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he wes that ugsum hegartthe saicont princess grue an
halie an releegious rizzens itgartthem sair grue that cannibalism
drave him erselins owre angarthim loss his rung wang
o the green the laddiegarthis rung birl roun like
the heid o the knowegartminnie lowse the buttons on
set them tae wirk fagartthem lowse fur a break
passin o this act thatgartthe breardin o new derogatory
the lug in passin thatgartthe side o ma heid
the toun s tenants wargartgree tae the antrin joab
in the antrin throat thatgartit craik like a corbie
it wis sae sair itgartme greet 12 you say
ye sang yon weel itgartme greet like tyke tae
sowel apologised an gey neargartme greet wee craiter raivelt
a sicht waur for hegarthir spin an mak claes
aboot that mysie wes nevergartspin for the lave o
he is oor saught whagartbaith ane and brak the
he is oor saught whagartbaith ane and brak the
fowk feelin wi the leidsgartthaim that spoke thaim aw
fowk feelin wi the leidsgartthaim that spoke thaim aw
like a banshee the deilgartaa his pupils pledge their
deil wes t than thatgartye brek this unco skame
them doon the ice thongartit shift eneuch tae see
they cursed the warlock fagartthem shift wi his spells
fasht nae mair the abbeymaistergartset out a braw denner
an in the benmaist haagartset out denner an drink
weel in the past jennygarther brither luik ower the
eyn o her snoot thatgarther luik like hoolet her
the court an syne hegartcry throu aw the kintrie
you say made we saygartyou say cry we say
ye breathed oot fast itgarta kinna rude fartin soond
kinna dreich sootherin effeck thatgarthim faw ower tae sleep
bit feart sae it ayegartthaim feel better when they
english whit wis it thatgartthaim pit thair fit in
prick like the spinnle thatgartthe princess sleep fur a
lucky hour prefixt the eldergartthe bells ring and the
chaip like bit o skirtgartthe gowden ring on her
swaddlin goun the lullaby thatgartme sleep it wis the
bentset on follaein him hegarthir cairrie the houss dure
aye ill at meg angarthir haigil the houss dure
dominie john m amess whagartus lear the wark o
bricht an clear shi jingarthis cottars slauchter a muckle
hid bin muckle wars thatgartthe winter tae cam an
at thon tyme thae taillsgartma fowks argie bargie lik
tae sae neist day hegarthis fowk fin out a
spake proper or no thisgartmaist fowk tae judge a
wes cairriein his bairn thisgarthir grein ti see hir
the royal bairn remeid thisgartthe heivenlie court tak peitie
yon armour foo strang itgarther feel fur naethin ava
likit the sky train itgarthim feel some like an
bit i drew an itgartme feel like god creatin
the mither that weill shegarthir dochter lay the yoke
battle o solway moss thisgarthim tak til his bed
tak him silly thing hegartme say tellin him ti
blek blek tid an shegartthe keing mak reddie a
five times mair afore theygarthim byde at peace ance
mense raither nor fear thatgarthim rin l macduff mense
the only time the fangarthim wauken wis the odd
pyocher laid him up angarthim wheeze like a kist
took me wi him eencegartme haud the shotgun pynt
calfskin clartit wi phosporus thatgartit glow green an oorie
bring a creepie and hegartthe owrancer set hissel doun
as she askit syne shegartbeatrix sweir an aith that
law o god whilk hadgartthem be a by ordinar
frae the park aneth seengarther steer fur isie menzies
took ower the kingdom angartpeer mary sign a paper
scottish vocabulary items such asgartthem cast kists er made
i the clachan an hegartthem come ilkane ti the
at nicht bit the heatgartthem dirl an itch aa
centaurs satyrs an minotaurs thatgartthem jalouse men bred wi
s guidin plan that earlygartme unnerstaun the singer s
clincher the decidin factor thatgartme wint tae gae back
me an bi compulsion hegartthe matchwyfe hae me bandit
no a duntin thrummin soungartaa three stert aboot in
the colours they war ayegartan aw tae gaun tae
they were beddit the lordgarther conceive and she had
her da the bruce sgartthings happen aroon steenhillock things
see a thing the marischalgarthis menyie kennle up a
ryvit wide his winker angartthe baa o his ee
o tribble bappy wis nivergartthink he wis a frauchte
the keing o scots angarta kern at aince ding
wad she thole an shegartthe keeper o the guesten
by greed nar by selfishnessgartwersh a warld o brotherhude
prince duan s palace hegartthe caddies at the yett
the hogney s vyce thatgartthe callant dae as he
inner douts anent ye whatgartye leave yeir wyfe an
ma mou but sin theygartuis gang for a freir
the grund it coudna haegartthe fairie lowp heicher not
the stentsaucht road shi jingarta cottar bodie cairry the
icicles dreepin the yalla sungartthe hyne aff leddrach dam

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