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2 3 spring onions clovegarlic1 hot red seeded pepper
onion finely chopped 1 clovegarlic1 lb minced beef 6
by crushing a clove ofgarlicand mixing in some mustard
tbspn chopped parsley 1 clovegarliccrushed ½ tspn prepared mustard
2 medium potatoes 1 clovegarliccrushed 1 pt chicken stock
tbsp cider vinegar 1 clovegarliccrushed 1 tsp soy sauce
1 onion sliced 1 clovegarliccrushed 2 stocks celery chopped
oz sour cream small clovegarliccrushed 2 tspns vinegar ½
pepper thinly sliced 1 clovegarliccrushed fry 2 3 mins
1 bay leaf 1 clovegarlicin about 1 ½ pts
an onion 1 clove ofgarlicolive oil 1 rasher of
large onion 2 3 clovesgarlic1 in 2cm piece ginger
till onions soft 6 clovesgarliccrushed 4 lb ripe tomatoes
2 onions chopped 2 clovesgarliccrushed 8 oz red lentils
egg yolks 6 cloves ofgarliccrushed salt 250ml olive oil
large onion chopped 2 clovesgarliccrushed sauté till onion is
med onions chopped 4 clovesgarliccrushed sauté till onion is
large onions chopped 2 clovesgarliccrushed sauté till onion softens
onion thinly sliced 3 clovesgarlicfry together till soft then
dice onions 1 2 clovesgarlicsmall piece root ginger 3
onions couple of cloves ofgarlictwo beef oxo cubes plus
the kitchen jimmy had crushedgarliczested a lime added some
and add the onion andgarlicallow this to cook gently
pot meanwhile chop onion andgarlicand fry till clear at
to be cooked bacon oniongarliccrack three eggs into a
legs of bird mince oniongarlicginger to paste add coriander
meanwhile chop the onion andgarlicif used put in a
packet of fresh filled pastagarliconion tin of tomatoes the
onion finely and crush thegarlicput the spaghetti in to
peppers onion stock cube touchgarlicreg 4 for about an
spring onions chopped pepper mustardgarliccook the potatoes chop each
boil rice 2 fry onionsgarlicin butter 3 add meat
good beef cubed onions mushroomsgarlicsmall tin tomato purée cream
separate the circles chop thegarlicheat a little oil in
the freezer and get agarlicbread f1112: okay f1111: right
the freezer and get agarlicbread please f1112: mum [inaudible]
say it again garlic garlicgarlicbut he s awa runnin
i say it again garlicgarlicgarlic but he s awa
garlic i say it againgarlicgarlic garlic but he s
i laugh it s onlygarlici say it again garlic
tae fry me an magarlichigh tails it awa roon
hot drop in the choppedgarlicand stir around with scissors
wine 2 tblspn oil 1garlicfinely chopped 1 ginger
dash chilli sauce ¼ tspgarlicsalt 2 oz chopped parsley
tomatoes the ones with addedgarlicor chillis are especially useful
4oz softened butter ¼ tspgarlicpowder spread generously between slices
burgundy pishori rice bay leavesgarlicoregano root ginger 1 set
cream dash tabasco sauce pinchgarlicpowder pinch black pepper ¼
of crusty bread olive oilgarlicheat the grill and toast
3 rashers of back bacongarlicolive oil seasoning drizzle a
a creamy white wine andgarlicsauce or would that be
it s too near lunchtimegarlicbread just now f1112: [away from microphone for 30 seconds]
door f1112: there s nogarlicbread there f1111: there must
of fr bread or biscuitsgarlicloaf cut long french loaf
375 5 1hr brown potsgarlic1st carrots pots parsnips apple
in a bowl with thegarlicand a little salt until
all his breath stank ofgarlicand sweaty socks obviously he
that his breath smelt ofgarlicchildishly but compulsively he fantasised
normal or red for saladsgarlicfresh parmesan will keep longer
i rubbed ma mither sgarlicpaste aw roon aboot ma
i chapped up a halegarlican shoved it in ma
wis ma turn tae leergarlici tell him noo we
ready fur him wee bitgarlicin ma pooch whaur he
good she reasoned dolly ategarliccopiously to prod a sluggish
good i started with agarlicsoup and followed up with
ve used a lot ofgarlici m glad you said
hae tae git mcandrew sortitgarlicthat wis the first hing
woods suddenly scent of wildgarlicseasons my stroll stirring the
o it cheremsha stinks lykegarlicandrey imploringly wul ye drap

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