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thairsels hijack t bi agallusquine and a sonsie kirsty
different bracket your father getsgallusyour mother starts itchin to
a stride o loons wigallussark tails flappin a hackin
frae doon the toon agalluscrew we tradit insults staunin
gallus what s that m1004: gallusis flea bitten an ragged
f1054: what s the [inaudible]galluswhat s that m1004: gallus
the park flee aff atgalluscollie s bark a beech
alexandra parade or swaggered agallusaround people s palace ma
an gin they daur thegallusyins wad tak a dive
peety baith an that mygallusingine is ower mean ti
ye maun belang bauld angallusefter ae wee drink young
and jewellery m1004: a weegallusbachle f1054: oh that s
the act bus loads ofgallusglaswegians made the four weekly
their aff drawn works agalluseffort tae better its status
bed some young an lustygallusloon will set the horns
we were a pair ofgallusyoung gomerils one of us
the police f1144: they regallusf1143: aye an he he

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