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around 1920 lady dorothy arbuthnottgavea christmas party in the
missed one meeting lady arbuthnottgavea talk on the coronation
meetings next year lady arbuthnottgavea vivid word picture of
arbuthnott house lady arbuthnott alsogaveall her workers a christmas
silence and hon miss arbuthnottgaveus each an enamel brooch
by the many individuals whogaveevidence a simplified equitable and
also thank all those whogaveevidence and contributed to the
whether the fingerprint experts whogaveevidence in the case of
records office fingerprint experts thatgaveevidence in the shirley mckie
we along with six petitionersgaveevidence on the public petitions
be represented here when igaveevidence previously to a parliamentary
commitment of all those whogaveevidence scotland has a thriving
national enquiry to which kessongaveevidence the system was improved
collective desire of those whogaveevidence to ensure equity the
it right the witnesses whogaveevidence to the committee clearly
kelly of glasgow city councilgaveevidence to the committee he
control officers took when theygaveevidence to the committee like
a leader in this fieldgaveevidence to the committee on
lord advocate referred when hegaveevidence to the justice and
the convener when angus mackaygaveevidence to the local government
to their credit when theygaveevidence to the social justice
per cent one witness whogaveevidence to us on behalf
13 6 99 rob baingavefurther evidence of the gaelic
evidence of gaelic influence andgavethe following interpretations ferusche now
the evidence that angus mackaygaveto the local government committee
in the evidence that igaveto the rural development committee
the evidence that david millergaveus on monday david elliot
justice committee and those whogavewritten or oral evidence and
guidelines were produced these guidelinesgaveadvice on the learning and
both literary and patriotic theygaveadvice to aspiring poets but
what advice and guidance itgaveand if not what representations
however the advice that yougaveearlier and sir david steel
the chairman the advice yougavehim at the beginning of
the advice that robert burnsgavein our heart of hearts
stage and what advice itgaveregarding the changes s1w 16822
of the advice that igavethe chairman and the nature
that the advice that yougaveto the chairman ron tuck
vote of thanks [censored: forename] [censored: surname]gavea full appreciation of the
spanish civil war mr [censored: surname]gavea full discourse on the
voiced by [censored: forename] [censored: surname] whogavea most deserving vote of
[censored: surname] showing world jamborees hegavea short history of scouting
of russian miscellany mr [censored: surname]gavea very full and detailed
recent delegates meeting [censored: forename] [censored: surname]gavea very full report there
welcome the president [censored: forename] [censored: surname]gavea warm welcome to visitors
went well and that yougavebill [censored: surname] iain [censored: surname] and
a display mr [censored: forename] [censored: surname]gavegood tidings from largs saying
prof [censored: surname] today and hegaveme ch 1 of my
to a map ms [censored: surname]gaveme fredericton has 5 cinemas
enclose a clipping helen [censored: surname]gaveme from the globe mail
the personal thermometer the [censored: surname]gaveme last week i had
[censored: surname] liked the one igaveon monday on american poet
and souvenir sheets [censored: forename] [censored: surname]gavethe vote of thanks he
still needs drivers miss [censored: surname]gavetwo possible names 5 notelet
us be clear the ministergavea very honest assessment of
time to visit us hegavethem hope and then snatched
in with guns and theygaveus a big pan of
school and they came andgaveus a big talk for
the loft bobbie and normangaveus a couple of kitchen
should be using and actuallygaveus a frigging demonstration of
house the same night eileengaveus a lift back to
for this record and itgaveus a lot to choose
from the four people whogaveus a presentation on the
m1161: and he he kindlygaveus a whole pile of
to me that robert burnsgaveus all some of the
f746: i had f745: shegaveus all these you know
brian adam geoff huggins kindlygaveus an interesting explanation of
come back and my mothergaveus eh sixpence each tae
of these poetic successes eventuallygaveus enough confidence to consider
the the help that hegaveus erm but it was
fizzy juice m1094: but yougaveus fizzy juice at granny
his wife in the endgaveus his lawyer s name
on many a laugh hegaveus i do hope we
her the money and shegaveus sixpence tae go tae
stopped in on helen whogaveus supper she s doing
for the briefing our guidegaveus the basic safety drill
from the original figure thatgaveus the basis for the
which as has been saidgaveus the briefing before the
documentation that accompanies the petitiongaveus the details of that
another enlightened teacher erm ergaveus the lion the witch
and her little stooge majorgaveus the tories will shaft
speak and had prepared speechesgaveus their speeches afterwards they
study at school george reidgaveus tips a good tip
us what directions the executivegaveyou to help to produce
me della but when bernagavebirth to me why that
tiny little brush he justgaveit to me to take
overpaid again on monday theygaveme 183 00 and then
no it was alright shegaveme a a free pocket
students from the first groupgaveme a blank cassette on
a lesson with ira whogaveme a book of soviet
for a month and itgaveme a chance of escape
way to philly airport whichgaveme a chance to hear
m1055: ehm some- somebody somebodygaveme a good gaelic for
vichysoisse broth even gazpacho whichgaveme a headache so i
was my birthday and [censored: forename]gaveme a letter rack and
anyway and he s- hegaveme a little a little
that so i think thatgaveme a lot of brownie
were impersonal but kindly onegaveme a piece of chocolate
craft class i go togaveme a planted up pot
a chatty relaxed mood andgaveme a present of academic
with the result that mumgaveme a quick call at
had for things and yougaveme a really good one
good work ethic m941: [censored: forename]gaveme a row for having
lisa and ira ira thengaveme a russian lesson of
doctor i registered here withgaveme a stronger becotide and
me in the chair andgaveme a swirl round let
in washington but it stillgaveme a thrill to see
richt grown up my auntiegaveme a wee gless o
on oh i min yougaveme a wee parcel to
home for good and hegaveme a wink and started
very wonderful book because itgaveme an ex- a a
to the dr tomorrow hegaveme an inhaler to use
i am last night hegaveme an interminable version of
assessment centre was and hegaveme an old fashioned look
the next telephone box andgaveme another of your loaded
the directions my scottish contactgaveme are inadequate there is
f1142: from my gr- grannygaveme do you want to
foolishly took and although itgaveme experience doing marketing plans
hang on to it itgaveme f641: mmhm f639: mmhm
women as well this womangaveme hell last week cause
after all the thumps shegaveme in fact it s
letter out his pocket andgaveme it home with me
that to you f638: theygaveme it when i left
johnny what a fright yougaveme johnny conceals the rucksack
that was all she didgaveme life with no love
was the grill that shegaveme like it was just
breakfast f1117: she did shegaveme my breakfast in bed
they re up to hegaveme my hankie my key
found my polythene bag andgaveme my still damp clothes
to swallow my story butgaveme one of his special
of me said weir hegaveme power over all things
we f1130: if everybody elsegaveme presents f1129: oh aye
that s interestin cause yougaveme quite a few words
returned to scotland he alsogaveme six pills that i
the questions simple and itgaveme some answers so i
could hang on to itgaveme something eh to believe
kiss me and say yougaveme that clever you sometimes
f943: [laugh] but she nevergaveme that m944: [exhale] f943:
ma strong point and shegaveme the belt m608: mmhm
but something about her composuregaveme the confidence to continue
this as a challenge andgaveme the full works scissors
no part in that shegaveme the ominous response but
them aa f1130: who whogaveme the other me and
toothbrush or toothpaste so hegaveme the toothpaste and the
in oban where nurses kindlygaveme their valuable time to
on you yeah this girlgaveme them [laugh] f1049: it
a puppet f1122: look [censored: forename]gaveme this f1121: did he
she looked at me andgaveme this like strange look
passing round the cheesy puffsgaveme this middle aged what
duck to water he saidgaveme two more children but
looking for the thing thatgaveme ultimate sa- actually what
poland as the mommas aboutgaveme wurst and sauerkraut and
for the welcome that itgaverobert brown and me and
shoes she took these affgavethem tae me maggie so
remind people that burns alsogavea mention to the rights
burns and hearing his storygaveher hope it is special
second edition published in 1804gavemore information about burns including
through robert burns and hegavethe perfect reply presiding officer
mother s belly three yearsgaveback only corpses for her
ma mother went up andgaveher oh what for ye
wanted they bought the clothgaveit to my mother an
oh no f638: aye yegaveit to my mother same
tell your mother why igaveyou the strap she says
m642: but i think hondagavehim a big payoff m608:
were running out so wegavehim a bottle of orange
him tae read an igavehim a broons book an
what was the other shegavehim a conspiratorial look then
his english but this scotsgavehim a different voice so
occasion away you go igavehim a lifetime of respect
only baptised but confirmed johnsongavehim a shilling for being
rescuing jock o side theygavehim a wheat loaf to
she joked jim the nursegavehim an odd look not
been tackling the jigsaw yougavehim and enjoying the challenge
window when i left fionagavehim another dunt are you
ed 1977 the upland pairishgavehim birth an nou the
five years older than rlsgavehim every support in the
the district meant that peoplegavehim funny looks or it
wanted peggy i ken lorettagavehim his ain wye even
quiet a bit i justgavehim keys so i feel
andy sees the pencil fionagavehim lying where he dropped
service although the petitioner nevergavehim manumission or promised to
would reply knowing that nothinggavehim more pleasure than the
know what s your namegavehim my name and he
x rayed his back andgavehim painkillers for the broken
when he said that igavehim some faint praise for
to the dr and hegavehim some medicine which is
ticket was hopelessly unreadable igavehim the benefit of the
s puil our negative repliesgavehim the signal to proceed
and use the acrylics igavehim to colour in the
the work god his fathergavehim to do so he
to eat f1105: his mumgavehim wool m1106: uh huh
m1106: uh huh his mumgavehim wool to eat f1105:
gaithered up for one andgaveit to him so he
asking him about it andgavethe impression that it is
could help him he alsogavethe young aristocrat a tour
well look at him hegaveup the fish when it
well and wittily delivered margueritegavea full blooded rendition of
hamlet or farm in turngaveits name to the whole
could happen if an offendergavesomeone else s name and
pseudotsua douglasii though douglas himselfgavethe tree the botanical name
stay in ugly resorts thatgavetourism here a bad name
who contribute translations here orgaveassistance at any stage particularly
who cleaned her up andgaveeveryone such a row that
we are the generation whogaveeverything now the politicians want
of the sutherland report hegavehope to such people who
daughter who acted as housekeepergavemabel a marvellously dressed wax
all parts of scotland whogaveof their precious time to
she bought a few andgaveone to lena who stuffed
to all the people whogavetheir time the support given
the heels of bread andgavethem to the pupils who
is about 85 and whogaveup his 500cc norton only
so well the witnesses whogaveup so much time effort
so dangerous miss helen troygavea dismissive wave of her
reasons were which mrs littlejohngavefor terminating her role as
4 slices spam but butchergaveher 3 dolly emslie snorted
could find out and theygaveher a bottle s- i
when we were poor igaveher a bunch of snowdrops
i can t believe itgaveher a funny stiff bow
was a cold old troutgaveher a pair of wellies
forrest the merchant in colliestongaveher a ring she wore
to run away if hegaveher a shottie it wouldn
jonsar opened the door angaveher a shout are you
past a seagull the seagullgaveher a sly look it
and so for comfort somebodygaveher a stick doll though
about it except that theygaveher a wee card with
stumbled into the seƱora hegaveher an appeasing look murmuring
a form from information igaveher and asked for my
or some other stupidity yougaveher blankness the complete hole
oh god f814: i stillgaveher f813: i remember f814:
was in here and igaveher it but farr s
and the the man thatgaveher it told her just
the russian original and igaveher mcdiarmid s scots translation
treasurer s report the treasurergaveher report which is enclosed
helen enjoyed it and igaveher sunset song which al
up tae aberdeen and wegaveher ten pound tae buy
eh sixpence each tae gogaveher the money and she
a workshop in sumburgh andgaveillustrated talks on her research
t stop her and shegavelectures that people made fun
an interview her son robgavesome examples of how language
the time which mrs littlejohngaveto her work as president
hunchback of notre dame shegaveup her movie career on
earrings that swayed as shegaveutterance to her thoughts thank
falling oot atween them maclauringavean exasperated sigh he had
buying them one the committeegavetheir approval the president suggested
at that meeting we alsogavethem a copy of our
before the wedding well theygavethem a couple of wardrobes
yeah because f1103: when wegavethem a run home f1104:
i i said when wegavethem a run no- home
boiling water which of coursegavethem a special flavour bit
feast on them but igavethem a spray a few
b will be interested hegavethem a very good map
what we were after wegavethem an early indication that
energy for niceties however itgavethem an egg or two
tune and that tune hegavethem life and we hold
often invited them in andgavethem milk and pancakes if
flies every so often hegavethem or the animal inside
for the kids an wegavethem the drawin that the
rheumatism by the time igavethem the go ahead i
very well used we alsogavethem the ship s clock
really enjoyed it cause itgavethem then a chance to
hard currency to accept igavethem three pounds and i
you ve got them jimgavethem to you angelica i
the latter and i eventuallygavethem your work phone number
was the one where shegavea free car away to
even ken um cunt sgavenuthuin away cammy dolly s
christie had rented the keygavethe game away i saw
mac surname or something thatgaveyou away m762: yeah f963:
sudan [laugh] [inaudible] f1077: hegavea false birthday so he
surprised nor unsurprised when hegavea long whistle and withdrew
that made everyone think hegavea most informative talk and
came on an s- hegaveall these words for eh
over of population he alsogavean interesting assessment of the
the time the i- hegavean interview on newsnight and
the end of life hegavehis material body up as
dae that fur pause hegavehis word made a promise
do but wait till hegaveit back this afternoon here
recipe tae moses and hegaveit tae ma bessie it
used by james stuck hegaveliterary criticism the terms quatrain
it was defunct an hegaveo the strips that they
was getting back what hegaveout allowing for a certain
ie santa claus and hegaveout presents to the adults
was talking about when hegaveout this warning and this
sigh ahh michael crawford hegaveso much silly bastard if
no one in particular hegaveso much when you think
made in his speech hegavesome indicative examples on council
course for that but hegavethat up ana or he
f809: the one where hegavethe one that he missed
off the perpindicular and hegavethe pendulm a gentle shove
after a while he justgaveup and lifted the thing
way and that till hegaveup glumly and went back
d fan asleep an hegaveup he stopped speakin an
world s opinion instead hegaveup his affinity his mistress
third way just as hegaveup on beacons for britain
it s a peety hegaveup the ile really realising
his mind giving way hegaveup the pits and became
and boggys sorted when theygaveway he was a nice
he s growling why whatevergaveyou that idea madam he
wantin he got confused angaveyou the wrang thing muriel
moment one was bitten andgavea look at the serpent
page oh look has santagaveaa the animals presents eh
bj shouts the look yigavepare kirsty jilly hur roots
m1098: aye look f1097: fagaveyou deodorant m1098: dad f1097:
of my daughters and shegavea good skraich so i
is not true my colleaguegavea very good account of
back as good as shegavebut when the big black
bread knife for paper itgaveyou a good neat cut
t leaving quickly enough igaveyour bony form a good
up his line and thengavea swing on eh flywheel
fought and no quarter theygaveand most ended up in
man lay on the bubblegavehimself up to the vagaries
up to 1803 but unfortunatelygavehis birth date wrongly as
or four years then igaveit all up just for
up to that when wegavereassurances it was not in
[inhale] yeah i think shegavethat up after second year
put my hand up andgavethe only word that i
for 5 years untill igaveup and removed from no
but this year she actuallygaveup french so she o-
chose to do languages igaveup latin after four years
it became so anyway igaveup psychology and sapir whorf
it really after i igaveup rugby and marathon running
sick with the pest finallygaveup the ghost the death
father left the daimond andgaveup the pits and ended
boys are called jean baxtergavea derisive sniff why can
a number of questions andgavesome answers to why a
neil why peggy because godgavethe recipe tae moses and
the treaty of amsterdam alsogavethe european union something very
spat into the fire itgavean answering spit and she
difference between the position shegaveand that calculated by the
the number carolanne carolanne igaveit to susan she needed
angleeski i lied and shegavethe hint of a smile
she heard their song shegavethe nameless little rivers high
these shinners they were reallygavea really hot ye know
bad like i never reallygavethere s only one time
a slightly twisted neck geedgavegey very girnel meal storage
we spoke in scots wegaveexamples of alliteration in scots
of scots one reason childrengavefor disliking scots was the
his scots poems in 1773gavethe first example of it
the 19th century as gaelicgaveway to scots for some
disintegration of gaelic as itgaveway to scots the area
what small greasy light thesegaveout was further diminished by
deer seals and badgers whichgaveway to the conservation of
measuring medium rather than graingavean enlarged size which only
publication caed speak teri whichgaveaw sorts o hawick phrases
the ways in which theygavechildren information for instance with
necessity to which margaret ewinggaveeloquent testimony councils in rural
by the commitment that wegavein the right medicine which
a fine hard finish whichgaveit brilliancy like an eager
university his slap dash proceduregaveresults which help explain some
environmental protection act 1990 whichgaverise to the implementation of
if so which minister sgavethe approval s1w 9234 fiona
most with accompanying letters whichgavethe history as it had
presented at those meetings whichgavethe latest information on outstanding
probably motorola s announcement whichgavethe whole directive some significant
met at the alba centregavewhich is that there is
the cipher room one soldiergavea note to jessie for
a one track mind igavehis arm another twist aargh
to the one that igavein relation to the surveillance
a santa gift f639: santagaveit in addition to one
at one o clock igavemy class on grammar teaching
of relief and agony joangaveone final push and the
this hanging around at leastgaveone the chance to meet
winnie the pooh f1113: dadgaveyou the big one that
winter days and at nightgaveout only the faintest flickering
you a lot i onlygaveyou 10 gladys aye it
oh my goodness laddie igaveit to your fadder to
be busier than expected igavemy classes on travel and
accelerated pace on monday igavemy final lesson to a
i fetched my hairbrush andgaveyour fiery topknot a brushing
clapped his hands and literallygavea nimble skip of delight
his haipny tight miss woodgavegeordie the strap for standing
the relief of action igavehis arm an extra twist
uncle wid hae ti huvgavehis blessin ti you you
the key problems were thatgaverise to his estimate and
over years of such treatmentgavethe surfaces what art dealers
will remain secure tenants wegavesome thought to what we
some farmers made porridge andgaveyou raw sowens instead of
so that f606: mmhm m954: gavethe case a resonance that
not so much that theygavethemselves for money but that
breakfast had an accident yougavethe hostal as your address
and the bi- your trousersgaveyou a wee bitty more
aboot that een your granniegaveyou angelica i m saving
s terrible your dad naegaveyou dinner f1118: nope f1117:
that was what you- santagaveyou for your christmas party
resource economics cemare in portsmouthgavea best estimate of the
would be today rag rugsgavea bit of warmth under
a white balloon marked cloudgavea blue sigh that escaped
the whole on friday igavea class on education to
the contents of the lettergavea clue to its origin
people are in place wegavea commitment to review the
that the national osteoporosis societygavea couple of weeks ago
174f 27 baynes in effectgavea curate s egg judgment
mrs cruickshank the manse kinneffgavea demonstration on wool and
to commit an offence yougavea description of preparations for
at king s college millargavea detailed analysis of the
work to be done thisgavea figure of eighteen days
of the debate cathy peattiegavea first class analysis of
fence by the roadside thisgavea great chance to enjoy
sake and the radio persongavea high shrill whinny later
writing home on thursday igavea lesson on scottish accents
think it right that wegavea lot of weight to
as i did the hookergavea mighty screech and thrust
joseph knight mr maclaurin maclauringavea quick smile to knight
neighbour the fisherman s songavea sharp intake of breath
of germs marching resolutely northwardsgavea somewhat exaggerated importance to
in deep apricot veined marblegavea view through plate glass
teachers were represented they toogavea warm welcome to the
was awry the second returngaveall the pupils a band
notes that the first ministergavean assurance at a public
as hypothesis or myth freudgavebirth to a nexus of
time within a year marygavebirth to their daughter jenny
for help an ah shouldagavefae ma heart fur a
to a written questionnaire watsongavefurther insights into the features
grebbed hould o eh cornergavehid a wee shove an
was a french spy butgaveit a christian burial anyway
mind it del krista bernagaveit a fair clout tae
gweed time on that angaveit a richt hardy whack
the muir a riding drumlanriggaveit for providing oor ancestors
heids abody on the estategavejake a wide berth any
the hell s steve cammygavemasell a beauty last night
the month of june mcgavenr a design for a
dost would follow soon thereaftergaverise to a number of
know a gas fitter igavethat firm a distinct body
mannie a smack f1103: fagavethe mannie a smack f1104:
on behalf of the ministergavethe newspaper a front page
as a reward the kinggavethe scot the land of
and sand to the monasterygavethe town a perfect tourist
leek arose in a bodygavevent to a shriek do
you too i said andgaveyou a kiss and left
come to the point igaveyou a written note explaining
a wider freer world thatgaveyou the courage to think
fog dimps moans quietly stewgaveyursell a right graze you
there would be difficulties yougavein to pressure and allowed
mouth shut this address yougavejimmy is it ah mm
do you think that itgaveproper consideration to the issues
such as the example yougavethat will be taken into
brought it in or yougavethe coupons to the landlady
consumption you mentioned norway andgavethe explanation that the ban
by the answers that yougaveto keith raffan if you
they charged you for 60gaveyou 30 an you took
dad s glowers while igaveyou breakfast in return i
number of convictions that igaveyou does not take account
and the answer that igaveyou is exactly the answer
the two quotations that igaveyou it s all the
generation s documents that igaveyou just now it s
eh gettit fuh christmus igaveblood last week and ran
related to access provisions ministersgavecareful consideration to those views
what the british populace voluntarilygaveor maybe our governments don
without sacrifice for what theygaveout were not just mere
team and the joint councilgavethought to what would come
navy uniforms what support itgaveto any shortlisted firms and
executive what financial assistance itgaveto st mary s music
what s that dad sgaveye m1092: what is it
what in hell s firegaveyi that idea della thone
the tenth floor the viewgaveout directly onto the brown
in england or wales thatgaveout the original sentence provided
f746: mmhm f978: and theygaveout the prizes for the
they had before leaving workgavemost of the clachan team
the figures at the timegaveenough priority to higher and
went dead the answering machinegavean agonised screech and forever
hectic weekend on friday igaveclasses on dbs and predicted
we discussed carrying capacity andgaveconsiderable attention to sea lice
public administration the 1993 actgaveequal status to welsh and
on the map beforehand andgaveourselves an hour for the
32 councils were present andgavethe bill their wholehearted support
keipis the reule quhilk igavebefore to wit the first
executive as the first ministergavedispensation to the skye bridge
first edition of the osgavethe thoroughfare as abbey street
workshops were helpful because theygaveeach group an insight into
the committee christine grahame igavenotice earlier that although i
refer to the answer igaveon 5 september to question
not have to queue igavethe second part of the
nicholson the bbc agriculture broadcastergavethe wittiest reply i have
joke the document that igaveto mary scanlon is proof
to the answer that igaveto mr russell we will
s 13 78 bessie igaveye 10 already gladys aye
on the position the victoriagaveunderstandably but regrettably for subsequent
in the parliament jim wallacegavean undertaking to amend the
records the answers the childrengavein response to the pupil
panel of eminent civil engineersgaveits approval to the detailed
hellenic parliament mr apostolos kaklamanisgaveparticular emphasis to the role
responses to the consultation papergavesnh no overall consensus on
have the debt we justgavethe debt to scottish homes
t z this crude calculationgavethe target to aim at
week s audit scotland reportgaveunequivocal clearance to fife council
of our thinking margaret currangavean undertaking that we would
fit do ye think godgaveye yer fingers for eat
detailed analysis that the committeegaveas well as the assurances
of the few matters thatgavethe committee real concern the
poster in the village storegavedetails of the concert at
of the pine forests thatgaveprotection from the heat of
auchenblae f833: the lady thatgavethe assembly the other day
william craigie perhaps uncharacteristically craigiegavethe dimensions of the boll
in the new statistical accountgavethe height of the motte
university status the 1992 actgavethe privy council responsibility for
from the existing bridge thisgavethe war department the security
the reasons that david eagleshamgavewe use youngsters prelim scripts
miss munro college of agriculturegavean interesting talk on poultry

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