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in the extract from rolandfuriousespecially if you work across
john stewart of baldynneis rolandfuriousfor example the hero at
the four lines from rolandfuriousmake up a single elegant
example a very scots rolandfuriousso what is going on
ariosto s orlando furioso rolandfuriousto james in words that
the love story douglas isfuriousat caxton s perceived incompetence
the twa jean baxter wasfuriouson two counts she was
i was furious i wasfuriousbut the guy that played
got my medal i wasfuriousi was furious but the
rowing like mad rocketing alongfuriouspace faster and faster still
ten rings ten rings afuriousu r a c manager
was deid bessie fa gladysfuriousmary farquhar bessie i never
fire an a min gladysfuriousthat her story has been
this shona remains silent andfuriousmalcolm rebuckles his belt more
him he was jist plainfuriouswi her as if she
dream the broun ogre isfuriousat having lost the needle
siller sometime jonsar eck wisfuriousa hale damn day wasted
five poun jonsar eck wisfuriousbit said naething fin the
is ready to try dartingfuriousglances at anyone nearby this
fierceness ready to plunge thefurioushillside burns down into cladda
flatly no chrissie then fafuriousshe shakes her by the
proper english an i wasfuriousi dinnae ken far her
up wi smoke hanna wisfuriousget that damned fire oot
fish fish in a tankfuriousgills like millwheels rearrange water
any more but dark andfuriousand whirling like witches janie
sweeping the court with afuriousimperious stare we are not
on monday morning she wasfuriouswith me for not being
perhaps in this very roomfuriousthat its intentions had been
s happened tae her manfuriousat her body i canna
ken fit that means georgiefurioushe s tryin it on
in tears but still absolutelyfuriousdod an i got them
he kens better she isfuriousand he is frustrated by
granma mainland would have beenfuriousat this [note: picture of ewe being dried with a hairdryer, and having curlers put in] not to
nappy clad bottom with afuriousbump and glares up at
a sheaf of tracts angelicafuriousyou daft gowk this is
is talking nonsense bleezin isfuriousadeste hendecasyllabi farivver is wherever
aw the wey hame carolannefuriouswith sadie they d arrest

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