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voice blended with it catalinagatheringsalt from the rockholes after
the gloom and in thegatheringevening they saw what they
i met [censored: forename] in thegatheringgloom of the afternoon the
a beginner s version ofgatheringin the almond harvest i
try my hand at almondgatheringthe activities should combine well
work is done through intelligencegatheringand as the committee will
the community alan stewart intelligencegatheringin relation to this bill
it would primarily involve intelligencegatheringoperational work would be dealt
you also mentioned that intelligencegatheringwould be important how would
angles were fading into thegatheringdark she rubbed at the
mulberry bush here we comegatheringnuts in may the good
an equally pleasant means ofgatheringup the nuts tomorrow i
study phase the convention isgatheringpace the listening phase is
burns travelled around the countrygatheringsongs and pulling them together
we must undertake an informationgatheringexercise to identify who is
as part of the evidencegatheringthat it will undertake we
womb like a kidney beangatheringdust and grudges dry as
the census is designed aroundgatheringincome information alongside other information
rum a bacchanalian paradise thegatheringwas an odd mixture of
a lengthy period of evidencegatheringwe listened to witnesses and
to be more effective ingatheringdata and less time consuming
that it is essential forgatheringreasonable data on income the
the only effective way ofgatheringthe data nationally is through
well went dry all summergatheringpotatoes that had been ploughed
i would not like thegatheringof income information in future
what little information i mgatheringabout salvador s life in
biggest area for improvement isgatheringand dissemination of information the
to start the process bygatheringas much information as we
an extraordinarily useful tool forgatheringinformation that is linked closely
do to assist in thegatheringof information in the inquiry
fraser said the back officegatheringof information on the citizen
understand in terms of informationgatheringwhy not use the most
it is about open informationgatheringyou can find information everywhere
relatively small number of individualsgatheringonly twice per year is
taking one handle each andgatheringthe missed tatties with your
two ago i attended agatheringat which the road haulage
farmland where are your farmersgatheringsheaves of corn today bloody
a preamble at least togatheringevidence have we already informed
particular house types and ingatheringevidence we would like the
actions of foreign authorities whengatheringsuch evidence i would also
compelling factor in the evidencegatheringwas the consistency of comments
he was supposed to begatheringsticks to light the fire
it had ordinary people weregatheringtogether in a community flat
the 1980s came from womengatheringtogether in poetry workshops and
hotels lacked any kind ofgatheringplace except for these small
poem at a small literarygatheringtwo weeks last thursday one
to hide the needle bygatheringhis jerkin around it the
elena s farm in thegatheringdusk it seemed a long
whose honour great horse racinggatheringand later the annual fairs
and sea in this sophisticatedgatheringa little black number would
in aberdeen describing a convivialgatheringof philosophers at st andrews
closed off and people weregatheringfor a day long party
i went along to agatheringof the мгиия english club
serious problems particularly for financegatheringin local government that would
there was a general clangatheringall over scotland people with
owre over hale whole gadderiegatheringspree jollification i in der
keens new thrissels grushie highlandgatheringsad pibroch laments new thistles
we enjoy the pleasure ofgatheringin your hospitable home and
a church but to agatheringof one thousand other pastors
the next day the skyegatheringthat s in november as
might live here hunting andgatheringin relative safety did the
see ye then gladys goesgatheringher belongings about her peggy
they are all even teeniegatheringround as she removes the
working in a field supposedlygatheringstones reading a book at
them ran for cover hastilygatheringup my gear i left

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