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gable gait way gang gogarcompel gaun going gaw gall
v go gangril n vagrantgarv compel gat v got
v go gangril n vagrantgarv compel gaun v going
n way gang v gogarv compel gether v collect
me yer very name cangarfolk grue there s naebody
o puirtith and skaith whilkgarme grue for in siccan
cock craa cat an corbiegarye grue at halloween nichtmares
be oot or cauld willgarye grue in mony s
on him wes aneuch tigarye grue queen bitterly o
anither spit turn ae patgaranither pat play lat rashiecoat
syne she said ae peatgaranither peat burn ae spit
anither peat burn ae spitgaranither spit turn ae pat
feet wir sair eneuch taegarme greet a lang road
och ye re like taegarme greet cut fae yer
blunder it s enough taegarme greet for they winnae
ithers torment you an fairgarye greet but for aa
was wearing better it wouldgarye greet to see govan
thair wairders heids tho yegargurlie seas foonder gret ships
seas foonder gret ships angarpalaces cowp owre thair foonds
o the fusky that cudgarauntie nell s cousin s
micht hae nae term cudgarsic muckle dreid an herm
if they cud spikk michtgarye scrat yer heid tae
bargain wi the deil taegarguidwives an bairnies squeal gane
weill hit s eneuch tigarthe deil defect as last
wu an the ithers michtnagarhim byde the cottars he
for masell ah coud shuirliegarhim forget the lykes o
s day wumman ye fairliegarme dout masell whan ye
an the auld maister michtnagarhim byde but juist hed
douk in reikin wounds orgarkyth anither golgotha a canna
daut yeir whyte locks angarye forget the dule that
rewaird an wad that nogaraa the warld lauch gin
aa that the meenister wadgaraabody pray fur the deid
his sark blaik fuzz wadgarhim scrat an flech betimes
o guid wyne that wadgarhim sleep soun the haill
she likit them jenny wadgarthe chiel sit doon an
the princess cuid say wadgarthe puddok chynge his mynd
barman hou wad we daurgarthem greit an girn juist
naither ah wad it wadgarye bowk thare she tethers
yokit on him sairly taegarhim speak o mony things
wey o t a llgara bodie gang ti the
gamie gamekeeper gang to gogarto make force geck neckit
mirk o the cairrie agarwhidderin wunds ay gang on
throu gladiolie an the ickersgarthae auld boys pricks swall
kinna education miracle that llgarthae speakers tae aw stert
guidman elimelech aucht puirtith michtgarher sell it awa frae
brute wi lungs that couldgarthe rafters rattle but easy
but wutch can ye nogaryeirsell rin it s easy
waucht i the forenicht tigarhim sleep ticht an sae
the mist the waukrife deidgarye takk heed fa quit
yeir teeth or ah lgarjek pit the branks on
yeir saet the nou angarthaim feel at hame macbeth
yeir merk in lyfe tigarye feel at ease whaure
trouble ava that could stillgara man s heid turn
are ben yer croon juistgarher pou yer troosers doon
aneth a heilan star theygarme lang fur loch an
mall an yuppie bar theygarme lang fur lochan s
it upsides doon fit widgara man tak it intill
peggy duncan verse it sgarher een sei strechter that
bei a keekin gless taegarher een sei streichter for
feart that her ma widgarher weir a auld pair
giein owre thegither a llgarthe twa o them tak
fowk the hoi polloi angarthe educatit fowk dae a
jist fit wis nott taegarthe tatties slide doon but
daft kipper tearfully ye lgarme greit anaw masha ah
as weel ye cd fairlygare weers twang if ye
the lum thon craas llgarye jink foo daur ye
scholar street bi turns couldgarye rage or lauch or
glore as a glintworm winnagarye shine an a dout
on a fillin jeeze cangarye skirl at ilkie swallie
deleivert bi a drab tigarthe skink growe fierce an
what haed he duin tigarhim leave the kintrie ross
she powked it up taegarit daunce afore pittin tee
an dunts the tree taegarit drap a nut an
think on policies for helpingarpublic attitudes tae language be
the warm watter wis taegarthe coo think its calflie
tae makk a spell taegarthe lichtenin crack bit fin
an minnie wis sent taegarthe littlins chant their tables
things maun be dune taegarthis brugh the bonniest and
hiv tae learn foo taegartools wirk as extensions o
lealty be coft wi somethingarus tae be gleg tae
ti rax your sang angarit bleeze the bluid and
on dragon tiger brae tigarthem busk theirsels ti get
god naething but daith sallgarus twine whan naomi jalousit
that sword o yours asgarme bluid awa man uise
is not in christendoom shallgarme die sicken dead the
they were mine i dgarthem go a long gone
records scotland act that willgaraw education providers mak an
o tammas s houss didnagarm muive a mussil o
bouk o the airmie angarthe skouts gie fauns reports
o nivver feidin flouers wuidgaruz ug jeilies on bakkie
ma bonnie lassie or daithgarus pairt the dream puddok
dow cried out it llgarit grow wi a vengeance
ding the bells see angarthe gantrees dirl soun the

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