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also damage economic interests particularlygamebirds and the game conservancy
december 1993 pp319 334 5gameconservancy 1992 game conservancy review
334 5 game conservancy 1992gameconservancy review of 1992 p120
role in the british countrysidegameconservancy trust hampshire 21 british
particularly game birds and thegameconservancy trust has evidence of
been carried out by thegameconservancy trust into the relative
to protect livestock fowl orgamebirds from attack by wild
fowl including wild fowl orgamebirds in or crops growing
timber fowl including wild fowlgamebirds or crops from attack
mink to protect fowl orgamebirds see section 2 2
necessary to protect livestock fowlgameor crops or in the
again i watched the brazilgameand the new zealand game
noo your askin boot mahgamebj lee s game nae
snooker game f1107: every snookergameevery day m1108: aye f1107:
oot the game oot thegamef1027: oot there f1024: yeah
like to play m1094: agamef1093: which game would you
a a bone domino g-gamef1103: a bone domino game
game f1103: a bone dominogamef1104: yep f1103: have ye
wanting to play every snookergamef1107: every snooker game every
party m964: as a partygamef963: as a party game
game well that s agamei don t want you
jilly ah ken what hurgameis pat game sounds like
lee s game nae rulesgamejist hur cawin the shots
mah game bj lee sgamenae rules game jist hur
game f963: as a partygameonly as a birthday sort
f1025: [laugh] f1024: oot thegameoot the game f1027: oot
the game true an realgamesilence berna sings on a
what hur game is patgamesounds like a bj word
game and the new zealandgamethe latter was on the
will yi noh play thegametrue an real game silence
we were only playin agamewell that s a game
m1094: a game f1093: whichgamewould you like m1094: there
m1055: and to play agamealister [cough] m1008: well you
we could play a percentagegameall night and argue about
it wis an affa evengamean as play went fae
f1135: did you play agameat playgroup f1136: nope just
what aboot to play agamecolin m1016: take part m1014:
want to play spotty doggamecome on then f1104: spotty
fishie f1113: what the fishiegamedid you play the fishie
what about to play agamef1006: [laugh] to play a
what about to play agamef1023: well i couldn t
[?]what do you do, what, what are you doing?[/?] [laugh] to play agamef1023: well i don t
t know to play agamef1025: [laugh] f1026: i would
you do to play agamef1025: [laugh] [laugh] f1023: you
re doin is play agamef1054: okay m1004: i i
be honest to play agamef1054: yeah cause north east
can we play our disneygamef1103: no f1104: why not
this do you like thisgamef1114: i play kerplunk f1113:
what about to play agamef1145: [inaudible] we would just
how to play a playgroundgamef963: is that universally true
f963: so as a partygamef965: to play only as
sisters friend play a skippinggamefront of stage his brother
play truant sleep play agamehit hard right did we
going to play a littlegamei m going to say
see now to play agame[inaudible] m1042: [inaudible] for that
[laugh] f1023: to play agamelike if you were gonnae
to play to play agamem1000: good eh n- no
aboot but to play agamem1002: no m999: there s
f1006: [laugh] to play agamem1004: i cannae think o
what aboot to play agamem1012: just just play aye
there ehm to play agamem1019: that one i was
be able to play thegamem1094: why why not do
go through and play thegamem1094: yeah f1093: here take
how do you play thegamem1110: play i f1109: have
s nae tae play agamem999: no no no no
to play m1017: just agamenothin else m1015: there s
then we can play thegamenow f1114: oops f1113: that
i ll play a quickgameo football wi you just
twa can play at thatgameoniewey ye d hae a
again this year as thegameprogressed the play got a
so something like a computergamewhere you can play against
you were gonnae play agameyeah but like what i
did you play the fishiegameyesterday f1114: yes not catch
jist git oan wi thegameyour fuckin play time ok
tell yi afore pause thisgameyur aye wantin ti play
that they had played thisgamecalled er what she called
subject and predicate combined thisgamecan be played as a
t you join us thisgamecan be played in groups
up to three lives thisgamecan be played using glossaries
she played with my dominogamef1103: oh f1104: i ve
played football or any ballgamef963: mmhm f965: but when
she had played her owngamefor him while the others
football that ever played thegamehe had no dirty tricks
landed free across a catchinggameplayed with two lines of
was serious and not agamethat was being played i
airsie and there was agamethe young folk played in
of it was when thegamewas played in the field
and out the windows thisgamewas played standing in a
cricket i think was agamewe played at because there
winnin the cup afore thegamewis played he coodnae stan
playin pitsliga did win thegamean the league bit ere
o anything for playin agamei just aye f1006: all
i wis playin some hidingamein a girse park an
and they were playin agameo football and they would
like he wis playin agameo patience i showed him
the stairs inside and thegamewe were playin was to
that equivalent capacity to protectgamebirds in relation to one
onybody venturin near his younggamebirds were sent packin wi
went round after a footballgameand picked up discarded cigarette
football association to reinstate thisgameas an annual fixture as
football association to reinstate thisgameas an annual fixture as
of the big boys footballgamebut they take no notice
what a travesty of agamekicking fouling football is at
football pitch after a muddygamemiss wood announces that today
able to have a goodgameof football on the grass
the ultimate yer oot thegamef1023: fain by fallin by
f1023: oh that kind ofgamef1026: is that what you
f1025: [inaudible] that was anothergamef1027: yeah aye f1023: and
i cannae mind th- thatgamemind o that f1023: i
as a- f1027: like agameof cards f1023: our age
well done you got thegameall ready mm m1094: mmhm
your [inaudible] [child noise] f1093: whatgameare we playing m1094: this
are we playing m1094: thisgamef1093: what s it called
it then f1093: a pairgamem1094: can i do it
and you set up thegamem1094: i will set it
up f1093: you got thegameset up m1094: yes f1093:
you like m1094: erm anothergamethink f1093: what would you
we ve nae finished thisgameyet m1094: oh bu- f1093:
no i ve got onegamef1093: i dinna think you
i can do it whatgameis this called f1093: it
f965: right right right greatgamef963: and there were sort
you re still in thegamef963: yeah mmhm f965: and
two pick teams for thisgamef965: oh getting chosen oh
what she called the pancakegamef965: oh you told me
could go back into thegamef965: that is probably the
it s a very cruelgame[inaudible] f965: because f963: [laugh]
i liked being in thegamem964: mm f963: yes f965:
avoid f963: mm f965: anygamethat was exclusive f963: mmhm
f965: that s the onlygamethey had in their head
f963: right f965: well thisgamewas great because nobody was
that s not in thegameand it needs f963: mm
that s only one marblesgamemm mmhm f963: that we-
they will make up agameof tig f963: mm mmhm
the ne erday old firmgameand we ended up on
this is a very oldgameknown in scotland from about
and chainy and the oldgameof tig when you touched
get to the old firmgameon january the the old
to the the ne erdaygamethe ne erday old firm
dam so many a hardgamewas specktated from the old
january the the old firmgamewas still on er ne
re doing good at thisgameare we mum f1103: aye
appr from ballingry bowling goodgamebeaten but fine tuesday 11
flat night bowling a goodgamedespite heavy rain beforehand we
kick the cannie a lovelygamef1043: [laugh] f1054: good ehm
to tranmere v crewe goodgamefog descends like smoke 5
was poised bam on sidegameover good effort lads way
motherwell 1 1 a goodgameraith inside men terrible 16
c 2 tranmere 4 goodgamespoiled by fog 19 saturday
100 scouts present films widegame[?]then[/?] campfire all very good
i ve got a goodgamewe can dae with the
i ve got a goodgamewe could dae right you
club 6 40 pm goodgamewe lose by 3 shots
saturday 8 bowling cowdenbeath goodgamewe win 73 72 but
29 8pm social cic goodgamewith sid king lose but
on it was a goodgameworth staying up to 2
on then f1104: spotty doggamef1103: remember you hae to
f1114: [inaudible] f1113: put thegameback in the boxie f1114:
[censored: forename] do you like thisgamedo you like kerplunk f1114:
one this is the lastgamef1114: this is the last
f1113: do you like thisgamef1114: yes f1113: right you
f1114: this is the lastgameit s all done f1113:
we ll hae a quickgameo the ball then f1114:
minutie thank you like thisgamethe best f1114: yes there
another round of his dreamgamekilling himself slowly with nicotine
with verbs this is anothergamewhich focuses on the nature
another point at a hoppinggamewhich she is embarassed to
then go on to anothergamewith another subject material apart
anything big in this writinggame18 friday 21 present at
small for the big boysgameand nobody his own age
ice hockey is the biggamehere and their big world
the big urinal where thegameis going on opens the
after a big shoot thegamewas driven to bervie station
draw 0 0 after finegame6 sunday go to see
of syllables determined the naminggameafter teaching the function of
lose 2 1 after hecticgamegeneral opinion that ref lost
yeah m1163: so after thegamewas finished obviously the priests
won 1 0 after scrappygamewe are nearly crushed to
to get you after thegameyouse are going to get
at [censored: forename] s f1109: fittgamedoes this [censored: forename] got that
ll hae to practise thegamefa s that doggie [censored: forename]
way there at tampere [censored: forename]gameme a 10 note which
the idea of [censored: forename] sgameoh well m1110: this i
a winner of [censored: forename] sgameyou are so you are
a winner of [censored: forename] sgameyou are sot m1110: i
fun oot in their neistgameay ere s a sortin
wis like een o yongamedogs that pinted oot tae
early dark and oot thegame[laugh] that s right aye
aye yeah oot ae thegamemmhm mmhm yeah f1026: [throat]
she continues quietly with thisgameandy is glowering fixedly at
come on then finish thisgamefirst look there s pieces
green flag this was agamefor boys and girls party
cried david warming to thegamefower yalla chukkens ken this
these parameters variations of thisgameinclude listing as many names
moore this is a longgameintroducing a tobacco advertising ban
f1097: right i think thisgameit s you hae to
his chances in the greatgameof cosmic canasta this is
a vacant lot this ferociousgameof kick the can crushing
we ll have one moregameokay the last one this
make a statement in thisgameplayers make up grammatical and
were fer up for thisgamepractice we hid trainin for
and sensible sentences this cardgameprovides a lively alternative to
s no zebras in thisgameright m1092: where lion f1091:
language development course in thisgamethe players take turns at
li there hesna been oniegamethis lang while yon s
daurna tak the hill forgamewi aa this sae we
sure that he got agamefin the teams were bein
of coorse come time thegamegot started it wis three
think you ve got onegamei think you ve got
got one strike in thegameit didn t get registered
is a clock for thegamemum why have you got
tomorrow that s a newgameshe s got and i
erm we had a roundersgamethat i got out of
she seems to like thegamea hat night in the
at the hibs st mirrengameand erm like er you
that s like giving thegameaway f943: but exactly you
like a hide and seekgamef1043: it s like hide
gin ye d like agameo bools wi yon fine
m1017: it s like agameo cairds m1014: we re
like a scene from stillgameoff the boat quick visit
the warld like onybody elsegameset an match tae faither
the dying moments of agameand only then if st
monday 19 very showery bouncegameonly at bowling civic week
erm just go into thegamebut i actually couldnae find
all day just a littlegameevery time the lady answers
league and the inaugural stillgamehogmanay special was just that
paralytic is just out thegameif you re paralytic you
quarter of the tigers huskersgamejust as clemson was making
m1017: it s just agamem1015: mmhm aye just to
or turkey pie 1lb cookedgame1 oz butter 1 small
united 1 not a badgamedunfermline should have won to
torquay 1 tranmere 3 bestgameof season at prenton mary
rust spots under car finegameon t v england 1
1 section 4 of thegamescotland act 1832 provisions about
out again it s agameall right but a serious
the process ah m fairgameso ah thought valium right
a coudnae get winnin thegamea took up ma fitba
you get the yum yumgamechildren are presented with three
can ye get uis somegamegin there s onie an
m hoping to get agamein soon at ten bucks
m hoping to get agameof golf in soon i
we must get into thegamethe convener before i call
2 at tynecastle a poorgame27 wednesday last day for
wee andy is playing agamea new one he is
order of preference in thegamea team gives answers in
before it was a sillygameadults knew the names of
those mannikins in a videogameand that s a sobering
1999 a question of balancegameanimals and their role in
said we ll hae agameat the deil s books
the gairden a daft chasingameatween the fruit bushes swingin
mean a nice long cardgamebut it usually ends up
up minus trainers had agamebut wasn t invited a
other team can steal thegameby giving a correct answer
doncaster 3 0 a dullgamecaroline mary pal leslie enjoy
f1122: it s a tennisgamef1121: mmhm there s a
to work out a cardgamefor strip jack naked a
genres sudden death jigsaw agamefor two small groups of
a bad thing mony agamehiv we lost wi bein
tennis m1007: participate in agamei m thinking maybe that
is that s a nicegameisn t it miss helen
be reduced to a meregameit is a justice system
a clue pat silence patgamejilly said lee hud a
as a sporting activity thegamekeeper held an important and
o sir archie roylance agameleggit war hero that ettles
really fun it was agamem1013: oh [inaudible] worth twae
a completely different er ballgamem608: yeah m1174: where yeah
chuck a ba in agamem999: aye aye chuck a
jilly said lee hud agamenoo your askin boot mah
him hid mony a gweedgameo fitba jonsar hid tae
cards an i mean agameof canasta can take two
birse cup then for agameof cards or as the
or draw me into agameof cards or whatever i
prized malt over a seriousgameof chess which would often
out the cards for agameof patience vershinin weill an
rising upwards life is agameof snakes and ladders he
the stock exchange is agameof squash however there is
it they went to thegameon saturdays booked five a
lose a life and thegameproceeds as the players try
of a ghost thus thegameproceeds as the players try
a version of the televisiongamepupils will gain from having
where your body says thegames a bogie gie up
a washed up coke addledgameshow host one was in
adore denigration s a slidderygamesleeping beauty the prophet muhammad
jack is also a cardgamestrip jack naked so there
strip jack naked a cardgamethat s danish that will
a variant of the lastgamethe teacher or first player
operators [laugh] it s agamethey have going [laugh] m1048:
score 18 17 a greatgamethursday 20 rbc bingo call
ye aye brocht a bitgameti sell us an we
her turn in a ballgameto go and call to
water and that was agameto mak perfume f1073: mm
saturday dad retires today widegamex for [?]amazon[/?] a great
it or he in agameyou know you re the
at the end of thegamesome discussion can take place
at the end of eachgamethe teacher can focus on
i ll go into thegamebut if you m1098: tha-
would say yer out thegamef1025: aye f1024: you re
mum have you won thegamei think you have well
ti ken what you regameis stew dimps gee the
medication different group therapy samegamestew you bastard ed ed
too f1025: what was thatgameyou ca- when you put
rules before you start thegameyou know it seems to
been the name o thegamean tae think the inspector
seemed to be all thegamethey could think of was
think the idea o thegamewould be to collect as
the chain and that wasgameover f1018: aye m1022: leevo
the centre m1021: the thegamei remember well is er
of the part of thegamem741: mmhm m605: yeah m741:
tells us what his fuckingameis he s noh disappearin
bj so what s thegamepat pat continues boxing bj
his she saw what theirgamewas she sent the wifie
burn rubber scaring away thegamethey re meant to find
into clauses clause patterns thegamedashing dad above where pupils
wis three meenits intae thegamefin the lace o the
taewards oor opponents suddenly thegameon the t v wis
wis pit bye fin thegamewis finished if he didnae
to 2 30am for thegameagainst brazil was heartbreaking the
of the team raised theirgameand the outcome was never
it was the sort ofgamehe liked deirdre walked off
bag wha was on thegamehersel and wha d shopped
primary school was so f812: gamem811: embarrassing though so many
them but all during thegamethere was er boys behind
s probably the most enduringgamethat i ve seen in
d given up on thegameof darts concentrating instead on
didn t watch the ussrgamebecause i d heard the
s the name o thatgamei don t know it
no way of playing thegameif people didn t obey
interested in playing the chairgametoo he doesn t have
the same the very samegameout in their numbers lookin
potatoe picking we arrange widegamefor tomorrow 4 saturday dad
uncle sandy doll is thegamenearly over ed are we
on in the elastic sentencegamehowever all the elements of
the wids o berries angamean lift as muckle neeps
the sort of alphabetical wordgameknown in scotland as the
certain land uses such asgamemanagement is currently unknown the
had ever tasted the gamiesgamekeepers were generous wiith rabbits
he s bringin ma bluidygameboy back echt am an
and medwell s clause consequencesgamefor p6 7 in english
recent hibs versus dundee unitedgamefor reporting hibernian fc s
mandy nelson s oan thegameher sister jacquie s jist
the deuk o buccleuch sgamekeepers ma faither an aw
fitbaa fitbaa is the favouritegameo mrs baxter s loon
cook for 10 12 minsgameor turkey pie 1lb cooked
predicates the winner of thegameis the player with most
to persons hunting is repealedgamelicences act 1860 c 90
the raft in morning widegameafternoon found 6 in wallet
the wider countryside for agriculturalgameand conservation reasons 3 4
rented the key gave thegameaway i saw fascinated the
care the poultry meat farmedgamebird meat and rabbit meat
care the poultry meat farmedgamebird meat and rabbit meat
opinion that ref lost thegamefor raith 25 monday dad
in the vilage efter thegamehardie tackle went intae the
and suddenly tires of thegamehe dropped the subject and
brian monteith will raise hisgamein that respect in the
in section 5 of thegamelicences act 1860 exceptions and
by playing the elastic sentencegameopen university language development course
lid for the spotty doggameput that in the box
my bluff and again thegameseemed to unlock the students
by storm to win thegamethe league and the championship
the second half of thegamethey came alive watching them
cannot stay ahead of thegameunless they have access to
the snakes and ladders traininggamewhich some members might have
owners of these estates thegamewill be taken and returned
bits first 20 mins ofgametynecastle no more for me
to liverpool v chelsea greatgame12 sunday to [illegible] church
1980s andy winning butcher andgamedealer he came from auchenblae
rabbits hares other pests andgamein order to shoot them
are widely controlled particularly bygamekeepers control tends to be
in order to shoot themgamekeeping interests in particular have
faca tu an raoir stillgamem979: chunnaic f980: am faca
working with land managers andgamemanagers who might be involved
8 consequential amendments and repealsgamescotland act 1832 c 68

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