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sending fragments of hot rocksfrothscalding waves and molten splatter
cutter loads his boat wavesfrothlike small volcanoes the noiseless
in the peaty spate andfrothof a swirling pool tumbling
below replenished by a bubblingfrothfountain fat japanese carp swam
when you were fizz werefrothwere flamenco kicking legs drops
crown and anchor wiping thefrothfrom a glass of stout
it wid arrive aw whitefrothan helpless stanes behind wis
pints of export pulled theirfrothcaps down lagers simmered in
t his pee make afrothandy is sure that geordie
pee gone dry blossom likefrothfrom a beer mug overspills
geordie s pee makes afrothhe buttons up his trousers
coost ooto this melee ofrothan sweeshlin bree aneth the
like mistress overdone and masterfrothare self explanatory it is
work yourself up intae afrothjean the thespiosis kids are
a lot of other boysfrothon it he can t
was in a fair oldfrothmy bladder so full i

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