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hae onie peter uill ifyfeanerlie coll an oneste lawbour
thon laed the keingryke ofyfeat alang wi pairth wes
the lings ledeit ower tifyfebricht an onroustit thon wes
wirk wi a biggar fraefyfedaein the main contrak howsomdevir
ye wuid be gaun tifyfethe inkir hue o the
an wintirin on about ensfyfewes nemmit lang syne eftir
kent as the keingdome ofyfescotch keings bad thare fur
wuid be wyce ti laefyfealane nou the lest pynt
can ye wun ower tifyfewhitlik wul ye finnd thare
views expressed by mps mariafyfeand menzies campbell that the
a hie heid yin ifyfethe twenes wul be sauf
thochts ne er bothered williefyfefor him there was nocht

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