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or twa richt blaas atfullte road wi wreaths an
sons at darraknowe an mathrickfulltfrae their growin herds o
lang line o fitmarks atfulltin ahin ye bit ey
in carboord boxes an jistfulltem again as ey teemt
in e simmer i ayfullte black sheddie wi sticks
her joog fur him taefullther mither got aa her
o fir an pine itfulltthe muirs aroon gean blossoms
raxxed yer jaws an shefullther wame wi puddens an
aa the corn hersel anfulltit intil a pyock for
great big tank tae befullto pails o water an
he wis sae heich hefulltthe room an if luv
thocht o em as beinfulltwi milk bit it cd
as yet hid nae binfullt6 daith in a cauld

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