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that s big wi spategeegaws an tartan trinketry are
packmen offert hir a wheingeegaws for gouns but she
insteid o bubbly jock sgeegaws lecter wad feast wi
that they haud dear claesgeegaws o the best the
stall in the merket sellingeegaws rypit frae boot sales
micht blaw awa chaip seasidegeegaws selt an bocht vanish
mother great grandmother was geegeef1054: maternal m1019: mmhm f1054:
s mother great grandmother wasgeegee f1054: maternal m1019: mmhm
family were f1054: who sgeegee m1019: that was that
different grandmothers different names likegeegee or you know they
were f1054: who s geegeem1019: that was that was
grandmothers different names like geegeeor you know they distinguish
it again della we cannaegeethe famely siller cannae gee
gee the famely siller cannaegeeum that krista krista whit
stew what diyi say wigeeed a go let um
simple wee guy here wegeeum a voice dimps he
morna his wife could onlygeeum dauchters twa mind when
pause we ve nothing tigeeum krista he ll be
dimps dimps fuck sake deygeeum mah real name ih
his entitlement so if wegeeum what he wants then
krista dey jist stand theregeeur a hand ower the
fur royalty krista will ahgeeur the wreath della della
the auldest sister ah llgeeur the wreath krista so
contessa robby aw aw deygeeur it she ll mess
o yur stories tess robbygeeus the yin berna telt
it s aye been lorigeeus yin o yur stories
tells yi he s gonnaegeeyi the moon wi yur
wheesht yur puss you kingeeyou a taste o the
yur tongue you ah kingeeyou the same zeb of
talking ok cammy will ahgeedimps a shout stew ah
punch bag dimps need tigeeoot mair hints need ti
cammy dimps mah man gonnaegeestew a shout dimps goes
re game is stew dimpsgeethe man a chance ih
stew so wur agreed wigeethis another shot dimps fuckin
it jilly yi wanted tigeeus away pat cause yi
other survivors so we llgeeyi a chance ed stew
herbs lori kin ah nohgeeyi a hand tess awa
he phoned yi did hegeeyi his background cammy mr
the brew pause here tessgeeaunty berna that jug wi
my head tess here zebgeeus yin o the sailors
the sillers noh oors togeeawthin belongs ti robby he
an care wur here tigeeeach other strength wur here
tae that next loch mistergeeno faur hen wur gaun
dive lee ah wanted tigeeyis away afore yis wur
o stories bit i jistgeet as i got it
an these artist s kingeepictures o boxin life an
m1128: aye f1127: i seegeemove aboot fast don t
f1091: mmhm that s itgeeyou re doin this fast
let it happen lee ahgeepat a week then he
nae dauchter whit mother waedgeehur only dauchter beatins an
been set free free tigeethis land oor very souls
aye awa you go dinnageeyoursel aboot helpin me wi
naw ther s no mrgeeyou re totally windin us
wis twa doggies an theygeed tae the mull they
sheid if doo waants tgeea haand the man started
true f832: bowler f833: awgeedon t stereotype them f832:
sake an eppy they turnsgeeme the boc aw that
breeze acacia eucalyptus date scarcegeeava the simmer heat far
are they still in theregeewhizz aye f1001: as far
din t ye an mrgeestood up an looked aboot
he plinkplinked d a tgeed naut t billy dan
raud eighteen pounds please igeehim d twintee hits aa
aye that s right mrgeeyou thought it wis a
it in f1102: [exhale] f1101: geewhizz right come on then
didnae throw the towel ingeeup the fight jilly he
they ca them eh ohgeei ve completely forgotten but
wir tea if ye dinnageeyersel see grannie see i
so i finally had togeemysel up and dee something
what about unattractive m1000: mmgeef1001: nae affa bonny m1002:

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