis loup oot throo the
unsteady cockerty rocky unsteady cogfrostnail on horse shoe coggie
pick black pitch black pikefrostnail on horse shoe pint
cog hole a hole forfrostnails in a horse shoe
frost hole a hole forfrostnails in a horse shoe
neep an tattie ingin leekfrostpits roses in yer cheek
mornin tae a bit ofrostpits winter in oor minds
ere s a fer bitfrostpits winter in oor minds
oor cairtin days amangst thefrostan sna ower at the
mair sna is it freshfrosti canna tell ata aye
sna for us tae seefrostthe day disnae seem tae
1 5 rainfall 1 16frosthis louped oot throo the
ere s a fer bitfrostbit a fine day again
s a fer bit ofrostfin we rise doon poors
0 4 fer bittie ofrostin o the air fine
s a fer bit ofrostin o the win cauld
bricht is the sky abeenfroststicks in an cuts tae
weak day fine an dryfroststicks in as the day
saturday 5 temp 2 0froststicks in for maist o
friday 3rd temp 2 2froststicks in the hale day
wednesday 28 temp 0 5frostin the mornin affa bare
wednesday 29th temp 0 8frostin the mornin affa fine
thursday 27th temp 0 6frostin the mornin en the
temp 0 4 is itfrostor mebbe it s thaw
22 3 0 is thatfrostor mebbe thaw dry cauld
there wis a richt hardfrostae mornin it wis jist
1 2 gran mornin wifrostin o the air weak
monday 26 temp 3 1frostin the mornin en sin
rainfall 5 16 ere sfrostin the mornin followed be
1 rise in the morninfrostsparkles sae bricht en the
o frost in the airfrostdis stick in cauld an
forrit forward fraucht a loadfrosthole a hole for frost
mair than a bit ofrostin the air frost dis
could be caa d afrosthole as weel frostin let
ere s a touch ofrostaffa cauld as weel licht
5 a wee touch ofrostat s fit we feel
ere s a touch ofrostbit it is fair saturday
shortly wi a touch ofrostere wis silence i took
taewards nicht a touch ofrosti feel rainfall 1 16
tae be a touch ofrostin on the air hale
s a wee touch ofrostin the air it s
rainfall 2 16 touch ofrostit s affa bare an
2 16 a touch ofrostoch bit fine an fair
4 a wee touch ofrostwe are gettin jist noo
day wither dis bide dryfrostsets in as the day
clears up an awa taefrostagain wednesday 4 temp 4
temp 1 2 fresh orfrostyou widnae ken ata taewards
rainfall average temperature amount offrostand wind may began the
o winter girse weirs afroststraichtjaiket in an oot o
his anguish caused by winterfrostthe seat was dry but
ones were always ruined byfrostbut they kept fresh for
icy nae a welcome sichtfrostor fresh nae sure aboot
wi in ma hert eternalfrostmedical a cauld comin watery
rise tae a bit ofrostin the air afore lang
weeks of snow and hardfrostan nae divaal the two
you never know when thefrostand snow can take you
6pm thank god more snowfrostevening monday 31 social cic
aye a thaa aifter hardfrostan snaa fairly howkit e
the first coort wi thefrostbein sae hard the tractor
nae a sweet ane thefrostit bein sae verra hard
freinship n friendship freist nfrostfuil n fool fuit n
frein n friend freist nfrostfuit n foot fund v
14 tuesday bad toothache dewdropsfrostovernight 15 wednesday 3 p
rigs o the nicht thefrostit wad freeze us an
a nicht o stars anfrostthe market cross like a
loch on ae nicht sfrostwi nae as muckle s
bit thon jist saftened thefrostinside them the smaaest thochtie
s reamin fu wi thawinfrostan dubs the noo twid
like gowan in december sfrostnoo is that no sublime
a spleetry shoor or twafrostsets in as the day
day in scotland chilled byfrostthe loyal robin shivers others
aye wi toom wames hoarfrostat dawn owls screeching ghosts
hubcaps an bonnets shine wifrostlike mowdies weariet shoppers skail
wis glittery an fite wifrostminnie hatit risin on frosty
bufft an nithert wi thefrostsit ye doun a whylie
haed twa hunder degrees ofrostin petersburg andrey ah hate
past its sell by datefrostcrackles across the lake where
the dipper when snaw anfrostentice me oot tae tramp
thole fifty d grees ofrostan doun on the riviera
the dee weirs bracelets ofrostand the river itsel rins
bacardi rum tae keep thefrosto the north east coast
fear o a nippick ofrostshe opened the door an
o sin windaes smouderin hoarfrostthe last hour of sun
flame a sure sign ofrostthe stars war that sherp
her aince a lullaby ofrostthis exile in the shaddas
kiss a got wis likfroston a neep caal nae
the straw to stop anyfrostpenetrating when the soil and
place when we finally partedfrostsat where tears should have
the engine is exposed tofrostwhen not working the water
i also remember the greatfrostwhen the bervie was frozen
tunes cuddle my marg infrostcrystal by crystal converting milk
murky misty days however nofrostjohn [censored: surname] was in edinburgh
the long term forecast sfrostjuly in arlington a blood
ice on the tents andfroston the ground in the
watt stewart cotton street thefrostsat in my cauldrife hairt
blizzards in the sky sharpfrostthat held the furrows in
aften followt be a quickfrostye cd see yer trails
of fire its fangs offrostis sensuality unending everlasting impotence
and its shoes on thefrostjust slithered and splayed it
high out of the tinselfrosta single blackbird bobs opens
earth is a nest offrosteggs a slow melting a
a cold hare after thefrosthas touched his feet with
had got a touchie offrostor cabbage brose with chappit
quite so a suggestion offrostreminded me not to get
is a volume of robertfrosts north of boston complete
was dressed as grand fatherfrostie santa claus and he
her fur lined boats thefrostcut to the bone left
and shoved blood smeared thefrostwe have reached the promised
new year cards showing fatherfrostand new year trees and

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