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the person is discharging thefunctionby virtue of being a
this act is discharging afunctionby virtue of this act
7 below is discharging afunctionby virtue of this act
7 below is discharging afunctionby virtue of this act
7 below is discharging afunctionby virtue of this act
person who is discharging thefunctionshall have regard to the
the manner of discharging thefunctionthat best secures the welfare
years 2 in discharging thefunctionthe person shall subject to
how do the rhyme schemesfunctionas discourse units that is
modal verb is an itsfunctionathin discourse thare wull then
quhilk hae a distinctly differentfunctionin discourse modren scots shaires
to the discharge of thefunctionand of which the person
to the discharge of thefunctionb the views of i
to the discharge of thefunctionc the importance of the
in the discharge of thefunctiond the importance of providing
the person shall discharge thefunctionin the manner that appears
the person shall discharge thefunctionin the manner that appears
bar is used as afunctionsuite by every college in
that the bar of afunctionsuite in a hotel was
the door that connected thefunctionsuite to a public bar
direction as respects the principalfunctionand such other function as
be prescribed as respects thefunctionthe principal function the scottish
respects the function the principalfunctionthe scottish ministers may direct
the exercise of the principalfunction2a where the scottish ministers
principal function and such otherfunctionas is mentioned in subsection
an appeal meeting at thisfunctionthe principal will however mention
the local authority of anyfunctionprescribed under paragraph a i
the nhs body of anyfunctionprescribed under paragraph a ii
may be prescribed being afunctionwhich in the opinion of
c the importance of thefunctionbeing discharged in the manner
to manner in which thisfunctionmight be satisfied although they
2 below 2 the otherfunctionis any other function of
other function is any otherfunctionof the authority or body
loast modal verbs thi overawfunctiono a modal verb remains
any power delegated with thefunction13 transfer of staff 1
itself exercising i the delegatedfunctionor ii any power delegated
in fact about how theyfunctionas main verbs that is
children can focus on thefunctionof verbs as doing words
to enable the parliament tofunctioneffectively follow the success of
of its own is tofunctioneffectively it is important that
what the sector requires tofunctioneffectively real costs must be
support that they need tofunctionsecurely and effectively thirdly there
the work which is thefunctionof another person the commissioner
and safeguarding rights the generalfunctionof the commissioner is to
and sport committee the keyfunctionof the commissioner is to
of the bill the generalfunctionof the commissioner is to
thare ar subtle differences infunctionan in thi semantic range
same but thi overaw grammaticalfunctionis different corbett 1997 offers
the exercise of an administrativefunctionof the public body for
the exercise of an administrativefunctionsection 5 1 e of
social usages the same languagefunctioncan be expressed in several
social usages the same languagefunctioncan be expressed in several
several different ways a languagefunctionor a grammar point learned
several different ways a languagefunctionor a grammar point learned
body in question a anyfunctioni which is mentioned in
public body only has onefunctionin the area the duties
c is connected with anyfunctionof that body 2 this
or is affected by anyfunctionof that body or c
only if the object orfunctionof the body or as
would be an obvious keyfunctionand an educational challenge for
make health promotion a keyfunctionof local authorities making them
market for trade a keyfunctionof the convention should be
the point that a keyfunctionof the icc is to
invited to a local authorityfunctionat which tea coffee and
that is a local authorityfunctionbut the bill provides that
the way in which thefunctionis exercised if the authority
performance by them of suchfunctionof that authority as may
acting in pursuance of anyfunctionof the local authority b
at end insert 1a thefunctionmentioned in subsection 1 a
services and develop new multifunctionfacilities by utilising their power
authorities and bodies of anyfunction24 short title and commencement
in any country the properfunctionof the theatre is to
the gaelic language in anyfunctionor duty arising under other
proposes to carry out anyfunctionor duty relating to the
any committee meeting or socialfunctionthat seemed to programme his
consent for any red crossfunctionto be held in the
undertaking of any task orfunctionwhich a member could reasonably
active citizenship how could societyfunctionwith any real quality of
or appropriate to remove thatfunctionfrom local authorities as some
says something about the homelessnessfunctionof local authorities but there
local authorities through their planningfunctionsupport collaboration between small and
out functions and insert afunctionmrs mary mulligan 108 in
those functions and insert thefunctionmrs mary mulligan 109 in
assembly which provides a deliberativefunctionto the committee of ministers
are the national arrangements thatfunctionbest is there a need
referred to the best valuefunctionto a strengthening of the
equation of how the financefunctiondevelops however it will not
however since it is thefunctionof dictionaries to reflect past
however must match the grammaticalfunctionof the word it could
local government pay as afunctionof the central government settlement
and social council its corefunctionis to offer strategic direction
we have a line managementfunctionover those members of staff
line 26 leave out fromfunctionto the end of line
uh huh like for afunctionin a pub which was
uk which will remove thefunctionof meat inspection from official
of carrying out its regulatoryfunctionon which we will be
which is a subject committeefunctionor the legal content which
service which it was theirfunctionto provide section 5 1
a meeting ceremony or officialfunctionwhich relates directly to or
review of the structure andfunctionof the scottish arts council
review of the structure andfunctionof the scottish arts council
summer leavers intimating the christmasfunctionmrs [censored: surname] will try and
activities and especially its propertyfunctiona criticism of the sda
position the mouth for itsfunctionas an orifice and so
all memory of its originalfunctionbonding with the divinity had
homes has performed its regulatoryfunctionextremely well under the new
they are relevant to thefunctionbeing discharged 3 the matters
in modern languages similarly thefunctionor notion is the starting
left eye is able tofunctionand i get along not
but will it have afunctionhugh dignon it is not
awesome site nevertheless whose actualfunctionis a mystery what impressed
executive the scottish executive tourismfunctionis described as sponsorship of
step a royal commission sfunctionis in solving difficult ethical
personal developing an individual identityfunctionis likely to be particularly
them a strong co ordinatingfunctionis needed to bring all
in organisation style size andfunctionthere is a darwinian survival
volunteers it is not theirfunctionto pick up services that
age it is proposed thisfunctionwill be achieved by promoting
to enable such teams tofunctionefficiently i move amendment 34
it will provide the essentialfunctionof challenging how we deliver
changing the date of thisfunctionfrom january to november was
debate about the purpose andfunctionof internal assessments pat cairns
naming game after teaching thefunctionof nouns as naming words
as well as the traditionalfunctionof regulating housing associations and
handout simply points to thefunctionof repetition as a decorative
legislation will be a regularfunctionof the european committee we
ms white the development fundingfunctionof the executive agency will
get too excited the financefunctionof the executive will develop
used adverb charades after thefunctionof this part of speech
part of a registrar sfunctionregistrars register births still births
of a building perform thatfunctiontechnical standards for disabled people
europe that works and canfunctionthe sort of structures that
home affairs committee could notfunctionwith the volume of legislation
have smooth lava formations thatfunctionas natural slides for children
in the first instance rarelyfunctionas they should the combination
with resourcing the new strategicfunctionbut those issues have not
will not become a treasuryfunctionin the way that some
from this literature an importantfunctionin scottish education should be
by bus decide to holdfunctionin institute tuesday 26 weather
glass stairway to the privatefunctionroom booked by the college
finding out about the worldfunctionand the personal developing an
the scottish executive whether liverfunctiontests are available to patients
sense that allows them tofunctionfully we have the means
held in recognised hotels andfunctionsuites so i expect the
we would be unable tofunctionno we d just find
intimacy that recorded each bodilyfunctionwith deeply comforting precision no
it s got piles ofunctionsuites ye- i mean hibs

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