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thrang gaed efter him fraegalileeand the ten brughs frae
god tae a brugh ogalileecaad nazareth tae a lass
wi him he strampit aagalileelearin them in their kirks
her gospel she quotes fromgalileesuffer the littlie children and
huleh and the sea ogalileeare caller lochs for thai
huleh and the sea ogalileeare caller wattir lochs wi
and oot o huleh andgalileebut rins anerlie intil the
danderin by the loch ogalileesaw twa brithers simon hecht
oot o the sea ogalileeand teems itsel intil the
brugh neist the sea ogalileewe jalouse he was a
land on wednesday i reachedgalileeon thursday i ate up
by us the sea ogalileeand the deid sea whan

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