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yer ker haund is eegandoon the hill end yonner
ker haund juist efter eeganowre the maislee brig frae
yer ker haund is eeganup the waitter gate fornenst
straight agnes if you reganah m gan margaret naw
you re gan ah mganmargaret naw ye re no
whaur on earth are yeganmother ah m gan tae
gan solid or my macaronigansloppy i asks her sour
wobbly is that my soupgansolid or my macaroni gan
ye gan mother ah mgantae speak tae these three
eh nae gan to naeganto eat aa them are
roon this ains eh naeganto nae gan to eat
an philhope ferms is eeganforrit an owre the elrig
afore ee gang forrit taeganowre mertin s brig tae
waiter heid ee begin taeganup whit wis kent is
iad an robh thu fadagancur a staigh an robh
am bi oh bidh iadganithe aig na barraichean an
leotha m979: tha iad fhathastganreic ge ta gheibh thu
lizzie so fit are youganto be seen deid at
shelter grannie lizzie i mganto my bed if the
angelica nae again are youganto the shelter grannie lizzie
disapproving muriel ye re naeganoot lookin like that angelica
damage there is i mganroon to angelica s exit
go dinna be ower lateganto bed angelica jist comin
georgie oh they ll keepganfitever happens the air force
your hair georgie i mganto be the only een
that s it i wasganto brush the fleer georgie
georgie corrode them you reganto corrode my brain chrissie
canna min fit i wasganto hit wi it georgie
brush listening georgie are youganto the social chrissie chrissie
dae an thit hei cuidganroond wi geordie is hei
the auld chaipel yonner taegantae hawick is hei sat
pause onywye fit are youganto dee aboot ronnie chrissie
awa noo bessie are yegandoon the toon the morn
bessie an i m naeganinto a home i m
change bessie i m naegantae bide wi her pointing
bessie firmly i m naegantae een onywey peggy weel
enjoy it bessie are yegantae tell her aboot it
she ll jist ha eganalang wi it jist like
chair tired noo i mgantae ha e a bittie
s decided i m naegantae ha e bairns i
aye she said she wasganhame dod at s fine
mercy onywey dod i mganroon there noo tae see
be that dod i mganto aiberdeen to collect religious
livingstone peggy but fit sgantae happen loretta she s
line peggy ye re naeganthrough the whale thing are
dinna sulk ma we regantae dee it so you
there was something i wasganto ask you to dee
looks round vaguely you wereganto dee a job for
this stuff fit s itganto dee to my heid
o ma beliefs ah mganno fer a holiday agnes
that margaret margaret ah mgantae run awa agnes ye
agnes but whaur will yeganthomas huh naebody wid hae
lumner knowes a yaised taeganroon the hill sumtymes wi
i can jist see meganroon the wards pointin oot
it tried wi just youganaboot in it so fit
hoo seen you d beganhame that s fit hospital
i could see fit wasganon a richt toby was
gladys michty me fit sganon she laughs delightedly fa
tae happen loretta she sgantae bide on here fit
dogs but fit are youganto ca the bairns that
me but fit am iganto fill it wi fan
s twae dafties he hadnaganhauf a mile farther oan
the central themes an issuesganoan throu the buik that
ti that pause here timesganoan where is mah son
bile the wye he wasganon a pious an uppity
much mair you ll beganthe wye o addy afore
s the wye you wereganto turn oot but look
s there i m naeganbut i held it back
visit them i m naeganfar i m nae wanted
answer next time i mganin to the animal hospital
thomas weel ah m definitelyganit souns great margaret souns
sit doon i m justgantae mak a cup o
this willnae dae ah mgantae see aboot this she
bursting with pride i mganto be the gala queen
m1128: i i i mganto give it to simba
get fae him i mganto mak her up a
noticing it weel i mganto pull mysel thegether toots
21 and i was jistganto say if i m
m brakin oot i mganto the bad i m
rin loon rin i mganup the stairs tae help
ken foo lang it sgantae laist pause i said
wi hur tess watchin hurganti the post mistress pause
the air force is jistganmad for their bitties o
o thing she was jistganto be discovered by sam
ye seen a baldie manganaboot wi nae breeks my
doon wee batteries keep themganan it s nae use
s nae wey she sgantae a meditation centre wi
his mind he s naeganthat wouldna ve surprised me
you ve missed by naeganto school toots i loved
nae dochter o mine sgantraipsing through the streets dolled
bodach beag is rop airganithe bha m979: rop thiochdais
am air thalamh thaganithe rudan sg- grànda m979:
ca cannie mother exactly folkganin fear an trepidation oor
dear mother ye werenae evengantae say father ah dinnae
ma faither wis aboot taeganhame jock short kam til
thir hame environment when theygantae the scuil a wean
laughs silence tess ah llganaheid wi the lantern mak
smugly i min the sodgersganaff tae the war marching
faither said tae his wifeganawa an see if oor
for his career he sgantae be a plumber na
for 84 years am igantae be the een tae
fitt fitt santa s maybegantae bring you m1090: [?]what's that?[/?]
fae cumberland whae decides taegantae canada tae fin his
did ye think ah wasgantae confront claverhouse masel father
worried aboot hoo you regantae manage on your ain
dad said jackie we neednagantae the city i hae
i the hoose happent taegantae the stick hoose anenst
you look up farr yougantae then [inaudible] m1108: mm
aister yillmuir traffic hed taeganthrowe a ford it the
you should have seen himganto the ootside lavvy in
he sulket for three monthsganaboot the place shiverin as
i dinna haud wi folkganinto a mairriage wi secrets
the feelin there s somethingganon that you dinna understand
kent fine she watched meganawa withoot them and never
next door but instead oganin through the door i
door no it was neilganoot i sent him ower
skelps maybe kept im faeganto the dogs a thegither
s f1109: oh ye reganaway in a lorry to
wee drappie if ye reganby there yin day they
suspect that you re reallyganin for the coupons an
man but far am iganto find a man stuck
am but i d beenganto tak things a bittie
ye ken far she wasganjim aye she said she
movin inside the heat sganoot o the sun gladys
if they thocht you wereganto fa ower deid in
needin t for are youganto a dance or something
thousand tyme a rewe heganhire kisse and she obeyed
lori yur horses ur hungryganfeed them some haye then
toon richt hinna got muckleganfor them fitever s wrang
a dhèanamh so bha egancumail s e an aon
asks the electrician are youganfor a operation on your
m1098: no f1097: where youganto move the road to
wis aye speirin whit sganwrang i thocht it wis
religious as if he wasganto say a prayer an
wis naebody fur yi tiganti an yi talk si
f1109: who s who sganto come and visit bob
second jobs but he wasnaganto let political principles get

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