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same size as the statutorygallonbefore 1426 whereas the wine
at the 1426 assize thegallonis doubled in size but
before 1426 whereas the winegallonwas half as big again
possible therefore that the 1426gallonwas introduced initially only as
and matched a 6 pintgallonwith the larger 1426 pint
amongst other changes that thegallonhas been doubled in size
assize the pint and thegallonare used through their weight
is also the 8 pintgallonat 8 gallons to the
replaced the older 6 pintgallonin trade this is more
evidence that an 8 pintgallonreplaced the older 6 pint
to becoming an 8 pintgallonthe pint therefore was increased
from being a 6 pintgallonto becoming an 8 pint
suggested that the 8 pintgallonwas in use before the
example pound stone pint andgallonwhich are also found in
are a pint and agallonwhich are respectively half as
parallel definition of the winegallonin the undatable david assize
assize the dost entry forgallonis in craigie s section
the creamery ye threw tengalloncans of milk intae the
f637: mmhm f638: big tengallonmilk cans and ye d
and quarts of the alegallonin addition to copies of
of sap to produce onegallonof syrup the syrup is
can deduce that the alegallonwas the same size as
attempt to quantify the tradinggallons size we will return
seen to mirror the 8gallonenglish grain bushel to some
the only statute form ofgallonin england differing from the
mirror of the english corngallonwhich was the only statute
to copies of the drygallonbut in scotland we have
grocers often in a twogallontin with a square handle
last time that the scotsgallonfigured in the dry measure
only as a dry definitiongallonintended to form part of
the dry measures and thegallonof the liquid series but
eck jist hid aboot agallono fuel left in his
motors fer foo fin twagallonwid hae deen jonsar eck
old glenlivet maybe half agallonhad seeped back from the
warehouse could magically generate agallonof whisky or more from
we are approaching the 4gallonand the 1 billion millennium
were 16 chopins to thegallonin the aberdeen records for

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