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out of the scottish consolidatedfunda expenditure of the scottish
se 2001 91 scottish consolidatedfundaccounts for the period 1
entirely from the scottish consolidatedfundand if not what alternative
out of the scottish consolidatedfundand whether the plans have
paid into the scottish consolidatedfundas balancing payments as referred
made to the scottish consolidatedfundas balancing payments as referred
paid into the scottish consolidatedfundas balancing payments as referred
made from the scottish consolidatedfundas balancing payments as referred
payments to the scottish consolidatedfundas referred to in section
out of the scottish consolidatedfundexpenditure of the scottish ministers
out of the scottish consolidatedfundfor authorising the payment of
out of the scottish consolidatedfundi expenditure of the scottish
out of the scottish consolidatedfundi the expenses of the
out of the scottish consolidatedfundin consequence of the act
out of the scottish consolidatedfundin consequence of the act
out of the scottish consolidatedfundin consequence of the act
out of the scottish consolidatedfundin consequence of the act
out of the scottish consolidatedfundof the expenses of the
budget within the scottish consolidatedfunds1w 13089 alex neil to
out of the scottish consolidatedfundunder previous standing orders rule
out of the scottish consolidatedfundunder standing orders rule 9
expenditure on the scottish consolidatedfundwhat agreement it has given
debate on the modernising governmentfund11 30 am hm the
dedicated to the modernising governmentfundalan fraser although we have
us about the modernising governmentfundare in a united kingdom
tricia marwick the modernising governmentfundas an amendment to motion
tricia marwick the modernising governmentfundas an amendment to motion
question is the modernising governmentfundbased purely on consequentials that
support from the modernising governmentfundhave been successful at the
to examine the modernising governmentfundi invite alan fraser to
and through the modernising governmentfundincentivising a range of public
programmes as the modernising governmentfundis a relatively small programme
kick off the modernising governmentfundis based on support for
modernisation projects the modernising governmentfundis by no means the
percentage of the modernising governmentfundis made up of consequentials
doubt that our modernising governmentfundis precisely analogous to the
projects that the modernising governmentfundis resourcing intend to achieve
repeat that the modernising governmentfundis very small in comparison
round of the modernising governmentfundministers wanted to focus on
debate on the modernising governmentfunds1m 3150 mr andy kerr
award from the modernising governmentfundsome 2 million which at
andy kerr the modernising governmentfundthat the parliament notes the
approach through the modernising governmentfundto help deliver the changes
to discuss the modernising governmentfundwe will hear evidence from
round of the modernising governmentfundwhat projects will be supported
them up the modernising governmentfundwhich is financed by the
the housing revenue account generalfundcontribution limits scotland order 2000
the housing revenue account generalfundcontribution limits scotland order 2000
the housing revenue account generalfundcontribution limits scotland order 2000
the housing revenue account generalfundcontribution limits scotland order 2001
the housing revenue account generalfundcontribution limits scotland order 2002
the housing revenue account generalfundcontribution limits scotland order 2002
the housing revenue account generalfundcontribution limits scotland order 2003
the housing revenue account generalfundcontribution limits scotland order 2003
the housing revenue account generalfundcontribution limits scotland order 2003
the housing revenue account generalfundcontribution limits scotland order 2003
the housing revenue account generalfundcontribution limits scotland order 2003
the housing revenue account generalfundcontribution limits scotland order 2003
the housing revenue account generalfundcontribution limits scotland order 2003
act 1970 sportscotland national lotteryfundaccount 1999 00 se 2000
broken down by national lotteryfundand expressed i per capita
the letter the new opportunitiesfundis the newest lottery distributor
review of the sportscotland lotteryfundit is useful that both
russell s1m 2704 heritage lotteryfundlodged on 5 february 2002
course access the sports lotteryfundmoney how can we ensure
financial assistance via the communityfundpreviously the national lottery charities
grant from the heritage lotteryfunds1m 1496 mr brian monteith
review of the sportscotland lotteryfundstrategy as outlined in levelling
000 from the heritage lotteryfundthe punishing rate of editing
that one would expect tofundfrom within the housing revenue
pay from revenue budgets tofundpublic private partnership private finance
a surplus in its pensionfundby giving itself a contributions
a surplus in its pensionfundby giving itself a contributions
mcgrigor s1m 946 stg pensionfundlodged on 2 june 2000
s1m 909 post office pensionfundlodged on 24 may 2000
the scottish transport group pensionfundse 2001 131 and take
concerning scottish transport group pensionfundsurplus indemnities to be granted
from the group s pensionfundsurplus s1o 3840 2 bruce
946 alex neil stg pensionfundthat the parliament calls upon
donald gorrie post office pensionfundthat the parliament notes that
donald gorrie post office pensionfundthat the parliament notes that
to pay into the pensionfundthey started to take the
scottish transport group stg pensionfundto use the surpluses in
and urges post office pensionfundtrustees to review their policy
and urges post office pensionfundtrustees to review their policy
required for the purposes offundraising by professor alexander fenton
will lose anticipated income fromfundraising events scheduled to be
community was particularly active infundraising for the war effort
set up to help withfundraising this initiative grew directly
management of the project includingfundraising thus freeing the editors
secretary in connection with afundraising venture possibly in conjunction
enjoyed tea and strawberry tartsfundraising was an annual fete
well with the scottish universitiesfundraising would no longer be
had with the new opportunitiesfundabout the pe and sport
the uk wide new opportunitiesfundand communities fund in scotland
this year the new opportunitiesfundannounced the award of some
heard about the new opportunitiesfundas well the figures that
ritch programme manager new opportunitiesfunddr jim hunter iain macaskill
debate on the new opportunitiesfundfollowed by parliamentary bureau motions
debate on the new opportunitiesfundfollowed by parliamentary bureau motions
secure a separate new opportunitiesfundfor scotland s1w 29296 donald
funding from the new opportunitiesfundhas been disbursed and devolved
funded by the new opportunitiesfundhave been successful and who
funding through the new opportunitiesfundhowever the difficulty for an
part in the new opportunitiesfundict training and what conclusions
aware of the new opportunitiesfundin particular because the new
sport regarding the new opportunitiesfundin scotland s1w 7707 mr
new opportunities fund and communitiesfundin scotland the new fund
aim however the new opportunitiesfundis somewhat concerned about the
touched on the new opportunitiesfundit is heartening to see
the delivery of new opportunitiesfundprojects business bulletin no 129
suggest that the new opportunitiesfundputs aside a set amount
them through the new opportunitiesfunds1m 1106 ian jenkins sydney
creation of the new opportunitiesfundsupported by alex fergusson mrs
them through the new opportunitiesfundsupported by tommy sheridan shona
to the national heritage memorialfundthat the new opportunities funding
funds to the new opportunitiesfundthere is a distortion which
grants from the new opportunitiesfundto develop programmes across scotland
programmes under the new opportunitiesfundto help young people and
call on the new opportunitiesfundto recognise that while devolving
authorities empower the scottish opportunitiesfundto support adequate voluntary sector
to secure a scottish opportunitiesfundto take over the responsibilities
letter from the new opportunitiesfundto the committee david campbell
industry and the new opportunitiesfundunder the bio energy capital
particular because the new opportunitiesfundwas kind enough to write
bequest be for an organfundsee rankine bequest account 1st
scottish executive establish a sustainabilityfundin order to distribute revenues
scottish executive establish a sustainabilityfundin order to distribute revenues
has to establish a sustainabilityfundsimilar to that planned by
to establish a children sfundsouth of the border as
companies to establish a contingencyfundthe oil rig fabrication communities
to establish a route developmentfundto assist the development of
to establish a route developmentfundto assist the development of
executive to establish a hardshipfundto provide interest free loans
years and establish a newfundworth 20million per year to
it to the national loansfundand another loans fund i
executive has the public transportfundand the rural transport fund
fund and the rural transportfundboth of which have already
neighbourhood services fund when thatfundends s1w 33964 michael matheson
gangril merchants ye coud befundhere nou ah hae fund
loans fund and another loansfundi understand that some of
cammy dimps we re gonnaefundoot fund oot the day
we re gonnae fund ootfundoot the day what the
also with the rural transportfundthe public transport fund vehicle
transport fund the public transportfundvehicle excise duty remissions and
by the better neighbourhood servicesfundwhen that fund ends s1w
fund in scotland the newfundwill provide relevant voluntary organisations
fund here nou ah haefundye an ye want me
we move towards abandoning thatfundbut only after current projects
of edinburgh council will notfundcertain bethany projects because the
to the best way tofundcommunity and care projects supported
of public sector projects thefundis into its second round
but consideration of the developmentfundbudget for housing and the
budget that is used tofundcouncil housing development funding of
and whether it intends tofundany new stations on this
investment scotland a new loanfundfor the social economy it
easterhouse social inclusion partnership fullyfundgevco until the new funding
funded by the new futuresfundin each a constituency and
a statutory duty adequately tofundindependent advice services the new
which can be used tofundinvestment in new railway infrastructure
to new york fire departmentfundlodged on 30 october 2001
increase that with a newfundof 20million per year to
the extra resources needed tofundour additional and new commitments
periods under the new futuresfunds1w 33016 mr lloyd quinan
funded under the new futuresfunds1w 33018 richard lochhead to
2 of the new futuresfundto ensure the effective transition
that with a new 20millionfundto make the difference by
supported by a new 20millionfundto make the difference installing
replacement of the new futuresfundwhen it expires in april
post 2006 the european socialfundhas a considerable role to
have access to a ukfundthe sub post office start
to the establishment of afundto support post offices and
available to local government tofundan acceptable settlement and further
payments for a gaelic broadcastingfundlocal government gaelic names scotland
the local government settlements tofundpay awards b allow councils
government scotland act 1973 tofundtenants incentive schemes in designated
than coming from the generalfundthat way there would be
available under the rural transportfunda was made available in
fares scheme the rural transportfundand the rural community initiative
transport scheme is the onlyfundcontrolled by the shadow strategic
available through the rural transportfundin each year since 1998
available from the world heritagefundassistance is available through this
the learning disability services changefundavailable directly to voluntary organisations
assistance is available through thisfundfor preparatory work on tentative
that money is available tofundnicotine replacement therapies as outlined
information available from email ruralfundpostoffice co uk 10 westminster
are being made available tofundresearch into the causes of
available to local authorities tofundthe mccrone recommendations for teachers
glasgow under the city growthfundwill be made available in
amount of money that willfunda good party or one
had raised enough money tofunda part time editor and
countries the money from thisfundcomes mostly from dues paid
which i support such afundcould disburse money through those
of the money from eachfundis to go towards promoting
the changing children s servicesfundlet us ensure that money
to money from the communityfundmany voluntary organisations have told
money for the earl haigfundthe central council for the
money from the strategic wastefundto finance kerbside collection robin
money left in oor fightinfundye ll hae heard o
and solutions to everyday problemsfundexisting initiatives support voluntary and
of a voluntary sector developmentfundthat seems like a robust
ourselves to reviewing how wefundthe voluntary sector in april
councils in turn should notfundthe voluntary sector organisations that
for a voluntary sector developmentfundwhich i support such a
independent scottish voluntary sector developmentfundwhich rather like the department
on match funding under thefundand the eligibility criteria for
from using a the excellencefundb special needs funding c
more funding from the communityfundthe galling part of that
funding comes from the communityfundthe nof and sportscotland if
funding announcements of the communityfundwhich linda fabiani highlighted the
european structural funding the mainfundwhich provides assistance to many
through the better neighbourhood servicesfundand other such initiatives in
the changing children s servicesfundat 31 march 2002 broken
the learning disability services changefundis spent on implementing the
the changing children s servicesfunds1w 15154 mr adam ingram
the learning disability services changefunds1w 31132 mr duncan hamilton
the changing children s servicesfunds1w 34929 susan deacon to
advice and more important tofundsuch services appropriately i welcome
consultancy services it will partfundthe professional costs of establishing
a continuing cost requirement tofundthe services that will be
the changing children s servicesfundthe specific role of which
the changing children s servicesfundwill be distributed through formula
sector for example the communityfundis set to decline although
areas made it impossible tofundthe sector highland wide concern
sector does not exist tofundthe statutory sector on the
cigarettes oot o the fightinfundfir the twa three auld
an ah dout he sfundoot aboot his tree moula
the room desperately he sfundoot aboot the needle the
kent that she maun haefundoot anent his joukerie pawkerie
raise frae the settle afundoot at a hedna onie
yi dae it athoot gittinfundoot dimps aw here wi
go ti the funeral thenfundoot he s noh there
at aince an he fairliefundoot hou weill the horse
robby pause yin wae tifundoot if he s a
later on she says ifundoot later on eh when
but that s what shefundoot later on she says
but nou that ye haefundoot ma name ye maunna
bury wee micky they dfundoot she d go doon
ay a dout ye vefundoot sumthing ye soudna lady
en mair roused when afundoot that aw this swither
a rerr lauch yince theyfundoot that gin ye breathed
time that the scots noblesfundoot that the english uised
oneywhere it isnae easy taefundoot this address carolanne s
awa wi hissel when hefundoot thon seturday mornin that
sleikitest o murderers haes beenfundoot throw means o pyot
the table heid ah haenafundoot wha lit it yit
but it s dumfoonerin taefundoot whit a skoosh it
social life bitterly till ahfundoot whit the price wis
morven an wutnessed yon ifundoot yon nicht that twa
nae rules oneywhere ye llfundthat oot in coort at
infusion krista you ll neverfundthat oot you ll be
england obliges local authorities tofundat least 50 of a
local authorities under the excellencefundbroken down by the key
the contributions paid into thefundby the fire authorities in
and permit local authorities tofundfor example rudolph steiner schools
upon the scottish executive tofundlocal authorities adequately so that
be and that rather thanfundlocal authorities to do the
given to local authorities tofundsuch places s1o 2753 20
years to the strategic wastefundto assist local authorities in
to a schools repair contingencyfundto ensure that local authorities
under a moral obligation tofundall eligible applications under both
will be supported under thefundand what the outcomes of
sums payable out of thefundby or under any other
1 a above 1b afundestablished under subsection 1a above
glasgow under the city growthfunds1w 33026 pauline mcneill to
sums payable out of thatfundunder any other enactment followed
sums payable out of thatfundunder any other enactment supported
sums payable out of thefundunder or by virtue of
calendars proceeds to the restorationfund1948 22 children attending sunday
i recently attended a robertsonfundconference on vulnerable children whose
about establishing a children sfundin scotland and calls for
establishment of a children sfundlodged on 26 october 2000
establishment of a children sfundthat the parliament applauds the
innovative and creative children sfundwithout the complex system of
period of notice 2 supportfundemployees and contingencies 1 there
nonsense the endowment is tofundgrant support for students from
there shall be a supportfundmaintained administered and subject to
scottish executive whether it willfundor support an action for
an additional youth crime reductionfundto support diversion from crime
support diversion from crime thefundwill be worth up to
of the scottish rural partnershipfundsrdf and whether it intends
would cut in order tofundthe changes that it wants
are turned down the communityfundappears to say simply that
its fair share of communityfundawards despite there being 14
that is that the communityfundhas not told the group
funds and other european structuralfundprogrammes and community initatives response
excluded ironically from the communityfunds fair share initiative because
that applied to the communityfundwe must try to find
development through volunteering we currentlyfundabout 2 000 places across
the domestic abuse service developmentfundwill specifically assist with service
and to help him tofunda postgraduate course in information
the help the aged millenniumfundhas resulted in our now
the help the aged millenniumfundhas resulted in our now
sayin we soud stert afundti help the victims o
arrangements for paying into afundto help people who tend
oil rig fabrication communities contingencyfundto help those leaving the
s1m 2017 national kidney researchfund40th anniversary lodged on 15
s1m 2017 national kidney researchfund40th anniversary lodged on 15
s1m 2017 national kidney researchfund40th anniversary lodged on 15
gorrie s1m 3512 leukaemia researchfundcampaign lodged on 29 october
elder s1m 3512 leukaemia researchfundcampaign lodged on 29 october
of the administration of thefundlodged on 05 april 2002
sheridan s1m 1080 school repairsfundlodged on 3 july 2000
elder s1m 1080 school repairsfundlodged on 3 july 2000
murray s1m 1724 schools repairsfundlodged on 7 march 2001
fabiani s1m 2861 school repairsfundlodged on 7 march 2002
it to the national loansfundat the moment we have
it to the national loansfundthat payment is currently met
and out of hours activitiesfundthe seven national special needs
is coud ye no haefunda cleaner lyke barrae pepper
a day langsyne he haefundan aigil wi its fuit
for at lest ah haefundmasell from the chinese of
a bud sae fowk haefundo their fortouns nocht endures
but hinnerlie whan he haefundout whit he wes eftir
awa inby orm hae yefundsaucht nou thorfinn caressing valgerd
that ye wad never haefundthe aunser gin yeir dochter
he said sen ah haefundthe kie ti yeir riddil
s1m 1296 the brenda janefundportable ultra sound scanner appeal
of the administration of thefunds1m 2967 pauline mcneill fire
including better access to socialfundgrants improved regulation of consumer
including better access to socialfundgrants improved regulation of consumer
funds and the european socialfundin particular as discussed later
matters such as european socialfundregulations but it is now
from the european union structuralfundallocation mr welsh nice answer
scotland receiving the european structuralfundgrants announced on 5 april
october according to european structuralfundregulations the member state must
act b payments into thefundand to the scottish ministers
55 the health act 1999fundholding practices transfer of assets
55 the health act 1999fundholding practices transfer of assets
right the scottish executive willfunda long term training programme
executive whether it intends tofundan equivalent scottish audit to
operation of the scottish landfundincluding its remit functions membership
pe128 petition by world wildlifefundscotland calling for the scottish
able to apply to onefundscottish centres must apply to
scottish tourist board should corefundthe area tourist boards directly
testing the cameron gunn memorialfundthe only recognised scottish charity
testing the cameron gunn memorialfundthe only recognised scottish charity
that the best way tofundthe scottish water industry is
that the best way tofundthe scottish water industry is
what plans it has tofundthe scottish youth parliament in
executive whether it intends tofundand carry out research into
own pockets for a fightingfundand to turn out in
of sums out of thefundfor the maximum amount of
c out of which thefundholding body shall make payments
of sums out of thefundon a temporary basis and
gaun on but whan hefundout whit haed happent he
consequentials from the capital modernisationfundand the invest to save
is coming from the contingencyfundbut who knows we are
him from the lilt scrollfundis that easy to do
care but that we shouldfundit from the reserve as
113 came from the rankinefundit was thought that would
the church of scotland incomefundthe interest from which now
to setting up an organfundwith interest from the rankin
of our local council tofundcabx for the first time
the separation of the accessfundinto four discrete areas s1w
the first year of thefunds1w 33025 pauline mcneill to
bureaucracy in applications to thefunds1w 4787 dorothy grace elder
whether it will encourage andfundcolleges to offer business management
so and whether it willfundthe cost of such attendance
the 12 million business growthfundwill be administered whether copies
be funded b whether thefundwill be public or private
received a proof of conceptfundaward which will be used
the key areas which thefundcovers in the financial years
which linda fabiani highlighted thefundhas a remit to tackle
in subsection 1a above thefundholding body b into which
establishment and maintenance of afundi which may be held
being a teacher had afundof school stories which she
operational framework within which thefundoperates especially in the light
yeah skeevlo m830: which ifundroots o in the norn
to the third of thefunds three targets which is
tonne to a mineral trustfundsuch funds which have been
priorities of the health improvementfundto which 100 million has
objective 3 operational programme thefundwhich consists of five priorities
workers who paid into thefundthe meeting closed at 5
arrangements are in place tofundfourth year tuition fees for
cairds this year an pleasefundthe invoice for thaim inclosit
the necessary 280 000 tofundthe second year of the
the necessary 280 000 tofundthe second year of the
ava wes he ti befundan nane haed haird tell
elf ring wes ti befundan thare he watcht an
haet o him ti befundhe s ill eneuch ti
the ither chaumers thare shefundhirsell forenent the dure ti
naethin adae wi him profunditasfundnaebodie was speak ti him
he s noh ti befundoanywhere zeb zeb mah son
lyke is no ti befundoniewhaur in the haill warld
he wes naewhaur ti befundthe months gaed in an
the ingait is ti befundti the fairie haw ye
poverty believes that such afundwill go a long way
the church of scotland incomefund1895 smith bequest the smith
church of scotland trust incomefundvalue 816 63 [note: newspaper article extracts here in original] [note: photo: 'james riddoch as a young man.']
council has recently agreed tofunda citizens advice bureau i
determine people s ability tofunda mortgage the minister should
treachery and misdeed required tofunda smack habit indeed medieval
is using the programme tofunda study that is looking
devolution minister for agriculture tofundall eligible applications and therefore
some of the oil majorsfundan organisation called logic to
management provisions of course thefundcould have gone further to
donated to the jubilee prizefundd leavers coffee morning although
siciety and 5 to thefundfor guide dogs for the
the parliament s will tofundfree personal care for the
what plans it has tofundincreased numbers of uniformed police
teachers with little facility tofundinnovative approaches to language learning
heartening to see that thefundintends to implement the committee
allocation to the strategic wastefundis to be distributed between
to policy we continue tofundit and look forward to
executive had no power tofundit so a book mechanism
separate literature body just tofundlanguage and literature m055: [tut]
consider that point and tofundleadership training that should not
satellite connections for remote areasfundlinks to schools and public
by the north atlantic salmonfundnasf to accept compensation in
one off capital receipts tofundrecurring expenditure that was not
percentage of it went tofundrecycling rather than to deal
decision by the eu tofundschool milk at 75 of
applications for its 2 millionfundthat aims to promote regeneration
how much se received tofundthe exercise what input it
be kept as a permanentfundthe income to be annually
organisation advocates for animals tofundthe introduction of the members
will be given to thisfundthe president has written to
arise if nothing else tofundthe problem is in place
had agreed to continue tofundthe project a joint council
dti did not want tofundthe project and the executive
can recycling scheme helps tofundthe project it takes many
universities affirmed their willingness tofundthe project to completion the
health board is unable tofundthe use of all drugs
priorities and agreeing how tofundthem sarah boyack i could
try to transfer the jubileefundto a building society treasurer
relies totally on a trustfundto keep going the museum
use the surpluses in thefundto provide higher pensions for
the ending of the millenniumfundto return the share of
the endowment is not tofundtuition fees tuition fees are
years in the health improvementfundwill be allocated to argyll
2 000 still in thefundwith interest still to be
corporate body to organise andfundwith sponsorship if appropriate an
used more and more tofundwork that would otherwise have
mr gil paterson school repairsfundthat the parliament notes the
con dumfries and galloway hardshipfundthat the parliament notes with
lothians green aggregates tax sustainabilityfundthat the parliament recommends that
robin harper aggregates tax sustainabilityfundthat the parliament recommends that
no further use of thefundwas made after 1927 when
the waatoun he gaed anfundaa the streets an mercats
and a half times orfundall of the nhs accident
the bit wuid he hidfundan thinkin it wad mak
creditors at the international monetaryfundand world bank meetings in
the morra if they kinfundanither place even then agnes
a balancing statement of thefundat the end of the
o them cam frae galaxiesfundbi the thai astronomer sulu
breakdown of the schools excellencefundby project and amount for
the distribution of any excellencefundcore programme and special programme
of each of the excellencefundcore programmes in a 2001
was funded by the internationalfundfor animal welfare macmillan 1999
winner of the world widefundfor nature s award for
rspb and the world widefundfor nature wwf over the
establishment and maintenance of afundfor the purposes of subsection
of contracting with those whofundgroups the role of an
the last of the picnicfundhalloween party some remember attending
day ayont the fence wefundhim stiff an wet wi
the seturday hat gemm hefundhissel sittin at the same
clear the proof of conceptfundis an excellent start and
orra kinna fish uncle afundit in the gutter ootside
successful claims against that contingencyfundit will be the subject
o thon isna gaun taefundits wey intae the shops
i should have a contingencyfundjust in case the minister
twenty guineas for the poorsfundlilian on your own betty
kilos of wool and afundof creative energy the 5x4
auld chaipel is tae beifundon the laich road aboot
at next meeting f tercentenaryfundprize the surplus of mrs
institutions notes that the excellencefundsupports and encourages talent secondary
the scots language haes beenfundtae be ee grippin cause
would not how would itfundthe additional spending commitments that
fankle o the trees ifundthe brek o the mirk
therapy and the health improvementfundthe committee has been concerned
a quiet bedroom he ayefundthe hypnotic buzz o the
be in addition 1919 organfundthe kirk session minute dated
the school d tercentenary prizefundthe president and secretary had
record checks on volunteers andfundthe registration body and we
scourin the area till hefundthe right hoose agnes right
wes shair at he hedfundthe strang saur o willies
ferm faulds ir tae beifundthe wolf ferm hoose staunds
himsel the ither sister margaretfundthem raw nakit thegither in
as monie as can befundthirlman ah dout aw the
entrepreneurship the proof of conceptfundwas flagged up as being
aid of the dancing boardfundwhist tickets were 2s dance
and journalist brian is afundof knowledge and has been
people 10 remainder of 1994fundthere is almost 2 000
puir wee beast aa hefundwis its collar an he
far more important we mustfundexisting programmes and work by
group study funded by internationalfundfor animal welfare 35 fte
happiness an content can befundai it maun be graund
a hummil man dinna befundhere leave wi yeir bairns
be used for a contingencyfundin respect of indemnities against
dochter whaur it micht befundit is awa ferr awa
cent of people who currentlyfundtheir own residential care pay
teahous sae in he gaedfundhissel a place an sat
lintie fur he kent hefundhiz jo bot as uiswal
his cushion stew see yifundus ok dimps he s
a while he still hidnaefundyin sae he poued ower
last week ah still huvnaefundma bottom teeth wiggles her
ony compassion for yin thatfundhimsel wi sae miserable a
gret big sooster sae yefunda bit geordie cried big
a m gled ye vefundtime tae look in bit
[censored: forename] here inower ye llfundtwa exemplar cairds a poster
d seen us richt afunda cairt an a wis
there s nae siller taefunda music specialist sae i
english this mistaen fecht taefunda scots word tae uise
2006 a recent king sfundguide found that ageism is
a muckle nest egg taefundhimself an his aunt aroon
wait a meenit a vefundit in ma dictionar cried
hed been hei reponed afundmasel feelin ae lot better
now have a health improvementfundthat invests in a range
in a united kingdom widefundwhat discussions have you had
hauns whan they lookit theyfundat tho she wisna aathegither
naw hei wisna tae beifundefter ae whyle yid wis
no further activity in thisfundin arbuthnott 1874 allardice mortification
it or not cause theyfundit but er [laugh] er
faither s favorite hoond wesfundlyin deid wi his thrappil
it go let him gofundyer ain road gordon i

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