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wid is would yett isgateging fidgin is get restless
or clearance yett is agateor door smaa bit bleeze
yestrein adv yesterday yett ngateyill n ale yin n
yeir a your yett ngateyill n ale yin pron
earls yestrein last evening yettgateyird earth yirdit buried yit
yestrein adv yesterday yett ngateyird n earth yung a
gaed ower agane the graygateat tammas an john tuik
made up he tuik thegateback to the mains for
gear an they tuik thegatefor the five bunker hills
pownie an they tuik thegatefor the stentsaucht road shi
glore hill an tuik thegatefor the stewartrie o stentsaucht
owre his shouther tuik thegatefor the wastlin mairches an
birled roun an tuik thairgatefur hame it wes nou
supper quarto wang tuik thegatesmairtlie an at the strenth
than the twasum tuik thegateti tornes wi hie herts
dochter an he tuik thegatewi the lord clerk bletherin
your feet ran to thegateand shut it as if
as the policeman shut thegatebehind her she tapped his
m1108: these didna shut thegatef1107: no they re bad
and somebody should shut thegatef1107: that s right m1108:
leaned out shut that bluidygatehe yelled you jumped to
somebody shu- didna shut thegatem1108: no f1107: no m1108:
and i see our gardengateand remember all those things
runs in through the gardengatejohnny uncle harry i ve
plough through the small gardengatemaybe they hitched the plough
propped up at their gardengatenom and the others then
the garden through a lockedgatesystem local discussions are still
is out of the gardengatewhich someone has left open
they sclimmt ower the fieldgateah think there s fower
high hedge with a fieldgatein it you switched off
seemed as if every fieldgateon the road was open
decided to look over thatgatethe field was enormous and
through a field and thegateto it was at the
20 grp iv social parkgateagm rcs choir saturday 22
for a lark from thegateat queen s park up
a quiet day to parkgateevening not bad 29 monday
evening wednesday 23 choir parkgategood practise only one section
its deer park and itsgatelodge the village of course
lane 26 sunday to parkgatenot bad 29 wednesday sweating
at ye know at thegateo the car park an
that park somebody leave thegateopen f1116: i know [inaudible]
f1116: look look at thegatef1115: but there s nae
f1116: they re on thegatef1115: how did they get
but there s nae agatethere f1116: oh f1115: fitt
gin it cuidna tak anithergateaa this wis formin in
ll never beaumont tak thegateagain johnny aye i promise
lu da better tak disgatean be dune wi t
wis time tae tak thegatefor hame he d been
glore port ti tak thegatefor the sheriffdom o stentsaucht
his heid tae tak anithergateon the wey tae the
ower late tae tak anithergateoot o his wey sae
the beasties wuid tak thairgatesuin s thare wesna onie
a bigger space inside egatetae let ye tak aff
the slabs st macbar sgateevening july confetti has drifted
they for not shutting thegatem1108: aye f1107: uh huh
m1108: aye she left thegateopen f1107: ah i see
car and went to thegateagain emptiness i opened the
och weel i opened thegategaed him a shout an
again emptiness i opened thegatewent back to your car
thought as i left thegateopen behind me well i
door open almost simultaneously thegatesqueaked again and i knew
would run to open thegateto save anyone getting down
geordie airtit the crack anithergateyour wullie cuidnae hiv been
flooers an strolled till egatea car door slammed somewye
a car parked by thegatewith its sidelights on she
pulled him through the othergateand he appeared in front
my daddy opening the frontgateat last we hear him
the street outside the frontgatehe was standing in the
we went through a twingatecause it was a split
now we went through thegatei mean i just you
house and disappears through thegatein the privet hedge andy
let ye in through thegateit jist keeps on growin
drove back out through thegatethere you were sitting all
of me going through thegatewith the time above my
cause it was a splitgategot our m608: mm m642:
saville in the the finishgate[?]i am[/?] m608: [laugh] m642: oh
that road and in thegatem642: eh m608: aye f643:
the road and in thegatem642: so see what i
driveway of his house wheregateand garage door providing handy
and carries him past ourgatehis face is purple and
instead past mrs linkletter sgateif mummy doesn t catch
he wanders past fiona sgateshe comes out he stops
right there s a finishgateto the left as we
went round there was agatethat that thingmibob but the
on the green timmer gairdengateshe wis clatterin ower the
lea him ti his aingatea wadna ken hou muckle
tryve housomdevir we tint wirgatean socht ti aip kintraes
ti steir up the haillgateen aabodie wondert about it
gangs contrair ti the gainestgatesae luve an your ain
wissed ti be on thegateti embro he gied douglas
semed ti be takkin thegateti the kirk an the
aal fail dyke at agatean geed on intill e
at likit throwe e widdengateat opent ontill e dark
plots an jist inside egateere wis lyin a young
we won till e playgreengatei winna say bit fit
e yard ere wis agateintill e riv made o
hare but badger reached thegatealangside him an they had
set an angel on thegatean gied him thae instructions
for him at the schoolgatefiona is nowhere to be
him throw the fermhoose gairdengatelike a bun shaif did
f1135: right go in thegatef1136: we re going in
we re going in thegatewe re going in [exhale]
waggin fur you at thegatea dug will be faithful
a halt at greg sgateaware that debt collectors usually
also remove old tree atgateby hand 30 monday we
fate s whistling at thegatecan t take a laptop
a ram bleats at agatedown a thin wire helen
me at a fand magateinti airchietectur tho ma rale
dare to look at thatgateor even the hedge a
inglish at sein ane eithgateout the myre eigged up
aye find guardin at thegatesae that wis eve an
mctoonie at the fermer sgatesaid losh yer yaird s
a jalousie at mebbies thegatetae the auld hoscote ferm
to children at the schoolgatethat idea is admirable but
and positioned us at thegatethen they invited us to
tea room at the eastgateto take ladies to the
s standing at the schoolgatewith a gang of other
cause they didna lock thegatei just walked out of
just walked out of thegateerm and i never actually
we ll go out thegatethen will we f1136: [noise of wind]
ony leid is the onlygatetae a bigger vocabular but
lanesum bi blawearie rins thegatetae borth icksheils whitslade s
wey throu eddication on thegatetae professionalism they got better
and turned richt afore thegatetae pye their respecks tae
the heid o the waittergatetae the mairch atween roxburghshire
fae the herbour takin thegatetae the treds fowk s
his mark an oot yongatelike a whuppet oot a
aboot her bein oot thatgatewell i took aw the
speirin an speirin about ourgateen yonder they ll be
mm no it s agatethey canna get in is
take ladies to the westgate5 christmas events for younger
then the clank of openingateand hurlie plank up off
it up to the mansegatefor her once she had
ee gan up the waittergatefornenst meadshaw herd s hoose
up the peth on hizgatehamewart frae the ruggirbaw gemm
the herd appent the sluicegateis hei leukit his hirsel
john aye gangs mither sgatetho a dinna wyte m
are not happy with thegateand that incorrect scaffolding is
a fence with a smallgatebeyond the fence is a
she wasn t opening thegatebut noting from the window
path i hear the hugegateclick i bolt for the
special favours when the seagatecrashes the party acts of
elena s assembled flock thegatecreaks and squeaks as i
socio economics o the waittergatedoon throwe the generations the
on a bink about haufgatedoun the sklent whan a
the 1960s the gears weregategears each change of gear
i m herded towards thegategrampa i wanna go with
frae the chop on hirgatehamelins warst o aw wes
an thocht lang on whitnagatehe cuid escheve the lowsin
the praisent day hoscote ludgegatehoose is biggit anenst the
[censored: forename] s dragon in thegateis a large and formidable
he waited near the churchyardgatejust far enough away to
howanever life lowps alang thegateo time an fowk alang
curtain scene vi before thegateof dunsinane castle enter malcolm
intend to instal a hingedgateon the pavement so that
bot the r a midgatepit the auld weys o
on the top of agatepost playing the chanter or
s the the railings thegates blue and the railings
eh couple came in thegatescreamin and shoutin and hammerin
mother wastes time shutting thegateso that andy is well
soon return the wrought irongatesqueaked as i entered the
could not mend the particulargatethat had been breached but
gaun alang the kingsway thongatethat skirts the northern mairches
spanged a burn the maingatethrou the clachan o gaitsgill
to the wall beyond thegateto the other side of
and there s a finishgateto the right there s
as it says over thegateyou seem to be the
an set aff on hirgatewi rydein geir mountit on
a giant gleg gabriel sgatea large gold tick cleopatra
f1103: a gate f1104: agateand fitt s that on
a and a f1103: agatef1104: a gate and fitt
a halt by dod sgatei ll be doon in
yeah uh huh a creakingatemmhm f1143: mmhm towtie f1054:
cooerin yowies bleat a brokengates a burn in spate
pit mars i tammas sgatethan tammas fand a nyow
it was entered by agatethereby setting it apart from
s narrative perspective sclithers thisgateand that and he plays
in here f1121: no thatgates locked f1122: why why
notes with concern that farmgateprice for milk has fallen
with language study [inaudible] fowkgateword buik word form you

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