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is this unco thocht thatgarsma hair birss up an
ma hair birss up angarsma hert gae stoundin in
ye maun allou maister itgarsme tak a pryde in
lowps ti lowse pouer thatgarsit lowp again oor luve
lowps on ma back angarsme gallop for myles ower
all this mim moued respectabilitygarsme grue jack deana tell
canna byde hearin hir itgarsme grue ma skin haes
whirr like a copter thisgarsme grue the sicht o
tae naomi s guidman naomigarsboaz blate and auld young
o the daunce this meisurgarsthe verra corn daunce tae
gaen throu ma days atgarsthis unco rue ryve at
hey ho irena starts awthinggarsme lowp the day a
clouds o larick prancin itgarsthe waves lowp by like
cherry cheeks and yallow hairgarsme gae maiden for evermair
malcolm mebbe that is whatgarsme hae ma inner douts
daffing wi deana dow itgarsme nervish to hear them
ye fauch faced loun whatgarsye luik sae whyte aboot
micht be richt cawed thatgarsthe sun ryse an set
i sall want nocht hegarsme doun tae ligg amang
it fills yer hert angarsye sing aye robin sighed
mistress micht ah spier whitgarsye sing sic a byordnar
scotch comic sez ae beatgarsaa blaik skinnt fowk tap
you an the sick feargarsyour insides turn tae watter
sumthing ryal in his naiturgarsme be feart he s
the warld the warld thatgarsme tichten like a neive
that jeels the hairt thatgarsfowk turn the heatin up
war bricht wi howp whitgarsus turn sae dowf an
up aw the weeds itgarsthe daisies lift their heids
the stuffie wadna haud hitgarsan honest deil ti wish
eat it even if itgarsme cowk last wikk da
felt aboot ye afore itgarsme feel lyke ah wes
andy god be here whitgarsye think that caird i
o the property awners angarsthaim fend thair gear in
thon but want o spacegarsus keep the examples doon
gaed tae the nave itgarsye lauch tae think ont
o juda in bethlehem puirtithgarsruth gaither frae the rigs

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