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pond girds would keep oogauna while sledgin doon the
we get the cauld oogaunalong the street oo ve
re gaun tae f1011: oogaundoon tae berwick m1012: oo
gaun up tae carlisle oogaundoon tae jedart we ve
doon tae berwick m1012: oogaunintae edinburgh oo gaun throw
gaun throw tae glesgae oogaunower tae gala different different
ken an oo uised taegaunsle- oo uised tae gaun
gaun sle- oo uised taegaunsledgin an ye pit aw
o the places oo regauntae f1011: oo gaun doon
oo gaun intae edinburgh oogaunthrow tae glesgae oo gaun
rules o geography but oogaunup tae carlisle oo gaun
m1128: [?]cause he's ripping that.[/?] f1127: i mgaunget the pens oot the
it m1128: mammy i mgauni m gaun to mammy
ye m1128: aye i mgauni m gaun to take
we m1128: aye i mgauni m stick it on
been baking m1128: daddy hegaunnae [inaudible] f1127: you re
is it then m1128: igaunstick it on his hand
eh m1128: aye i mgaunta- f1127: did she say
a hippo see m1128: isgaunto be good fun f1127:
did she say she wasgaunto collect ye m1128: aye
it s f1127: are yougaunto colour in m1128: see
do it again f1127: yegaunto dae it again m1128:
bonny m1128: and i mgaunto do it again f1127:
that s bonny m1128: himgaunto eat the mannie look
m1128: aye i i mgaunto f1127: cause our baby
see m1128: aye i mgaunto gie it tae simba
that s jigsaws m1128: ayegaunto gie that to baby
the crispies m1128: grannie sgaunto hae that ain f1127:
christmas time yet m1128: igaunto have write a list
look m1128: oh mummy igaunto hide them aa bits
ain m1128: [?]that's nice and round[/?] i mgaunto leave it aside whee
put it on m1128: ayegaunto put the flowers on
m1128: pour in mammy igaunto [?]see[/?] some water in
it m1128: i i mgaunto show the baby to
up m1128: aye i mgaunto stick it on the
another spiderman m1128: i mgaunto stick it on the
need them aa f1127: yougaunto use them all m1128:
day is gaun tae proponegaunback tae thon kinna spellins
you gaun somewhere farr yougaunf1116: he s [child noise] f1115:
then f1134: farr are yegaunf1133: nae gaun naewhere f1134:
leather see stopped the stakegaunin i ll be gaun
gaun to mammy i mgaunmammy i m gaun to
are ye gaun f1133: naegaunnaewhere f1134: [inaudible] fine [inaudible]
ready then sadie you regaunoot agnes ah m gaun
gaun in i ll begaunroon tae wullie s bit
for he s sleeping yougaunsomewhere farr you gaun f1116:
ye gaun thought you wasgauntae dae some colourin m1090:
day naebody the day isgauntae propone gaun back tae
gaun oot agnes ah mgauntae sit wi carolanne gordon
littlins an far war theygaunthey war gaun till americay
[child noise] [exhale] f1089: farr yegaunthought you was gaun tae
war they gaun they wargauntill americay tae be selt
gaun to spiderman you regaunto beat the bad man
there f1107: so fitt yegaunto dae you gaun to
gaun to have one yougaunto have one f1126: ehm
f1125: that one mummy sgaunto have one you gaun
gaun to see nothing yougaunto help mam empty the
ye gaun to dae yougaunto hit the cushion m1108:
i m gaun i mgaunto mammy i m gaun
m gaun mammy i mgaunto play that ain now
you mean i m naegaunto see nothing you gaun
turned it to mannie [inaudible]gaunto spiderman you re gaun
i m gaun i mgaunto take a f1127: ah
i ll see i mgauntell this f1127: [inaudible] [inaudible]
that ain f1127: is thatgaunto be grannie s ain
f1127: oh aye i mgaunto colour in mind you
eat the mannie look himgaunto eat f1127: aye him
it tae simba f1127: yougaunto gie it to simba
[?] how will everybody sitting up, sure[/?] f1127: now fitt wegaunto hae fa s got
to make it f1127: yougaunto help the baby to
mammy mammy mammy am igaunto [inaudible] f1127: [inaudible] [background kitchen noise]
the stickers aye i mgaunto leave it there f1127:
aye i gonna i mgaunto need them aa f1127:
the bairns ye ir botgauna vacancie sayed the bodach
acquantance olga ye r nogaunir ye ye maunna gang
thaim for whan we irgaunthare oorsells gunlöd ah l
the baron an me irgaunti be mairrit the morn
weimen gae sen we irgaunti burn doun yeir houss
a creiminal thorfinn ir yegaunti caw me a creiminal
puddok weill whit ir yegaunti dae aboot it ah
the axe whit ir yegaunti dae guidmither shona never
ah ken whit we irgaunti dae we wul gie
lyke nanse bletheration ir yougaunti git oot ma road
months nou shona you irgaunti lairn a wee lesson
ir nou morag ir yegaunti leeve me on ma
ma dear hou ir wegaunti leeve throu the rest
ir ye ir ye nogaunti say god abuin kens
the bairn ir ye nogaunti say that grimly ah
andrae andrey whan ir theygaunti settil doun in the
the bairn ir ye nogaunti tak the bairn inti
thing ti dae ir yougaunti tell him or ir
meinit irena whaur ir yegauntil toozenbach ah hae ti
itch it then am igaunfast m1098: aye f1097: nae
no please f1097: farr yougaunm1098: awa doon the stairs
re dodgy m1098: i mgaunon the grass f1097: aye
[inaudible] oh f1097: you regaunthe wrong way again wait
re here f1097: you regaunthe wrong way m1098: oh
f1097: i thought you wasgaunto do this with mummy
f1097: come on then yougaunto fill it with cars
thing m1098: [car noises] f1097: yougaunto fill up the rest
[exhale] f1097: what s mamgaunto hae m1098: [humming] f1097:
dokey f1097: what s mamgaunto hae m1098: i don
oot f1097: [laugh] you regaunto move the road so
m1098: [exhale] [inaudible] f1097: wegaunto pick up dad tomorrow
that f1097: i m naegaunto pit it on you
f1097: and fitt are yougaunto say to him mm
oh well m1098: will yougaunto see him f1097: eh
f1097: eh m1098: will yougaunto see him f1097: fitt
f1097: mm m1098: when yougaunto see him f1097: right
him f1097: fitt am igaunto see them m1098: aye
m1098: come on i mgaunto wreck this hoose f1097:
you what m1098: i mgaunto wreck this hoose f1097:
this hoose f1097: you regaunto wreck this hoose m1098:
the l be tramps angaunaboot bodies ettlin ti sleep
nou whitna gemm wes ongaunan ettil ti gie ye
thing ti dae toozenbach whitgaunawa frae yeir sister s
naething o it ah mgaunback ti the dauncin an
an a wis set forgaunback ti the eastren capital
fareweills an wis set forgaunback ti the mains there
me ti the door naegaunback wad she thole an
he buskit hissel ti begaunbut as he gaed ti
feelin friskie an ah mgaundoun ti hae a bit
vivers here hou s aboutgaunfor a bit spulyie ti
tea wyfe pompitie ah wesnagaunfor ti keep his pennies
the spendin o his sillergaunilka day ti bordel hous
favorite dream juist ti keepgaunjuist ti help me haud
barman ti see whit wisgaunon an whit he seen
the wey we ettil tigaunon says he but meg
a ken casually are yegaunoot ti ryde a whein
dae ye think ye rgaunpompitie ah wes ettlin ti
be twice taen a mgaunraikin a whylie ay ti
mains in a hatter angaunstraucht ti the study ti
neiborheid they r ti begaunsumwhaur a lang wey awa
shae kentna the uise ogaunti a saga onles ti
obsairved at gin he wesgaunti arreist thaim he wesna
sumthing else tae ye rgaunti be a graundfaither afore
oor bairn shuirlie ah mgaunti be a graundfaither me
is gittin waur it sgaunti be a richt doister
yeir man an me isgaunti be freins knicht ah
tree moula ma faither isgaunti be geyan roused aboot
hir ah thocht we wargaunti be happy thegither but
o enairmit suddarts an wesgaunti be maist sair surpreised
ye that the r nogaunti be onie happiness for
ah expekkit faither this isgaunti be sair ti cum
lyke the haill toun wesgaunti be set ahaud bi
stein s saicont quastioun isnagaunti be telt bi masell
war back an she wesnagaunti be the ane ti
the graif a m nogaunti be the dempster at
you olga ah m nogaunti be the heidmistress natasha
he haed seen for tigaunti bed whan a clock
the neuk wunnerin whit wesgaunti befaw neist but in
areddies an an it sgaunti blaw awa aw this
end ah thocht ah wesgaunti byde a puddok for
means we l never begaunti byde in moscow vershinin
r mairrit guidman whaur wegaunti byde puddok weill ah
him ye re shuirlie nogaunti clip an ordein him
whyle ah thocht he wesgaunti crack me owre the
na thorfinn whit ah mgaunti dae is ti teir
you mynd whit ah mgaunti dae she leaves with
up at lest ah mgaunti dae sum richt wark
the wey whit war thaygaunti dae the weidae an
a feill lik a mgaunti die heir the kie
thare pompitie ah m nogaunti eat ye cum oot
his een lyke he wesgaunti faw asleep an his
laed canadae sayin shae wesgaunti finnd frieryke i the
leaves dicreetly malcolm ah mgaunti finnd oot aboot this
ken whit wey he wesgaunti follae eftir the keing
ah thocht the boat wesgaunti foonder hauf wey ower
wes richt but you wargaunti force yeir chaunce nou
stertit ah thocht ah wesgaunti freeze ti daith or
whae sayed ye wuid begaunti fyfe the inkir hue
gudeman s nem a mgaunti gang ti the border
ah see ye r nogaunti gie me a strecht
gae oot he s shuirliegaunti gie ye a wee
wee note book ah wesgaunti gie ye haes been
ti lyke ye ah mgaunti git fou the nicht
aw the chaunce she sgaunti git frae me moula
ma dressin goun ah mgaunti git owre the bed
thocht ye said we wargaunti hae a pairtie vershinin
jeist o t a mgaunti hae a shottie at
wheel eilidh we r nogaunti hae oor truibils ti
ah howp ah m nogaunti hae ti raise ma
at ae tyme ah wesgaunti hae ti soum for
happen l macbeth what sgaunti happen macbeth ai but
a meinit think ye wargaunti help yeirsell ti this
temper he says he sgaunti hunt doun whaever stale
oh ay maister protopopov isgaunti keep an ee on
a lee an ye wargaunti keep his pennies ti
dounricht lee an ye wargaunti keep his pennies ye
lat on pompitie ah wesnagaunti keep it no me
ow needle sae ye wargaunti keep the toll man
fur shae thocht he wesgaunti kele the laddies i
s morn early a mgaunti kennle a spirlie or
shae speired ar ye nogaunti kie inti the ordinateir
wyfe he says he sgaunti kill him athout mercy
ye it a m nogaunti kill ye a m
richt ken but he wesnagaunti lat on ti hir
guidman puddok ah m nogaunti leave ye but we
did but ah m nogaunti leave ye ye wul
whitna surprise olga we rgaunti leeve thare ye ken
for us yit we rgaunti leeve yon band is
onie mair pepper naebodie isgaunti lock ye in the
mither he said he wesgaunti lowp aw the road
embroidering nanse me ah mgaunti mairrie a keing a
says she me ah mgaunti mairrie a keing naething
places nou ahint him wesgaunti mairrie the sir keing
ain prince an he wesgaunti mairrie this lauchin leddie
a horss lik a grumphiegaunti merkat bot the raid
ma heid laughs we rgaunti moscow in the month
joco bon a m nogaunti onie waddins at isna
ma breiks puddok ah mgaunti pretend ah never heard
ah dinna mukkil care forgaunti pubs but govey dick
fowk ar beiriet a mgaunti ruif it fur ye
me tellin him ah wesnagaunti say oniething oniewey shona
o scots ross are yegaunti scone macduff na cuisin
pasport an a m nogaunti scotland wi sicna docquet
conundrums fur a m nogaunti scrat ma pow ower
s morn they wir forgaunti see the elder ti
t sae a m forgaunti seek him out dinna
tyme ah thocht he wesgaunti set the haill houss
ye look lyke ye rgaunti skail it lad that
an unco hairvest a mgaunti skreid aff ti ye
look lyke ye r awgaunti sleep as ah wes
s owre aerlie yit forgaunti sleep guidnicht mammie the
oot afore ah try tigaunti sleep the nicht he
juist you courie doun angaunti sleep this verra meinit
me ma pownie we regaunti tak shi s toun
the wyld burd ah mgaunti tame gunlöd with force
up hatin ye naebodie isgaunti tame me gunnar this
morag ye r shuirlie nevergaunti tell me this puddok
fatal queen ah wes juistgaunti tell ye aboot that
whit wes it ah wesgaunti tell ye ai ay
an mynd whit ah imgaunti tell ye for ah
maun dae whit ah mgaunti tell ye nae mair
gaird but he is forgaunti the mainland this setterdaty
of wang chi ca 700gaunti the pub thir days
e chang 659 744 13gaunti the pub wang chi
whan we wes bairns wigaunti the samen skuil an
moula whit s ma faithergaunti think aboot this ah
want gunlöd ye r nogaunti think o me as
d fur thon a mgaunti traist ye an prigg
valgerd awthing gunlöd ah mgaunti try valgerd can ye
fauss narrautioun at scotland wesgaunti tusk out the ulster
yill on a seturday angaunti vissie a gemm eftir
prejudice agin wark ah mgaunti wurk an in twantie
the candle toozenbach ah mgaunti wurk chebutykin comes into
us chebutykin ah m nogaunti wurk toozenbach you dinna
the back kitchen ah mgaunup nou ti the lang
aa thrie graithit ti begaunwhaur s the need an
ken whit way you regaunm1098: just clip that mum
you think my car sgauntae be in m1098: eh
right and fitt s mumgauntae hae m1098: erm i
your car around you regaunthe wrong way m1098: i
find cars that you regaunto put in m1098: that
playgroup the day are yougaunto tell mum m1098: nae
onie thare a m nogauna widnae ken whit tae
oniething at aw ah mgaunawa the morn ye ken
your sandwich yet i mgaunaway to change my claes
m goin away i mgaunaway to paint [inaudible] i
doing f1107: well i mgaunaway to weigh oot the
that oak ai ah mgauncrazy by a curving shore
role a m hauf consideringaundoon the dole gettin a
an oor ah m juistgaunfor a wee hurl goes
f1107: fitt ain are yegaunfor m1108: i m going
that on there i mgaunfor my rest the day
no dae toozenbach ah mgaungoes out masha lies down
for knawledge ma hair isgaungray an ah m gittin
til masha hame ah mgaunhame irena whit a daftlyke
spare me as i mgaunhas all the authentic rashness
in mu- i m gonnagauni m gonna ha [censored: forename]
masha irritably ah m nogaunin thare sobs but immediately
faimlies masha ah m nogaunkoolyghen distressed masha darlin whitfor
says santa there i mgaunmum a big body like
soud think shame o yeirsellgaunon lyke this ah m
work but i m nogaunon the broo no when
ay faither ah m nogaunoniewhaur the day exit malcolm
ae them och i mgaunoot a walk ll maybe
frae me moula ah mgaunootby it s ferr ower
if ye dinnae ah mgauntae chairge ye wi obstructin
days an a m nogauntae chynge noo as for
past it a m nogauntae dig in ma gairden
past it a m nogauntae dig in ma gairden
ken for a m nogauntae dig in ma gairden
ten so a m nogauntae dig in ma gairden
blast it a m nogauntae dig in ma gairden
ootclassed it a m nogauntae dig in ma gairden
it lastit a m nogauntae dig in ma gairden
s dot a m nogauntae dig in the gairden
an then a m nogauntae dig in the gairden
ken fine whit i mgauntae hear when i get
quite happy and i mgauntae run away now m942:
americay said bappy i mgauntae see gracelan an dolphins
well for example i mgauntae see peter s new
rise the morn i mgauntae start spring cleanin autumn
tells him i m naegauntae stop askin or you
a m shuir ye rgauntae tell me weel they
advice for a m nogauntae tell ye twice ye
say ach i m naegauntae wear doon ma watch
a coud be shuir ogaunthare ah m no shuir
the skipper cheerfully i mgaunthat wye masel an fit
a deevilocks i m naegaunthen quo minnie suddenly feart
kerr shae demandit a mgauntil embro the mannie gied
nou an ah m nogauntil irena lat s sit
her hat singing whaur yegauntil masha hame ah m
m gonna i i mgaunto another pumpkin mummy look
malcolm jocularly oho ah mgaunto be a grandfaither man
thanks then i m nogaunto be a pillar of
wait wait oh i mgaunto check your big dock
lost him there i mgaunto colour him in go
e i mummy i mgaunto dae this ain noo
the the [inaudible] i mgaunto eat some and another
an i i m justgaunto eat three of them
crash i think i mgaunto find a book you
together f1103: well i mgaunto find aa the straight
that ain there i mgaunto get the sticker on
clip it then i mgaunto go and get wir
melted m1108: no i mgaunto help can i do
that s perfect i mgaunto just pop him there
f1104: [?]why?[/?] f1103: i mgaunto mak this jigsaw f1104:
to paint [inaudible] i mgaunto make a good job
you re evil i mgaunto move that road and
to playschool an i mgaunto my work why f1134:
i m gonna spiderman sgaunto on here spiderman s
bittie runny f1126: i mgaunto open the boxie and
[inaudible] f1133: well you regaunto playschool an i m
m1108: cause we- i mgaunto pot the white f1107:
[inaudible] f1095: right i mgaunto put them awa [censored: forename]
irena s hand ah mgaunye ken an as ah
staun up strecht ye rgaunaboot cruppen thegither lyke a
ar fur whaur ye rgaunaw ye in thare fur
nounae nounae the r naegaunback moula that s ae
an twis for watterin horsesgaunby at the roadside r
yit moula the r sumthinggaunon doun in the coortyaird
athout kennin whaur they rgaunor whitfor an they l
as easy whan ye rgaunower the carpets an brats
the scots language the rgauntae come a time we
irena sae ye r reallygaunthe morn whit a peitie
you seen that i wisgauna funny colour tae oan
see them chrissie he sgauna the wye tae aiberdeen
broun an ah wis juistgauna walk tae ma brither
continued tae keep the crackgaunah don t ken this
tae be eh mill whistlesgaunan a whistle went at
whit s the point ogaunaw that way tae africa
tae sort itsel oot angaunawa bi noo geordie wis
an like a collie duggaunawa bye tae kep sheep
to put oot fitt yougaunawa tae dae m1132: train
station and fitt s hegaunawa tae dae wi this
australia an eh they regaunawa tae new zealand for
that said when ye regaunawa tae scuil wi yer
bloomin stuff is swear taegaunawa wednesday 11 temp 1
the can i d taegaunaway an hide an he
till tomorrow till tomorrow togaunback tae auntie [censored: forename] s
leave it tomorrow we llgaunback tae auntie [censored: forename] s
war aw telt no taegaunback tae the schuil or
twa laddies did wis taegaunben the room an pit
wi aye an antrin throughgaunbinnin stane tae clink aa
wont tae be o bygaundays the richt tae walk
tae tak hame juist yougaundoon abuird the yole an
tap o a knowe angaundoun tae jyne the lads
whilk hei gaed til aforegaundoun tae roberton schuil it
a rare day tae begaunfor a run in the
tae puggie hou s itgaunfreen i speirt as we
gaed pouer tae dreive thegaungear machinery i the borthouch
wye tae the shops himgaunhame fae the gowf an
the hinnereyn on the planegaunhame i fell tae winnerin
hypocrite ye wouldna hae riskedgaunin tae him i believe
wid taen a tig ogauninno this room tae plsay
beenie hid speirt him taegaunintae b q on the
geordie telt beenie juist taegaunintae the haundyman s shop
tae tats al hae taegaunjock fer ma scran neddies
a video tae get yegaunken or jist a few
trying tae stoap masel frumgaunmental then sumdy cries henry
apologies tae ma gairden ongaunon holiday fareweel ma freens
the men wisnae sweir taegaunon strike ilka noo an
lear an classic knowledge beforegaunon tae embro college tae
time for thair boats taegaunoot agane wi fortie or
hotel haein thair brekfast aforegaunoot tae face twa roonds
well f1011: we uised taegaunoot to play m1013: join
speirt tae jyne a delegationgaunower tae brussels tae lobby
the doocot he coodnae resistgaunower tae see it a
ye kent far we wisgaunquo he we ve tae
curled up aneth the yirdgaunroon tae the hen s
yer mither naw we fanciedgaunroond the doors tryin tae
tae keep yer lugs cockitgaunroond yer store tae ken
an then they war taegaunstrecht hame lang afore geordie
ma man when he sgauntae a meeting well collar
morn my lad we aregauntae aiberdeen tae get your
says jonsar eck wis naegauntae argue wi her nae
her ankles jonsar eck wisnaegauntae argue wi her nae
craftie as us i wisgauntae argy here mebbe da
leuks o t it wisgauntae be a gret big
said that isie wis surelygauntae be a man s
in ma briest it sgauntae be a week at
geordie lad this is nogauntae be an easie yin
squashed m1108: aye and hegauntae be bleeding f1107: aw
vairsion nae scots dictionar isgauntae be complete or it
nae need because da wisgauntae be fine noo that
in the easier it sgauntae be for awbodie sax
doot the shop fowk aregauntae be gruwin flooers noo
got tae say that wasgauntae be ma line said
maks ye wunner whae sgauntae be neist it wis
is he oh he sgauntae be worse than the
nae bloomin rose bush isgauntae beat me it wisnae
an then seein i wisnaegauntae bite stoppt an sat
onywye an if this wisgauntae bring things tae a
on ma chair f1089: yougauntae climb up in your
a real punk he sgauntae college in the back
wis nae chance o himgauntae college tae come oot
like yin whit are wegauntae cry it the comatee
affairs andra whit are yegauntae dae aboot it dinna
killed him whit am agauntae dae noo geordie speirt
tellt the cless they weregauntae dae sums an that
f1089: so what are wegauntae dae the day mummy
dae the day mummy sgauntae dae the dishes m1090:
f1095: right fitt ain yougauntae dae then hmm are
i think fitt they regauntae dae they re just
that s whit you regauntae dae we d better
right erm fitt are wegauntae dae wi this er
ma fowk gif ye aregauntae dae yer devoir as
is border scots wha sgauntae daur tell an elliot
fit s the future generationsgauntae de for entertainment an
announced aggressively fit are yegauntae dee aboot it wear
lyin aboot fit are yougauntae dee wi it jonsar
come that s it sgauntae die like well orcadian
because i think it isgauntae die oot g- m865:
die like well orcadian sgauntae die oot m865: mm
tae be dug he wisnaegauntae dig it oh yes
now what colour are yougauntae do the boat m1090:
aroon me the lift sgauntae drap ma hairl s
ireland my best friens wargauntae europe thon year ireland
is a waa that isnaegauntae faa i d raither
the likes o thon isnagauntae fund its wey intae
fact he thoucht thay weregauntae gae ballitisic his da
i tell you we regauntae get aa this money
me ah thocht ah wisgauntae get mugged so ah
them as ye were ivergauntae get so ye tried
the ruch watter are yegauntae gie me that rod
an ney wye were eygauntae gie the cup tae
attackin plane this yin wisgauntae git the same paikin
ken it it s naegauntae h- happen an i
passage tae me i wasgauntae hae a wank jist
public signage that s nogauntae hae onie lauchable pseudo
wey roond this miracle isnaegauntae happen an thon fact
we howp when fowk isgauntae hiv tae sit doon
its ain weel i wisnagauntae let nae cuddy get
richt sair but i wisnagauntae let on it was
sure the little wifie wisnaegauntae let this rest or
it [?]i've been getting here[/?] f1125: are yougauntae lick the spoon that
tae dee the job ayegauntae lovies quarry for a
ma man when we regauntae ma maws fine says
speakin it they re nogauntae mak a maucht tae
an onywye we re naegauntae makk a soun they
syd said naebody here sgauntae makk ye ett something
it wur efter ma wagauntae new zealand whan ma
will mmhm f1089: are yougauntae pick it off are
latest ugsome pliskie he wisgauntae play on the auld
up i felt i wasgauntae puke and did ye
atap ye ken it sgauntae rain aye ye dinna
wi a smirr i wasgauntae read ye a poem
[inaudible] bert [inaudible] i wasgauntae say bert should sing
the mirror eh i wasgauntae say let s no
awright if ye re nogauntae say nuthin i ll
the girls whit am igauntae say tae them oor
the claes for the bairnsgauntae school the copie divi
back up the brae nogauntae school the day then
tae say if i weregauntae sea wi a mannie
happened tae him apairt faegauntae sea wis gettin a
next island at ey weregauntae see bit fin jonsar
scottish national dictionary association isgauntae send a copy o
mair adee if da wisgauntae sing an blot her
fitbaa the morn rangers isgauntae smash kilmamock says geordie
an i think it sgauntae snaa oh rob rob
rock then whit i wasgauntae speak but she pit
sums an that they weregauntae speak in english the
kent it wis nae eesegauntae spik tae the fermer
their thumbs whit am igauntae tell the girls hoo
fir iverythin whit am igauntae tell the girls whit
gee no faur hen wurgauntae the baker s loch
did spin where ur yezgauntae the barmaid cried back
fear nae neen waur thangauntae the dentist ned looked
bones kin ye mind ogauntae the gala day marchin
just caed it the lavvygauntae the lavvy m999: the
laddie geordie jooks aye likedgauntae the matinee o the
margaret margaret no really theygauntae the new kirk wi
aye gart an aw taegauntae the scottish coast mission
the door thon mornin taegauntae the sunday schuil they
eck wis that the fowkgauntae their work an bein
supper ye need tae stertgauntae thi gym görlach notes
seturday an nae schuil taegauntae thon makit it aw
strecht for us it sgauntae try an sink oor
sister sadie says she sgauntae try an stop an
still further noo we regauntae veesit a very nice
briks m999: aye f1001: forgauntae weddins an funerals wi
aa in he wis nivergauntae work again an the
tae fin oot is taegaunthair yersel an mak siccar
uised tae express the thochtsgaunthrou the heids o thair
tent tae evidence anent billsgaunthrou the pairlament or anent
cairts bein yoked together taegaunthrow a toll bar they
tae dae they re justgaunto go a walk to
tae come hou s itgauntoshie speirt geordie when they
there s there s somegaunup tae the train up
tae their destination are wegaunup the mountain jonsar asks
tae tell ye afore agaunwhit s that a hid
an just tae keep megaunwi booze they wir aw
o dross tae keep itgaunwis aye there smutherin awa
s no enough ye regaunye hud tae frichten the
sadie it keeps me faegaundaft whit aboot ma hoose
tam whit in hell wisgaunoan a gadgie wi a
mister whit the deuce isgaunoan bit naebudy took a
in aw that hid beengaunon an speirt whit s
littil kennin whit haed beengaunon aw nicht but his
he haurlie kent whit wesgaunon but whan he fund
the pairlament an whit isgaunon in it afore ye
skirt ai heivins whit sgaunon seeminlie the haill o
didna richtlie ken whit wisgaunon syne the smaa fowk
as he watched whit wisgaunon wi the ithers keppin
cleikin ye whit are yegaunreadin the placket for gin
goes f1107: ew it sgaunbe a sticky on there
tired oot f1107: are yegaunfor tired oot wait good
ee ee m1108: are wegaunpour that in there f1107:
f1107: [inhale] but aa yergaunto do is weet the
the wolf comes he sgaunto eat the axe f1107:
rrr yums f1107: is hegaunto go yum yum yum
dinna ken f1107: are wegaunto hae a cup o
f1107: now if we regaunto make gingerbread men we
i ll stirred f1107: yougaunto stir it aye m1108:
glaur sae sweir draiglin skirtsgaunben the muir fa dae
[child noises] f1141: where are yougaundinna dae that [censored: forename] i
dae bairns roon aboot yegaunguisin or that import fae
what you said you wasgaunto dae f1104: mm f1103:
ado aw f1142: he sgaunto dae it again f1141:
cause then fitt we regaunto dae m1108: mam mam
guid wechty scuil o thochtgaunaboot the day maistly in
whyle ah thocht ah wesgaunjingil jyntit losh ah ve
car kent far ey weregaunjonsar eck thocht if he
wi ane bydan and ongaunthocht o god the faither
fitt f1103: you whaur yougaunright go and gie mammy
wonder fitt this ain sgaunto be noo m1096: [child noise]
you remember fitt we wasgaunto get a bi- f1130:
eh fitt toy was yougaunto get from us you
mmhm fitt else are wegaunto mak m1108: we ve
fa- fitt ain are wegaunto mak noo f1104: belle
that s farr simba sgaunto sleep are they fitt
t you slam that yougaunto the toilet fitt you
onie guid ah wes ayegaunaboot brekkin things even ma
ah feel lyke ah wesgaunaff ma heid laughs we
it s tyme ah wesgaunhame the toll man shakes
smiddie juist as he wesgaunpast mysie s gairden yett
wes a lassie ah myndgauntil a waddin whaur ye
he wes juist thinkin ongaunup the stairs til ane
behave yeirsell broun ogre ahgaunaboot brekkin oniething ah see
chair but the licht isgaunan ah l no hae
gang a pause can ahgaunawa nou andrey ay awa
ae thing that keeps megaunit s kennin that ah
ah dinnae think a cangaunon lyke this onie langir
s houss eftir that keepgaunstrecht on an ah l
ma bairns is sleepin eftirgaunsupperless til thair bed ah
an geordie cuidnae mind itgaunawa he cuidnae mind aither
s gled the airmie isgaunawa irena that s no
or it winna be worthgaunawa jonsar eck nivver said
fitpreints in the gloamin lichtsomegaunawa may the luv he
put on when they weregaunawa nae for workin mm
blaw slowly slowly sna disgaunawa thursday 22 temp 1
why not f1103: we regaunawa to mak the tea
pram f1131: mmhm was yougaunawa to take it for
is clean look you regaunawa to your bed anyway
re away farr are theygaun[inhale] think they re awa
up an echt o themgaundoun his haill body wis
o hell s waistcoat angaundoun the pad by the
frae oor battery that sgaundoun the river on the
soumars that hings thegither aforegaundoun the war a whyle
the pairtin at the wagaunhe lowtit doun in fareweill
friday nicht it had beengaunup an doun like a
temptation for aa his worthgaunup an doun that trauchled
the days o peace withootgaunfaur frae hame for man
blowst rie days are agaunhame an pooer ye want
ye kyndlie obleige me bigaunhame bi the hen wyfe
oot the door wi hillsgaunhame frae ayr yon day
li p in 9th centurygaunhame i the war furth
chang chi 9th century 34gaunhame i the war li
dens aince mair the bairnsgaunhame lauch i the lentern
bother at aw juist yougaunan see me ower yin
lowp if they cuid juistgaunintae a chemist shop an
an auld farrant poacher juistgaunquaitly aboot his wark an
motor wi hunners o thochtsgaunthrou yer heid juist git
to go oh they regaunaa ower the floor [inaudible]
shining cause they re allgaunalong to the fancy ball
thank god boyter you regaunan awfy length harry aye
sick the speed we regaunat he touched a hunnerd
f1109: the morrow we regaunback to auntie [censored: forename] s
ooh f1099: wherever you regaunf1100: here my backpack [inaudible]
fae m999: far are yegaunfan ye re finished here
us betty jack you regaungyte rowland i can t
[yawn] f1134: farr are wegaun[inaudible] f1133: well you re
wan ae us the noisegaunoan and here they re
re awfu stickin what sgaunon ross as a cam
nicht work we re awgaunon strike fair frantic wis
f1103: no we re naegaunootside tinkerbell f1104: i know
old facade if we regaunout pause she should be
there you go you regaunthe right way noo look
have you right you regaunthe wrong way turn your
seen you noo you regaunthe wrong way you re
boys he shouted we regaunthrough the hedge there was
s friend you re naegaunto be mam s friend
then so you re naegaunto be naebody s friend
but see if you regaunto be teachin [inaudible] as
no no because you regaunto drop yer pack off
to see farr they regaunto go f1141: eh f1142:
to see farr they regaunto go f1141: oh right
we see what we regaunto hae for wir tea
poor jerry right you regaunto help me try put
tel dad you re naegaunto nae horses dry off
play it f1091: you regaunto play it are you
f1133: no but you regaunto playschool f1134: i amna
mam f1109: oh you regaunto scoop it up wi
eh f1142: we re justgaunto see farr they re
that fann you re justgaunto snook the ball and
m1092: uh huh they regaunto wash him f1091: mmhm
someone doin well you regaunyer dinger [laugh] f1054: that
war brukken an they warnagaunonyplace onymair afore they streakit
evidently as afterthought is fleancegaunalang wi ye banquo ay
s a sin ye vegaunan couped us in the
say twa month ye cangaunan see a spaewyfe an
this big cattle truck angaunaway picnics ye know [laugh]
cracked it aff the fendergaundoon an didn t ye
beaks gie me the boakgauneat up i hope ye
here and whaur he sgauni canna gie ye onie
what way are ye ga-gauni d be bad for
ken fit like faur yegauni dinna ken 4 you
m999: aye if ye weregaunintae somebody else s hoose
aye gang if ye weregaunintae somebody else s house
road sayin whaur are yegaunmaister jin is du short
your character is mair easygaunnor masha s mynd ye
did they no pass yegaunoot lennox na atweill ma
m1013: oh when when yegaunoot well like i say
ogre ye haena seen oniebodiegaunpast haiglin a mukkil needle
an that great big thinggaunroon an roon beside ye
ma eyes where ae yegaunroond the shop where huv
desertit the boats hiv agaunsee newark castle ye oughty
a gadgie wi a gonniegaunspare ye say sounds awfy
afore the spring plantin yegaunsteady wi gavin macinnes speired
yer views anent a billgaunthrou the pairlament ye can
ye mukkil sumph ye argaunwhidder ye lyk it or
noise sadie where ur yegaunwi that gordon i heard
yin an yang a llgaunwi ye lord ay as
whaup would that i weregaunwi ye ye lang nebbit
is t that keeps yegaunye wi yer thin shanked
machine my mini disc recordergauninto my pocket noo m1110:
[censored: forename] [censored: forename] [censored: forename] are wegaunto do this noo mummy
th- f1103: right fa yougaunto mak noo f1104: erm
[censored: forename] f1142: this two isgaunto their playgroup just noo
hullo bear how s itgaunma bonny lad twas his
aw my goad he sgaunra amblance man grabbed ma
crap eh ma heid sgaunroon enough withoot you steerin
to him ma he sgaunto aiberdeen for your tracts
ma hair agnes she sgaunupstairs sadie aye we know
no been says i jistgaunweel ma mither says if
[censored: forename] fi- farr s [censored: forename]gaunf1103: i dinna ken i
red covers f1103: where yougaunf1104: erm this is for
f1103: i do where yougaunf1104: nowhere just seeing if
f1103: [inaudible] f1104: are wegaunto do sleeping beauty first
like [exhale] f1103: are yougaunto help me make the
one f1103: aye are wegaunto mak snow white f1104:
by myself mummy are wegaunto make another one f1103:
taste good well done f1126: gaunaa ower the floor we
aw ower the chaumer angaunaff at different times but
meevement doon in the hairstparkgaunback an fore ower the
a capitalistic coach that sgaunfar ower fast an in
the seck and their faimiliesgaunhungry ower the heid o
ticht set on its bakgaunits dinger ower the muir
history teacher miss moss wisgaunower the reign o queen
giein the maitter a guidgaunower tho thai cuidna fin
s the earl o hellgaunram stam ower a reamin
gotten hersel intae a guidgaunrhythm ken thon snawface s
ithers that he wis agaunaboot body ain o the
complete his ain wirk wisgaunweel his wife wis pregnant
tell the truth he sgaunagain the morn sae aff
she is she s naegaunaboot bodie oniewey thir is
there wis nae bigger sklaikgaunalasdair laid aff raikin the
bairns nae younger than maselgaunbarfit an beggin in the
pourin rain an we weregaundoon an there s nae
f1126: aye this one naegaunto have sprinkles on it
nae nice is it yougaunto take your cars out
they aw hid a guidgauncrack aboot whae hid the
bit o variety they awgaunin for snash an clishmaclaivers
or hear oniething that sgaunon an aw this wecht
nou lyke deid til awgaunon aroond thaim macbeth offstage
the wattir they ve beengaunthe lang road roond aw
lovely m1013: as aw wasgaunup hawick loan yeh monanday
wasnae a lot o mengaunaboot because they were aa
her faither wis weel angaunaboot he couldna thole the
wis theatre c abody wisgaunaboot scrubbed up an ready
killed thair faither they aregaunaboot tellin daftlyke yairns til
an gin a bodie disnaegaunaboot wi thair een steekit
me an onywise a wizgaundoon ra way no up
uh huh f1091: you weregaundoon the chute an aa
gliff an taen guid tentgaundoon the steps till his
tam wis haein a guidgaungemm o gowf doon at
side an thae yins wisgaunoot an in as they
aye aye f1011: just togaunoot an pl- just to
comin in an the auldgaunoot at migvree she telt
mmhm f1125: oh are theygaunto come oot of there
an sallied in the bygaunaye soft a bit says
o teeth whaur she sgaunjek she says she disna
o his hoose he wisgaunalang the kingsway thon gate
a beastie yon hedgehog wisgaunat a fair lick it
coorse the nicht wis jistgaungran the twa o them
mibbe biff noticed i wisgaunlimp an let go ae
the fearsome wey he wisgaunon sae they skailit pell
nearhaun a big stramash wisgaunon that drew my ee
steer o fitiver pairty wisgaunon up at the castle
s gernsey his pipe wisgaunweel an geordie aye liked
quo she the room sgaunroon and yer face is
ither seetiations whan thochts isgaunthrou yer heid they dinna
mrs [censored: surname] s daughter wasgaunto hae a baby and
s translation in the bygaunwe hae a wheen makars
sudden flash o a lichtgaunaa roads frae the faur
bin souns o a stooshiegaunon aa foreneen naethin byordinar
out o him but nanegaunin an he wisna like
their hauns barrin him fraegaunin and roarin at him
wullie said geordie an himgaunsae quick on the back
him syne cam walloppin ingaunstrecht for him wang jin
that he wants her togaunto america wi him yeuch
this crocodile moves he sgaunto eat him and go
at james m1092: mmhm himgaunto fell f1091: no he
roarin linn wi ragin kelpiesgaunafore the horned deil ahin
an a scrievin style langgaunby thou dealin wi timeless
on tap o the mullgaunfer feel wi a knife
move aff wi the sirensgaunfull pelt me maw me
brickwork ran like a weelgaunmill wi bricks piled up
wi oor faither an synegaunontae the littlin s prayer
the field wi a gonniegaunspare aye that wid mak
in the rin o thochtsgaunthrou thair heids wi the
yon in oor towristie buiksgaunthrowe coleraine wi a cauld
s [child noise] f1115: are yougaunto go wi dad to
coopie f1115: well fa yougaunto the coopie wi f1116:
frae a car windae jawsgaunback an forrit back an
puggie s brither had beengaunback an forrit like a
lik a meltit sick typewritergaunback an forth annie gran
back truckie truck are yougaunin the truckie i put
down there f1091: is hegaunto go back onto the
made me think o daysgaunby o herring queans guttin
scrievers but they keepit megaunfur the first twa three
with me m1108: [singing] hegaunhey conversation more action plea-
for me f1095: where yougaunm1096: to get toys f1095:
mm yeah yes f1089: yougaunto draw me colour me
come on now are yougaunto help me f1104: he
look you ll see themgaunbrown in a minute need
see da she telt themgaunintae the lobby an ontae
agnes she ll no begaunoneywhaur carolanne oh agnes sadie
your jamas please no yougaunto march and slip i
m1000: aye m1002: a cargaunup a brae an it
an greet the auld yeargauna bonnie wheen o madder
shopping for the messages theygaunan they don t say
couthiest birr an my wainsgaunclickety click when i heard
year fermers feed wid begaundeen an mair than that
as the till it keptgaunding a ling bear an
space an since their waegaunfae this airt the toun
i could huv kept thatgaunfor an hour yet maggie
case o ridin fire orgaunfur the doctor an if
eftir anither leivin nane athoutgaunin an at the verra
wyvit frae gerss an widdiesgaunin an out lik a
tattooed an peintit ae gweedgaunluik at a wud celts
fowk that kensna what sgaunon an sechs an graens
serious an eleven year auldgaunon fur echty like a
germs fowk in trollies weregaunrattlin past jonsar an missus
a scran o herrin angaunroond the doors sellin thaim
it bob s brither tomgaunto come an visit hey
a wal seiven o themgaunup an echt o them
yokatola [laugh] an we wouldgaunup the hills f606: [laugh]
a hundred words for thingsgaunwrong an only one for
but i thought we wasgaunto play [inaudible] m1108: read
okay f1102: [inaudible] farr wegaunwhen we when we ve
fann you hear the microwavegaunbleep then we ll pit
in the name are yougaungyte man martha what s
you do how s itgaunin those few words members
dad s where are yougaunm1092: [child noises] daddy is that
that ll be you twagaunroond the doors sellin thaim
f1141: [exhale] are you justgaunto be now a l-
wow i thought you wasgaunto do a beach you
m1092: girl one f1091: yougaunto do th- well look
are you [sound of water running] are yougaunto do the boat the
right come on then yougaunto fill up the rest
and make the tea yougaunto help mam make the
[?]way doon tae here[/?] f1109: this ones aregaunto be reid look is
nope [kissing noise] m1108: are wegaunto burn it in that
she f1104: yep are wegaunto do another one mum
of gingerbread men are wegaunto mak the day m1108:
[dad responds 'are you?'] f1104: mummy are wegaunto make wir jigsaw mummy
there okay now are wegaunupstairs to tidy your bedroom
for he wad niver daurgaunseekin his siller he split
dad what time he sgaunto be in aberdeen tomorrow
o the lochan far wegaunon the quarry quine fit
right we dinna need themgaunto put them in there
empty withoot they knitting needlesgaunwithoot going towards window carolanne
liker the soond o squeebsgaunaff in the distance bi
my good grief is itgauno be a hit and
the birr o traffic bairngaunthrough the toon faither fit
made hirsell up lyke agaunabout bodie sae that naebodie
when walkin up the glengaunhameward fae the toun a
brak them up fa sgaunto stick the stickers on
skweel the morn s studentsgaunintae the skweels will be
banquo hou s the nichtgaunladdie fleance the muin is
wha s thare what sgaunon l macbeth mercie a
coorse mysel hou s itgaunpal i speirt as i
linen sheets the room sgaunroon aunt jesssie quo she
meen s a traichlin traalgaunroon sae sweir fan the
i d be bad forgaunthat way there s naethin
but i think it sgaunto come that s it
new one that lady sgaunto make a coloured glass
it s alright mummy sgaunto pour in the flour
faur reaching enterprise that sgaunto provide for the weelfare
her booties if she sgaunto swim in the sea
way gang go gar compelgaungoing gaw gall gemm game
v compel gat v gotgaunv go going geyan adv
again and when things getgaunefter the summer i ll
cheinj yun munee ll begaunafore laang i tink iz
roads were blocked be tractorsgaunat a slow speed fit
the wirds three times aforegaunin thy will be deen
baby and mrs [censored: surname] wasgaunto be a grunny again
nature calls i ll jistgaunahin a funn bush snarled
and postman and jess hasgaunto their bed think that
the yird in its wagauna bonnie leverock warbled clear
sea a birth alaneness heldgaunbi the ae physog like
pitsliga fitba team were ferrlygaunfor a cup win the
weel a widnae let thaimgaunfor ocht less nor a
fasht in hir mynd aboutgaunhir lane til a strange
quine faain like a coingaunplop screich gings the ambulance
quinie dressed like a europeangaunthrow the jungle ae nicht
all the young men weregaungyte about her though god
wrocht for it wuz soregaunill on the bak on
en athoot hearin onie gunsgaunaff but it hid felt
twa brakkfasts in the makkingaunaroon the gairden raikin bit
soup of water draiglin skirtsgaunben the muir draiglin skirts
ben the muir draiglin skirtsgaunben the muir treelipin hem
eeses lallans in the bygaunin 1901 alsweel alexander gardner

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