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yellow bird gorbelt young onesfykietae blaw means you cannot
kipple sleep snog whit weyfykiethe bawkie birds the comfortable
brose brose made with wheyfykietroublesome gaad goad wand gait
she wes a wee thingfykiean easie skunnert but ai
ti ken he s nofykiewi his meat queen grimly
the heuk it wis afykiejob but wullie stood it
fu about z guid dochtersfykiestate aft tymes he tuik
stoppin t wis nae lessfykieaifter ye d turnt aff
it was smaa an aafafykietae wirk bit it wis
ti hear ah m nofykiewi ma meat morag ir
airms things wadna be saefykiewe hear tell that whan
door till e gairden afykiepassage at first oot gey

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