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beas wattert an it nivergeeddry ere wis an iron
mountain pastures faar e beasgeedfor e simmer grazin bit
e gale at e beasgeedoot an in at it
intill e glory hole itgeeda plastic baggie o bran
till e barn door yegeedintill e barn tae get
some wis for beddin somegeedintill e hecks at e
maybe sax or seyven igeedintill e trees wi anither
a simmer s holiday naebodygeedintill t though i did
dyke at a gate angeedon intill e park i
steen intill t as timegeedon it learnet ilky nyeuk
ilky block wis cast egeeda half turn an let
near aa e time igeedroon ilky room mair n
ere wis a big aixlegeedthrowe e barn waa tae
me nae doot es eengeedhame wi its booty maybe
nae a quairt job esgeedon aa e time fin
d seen loase em esgeedon for a lot o
tap o an updracht esgeedon for a wee filie
maisters o es spidery universegeedoot an in it wis
freens bit es time itgeedower e fleer like a
enyeuch for mirrors sae igeedtae ma bed es nicht
lang ahin es e mrsgeedup tae the aalyoch tae
weel es day e mrsgeedup till e aalyoch e
in a lang line yegeedoot o e hoose throwe
aye winnert fit kinna thochtsgeedthrowe e teacher mannie s
d a thocht it jistgeedthrowe im e d a
o trees an i aygeedthrowe t haad awa fae
e iron holes e flamesgeedthrowe till e metal wis
a succession o dirds atgeedthrowe ye like steady haimmers
oot an in an itgeedgraan shelter on a caal
o breem an funs atgeedgweed shelter till e craps
wagon e reef overhangs atgeedshelter tae piles o winter
meet again e freens atgeedafore maybe ey re like
an roon an roon eygeedcanny s ye like heids
comin in fin e lichtgeedon at nicht ey d
nuh e said aye eygeedower jist aboot an oor
the fox down there eygeedtae look an i walkit
bade ootside aa nicht eygeedtill e hills in june
faar ey took aff faegeedtill e spot an got
wisna jist byre muck atgeedoot we d an ootside
e road ootside tee igeedup tae hae a look
o e windae as shegeedby at s my kail
tae learn back an foregeede patrol windae tae windae
till im oan day egeeddoon e road wi e
an got im oot egeede same wye s e
im look ony mair egeedhame tae see till s
jock s place an igeedim a han tae harness
tae be redd oot naebodygeeda thocht till e hen
it an e billies atgeedaboot fin e moss wis
o life at e warmthgeedan e new growth tae
got eesed till t wegeedben e lang nairra close
comin till e hoose doorgeedby t afore at we
gotten till e foon williegeedclean oot o ma heid
noo an aan e washergeeddeen an ma faither hid
werena very common a fairmergeede aal man a lift
tae haad them syne upgeede claes pole an there
creatures the fish iv coorsegeede wye o aa ither
for e big fowk mabelgeedeence an it wis fair
meevet e twa smaa puckliesgeedfor ma nose an e
hid er faats bit shegeedgweed milk an ay e
steppin backlins at e timegeedheelster gowdie doon a coal
inside his package his nosegeedin e air cheese cheese
wis at e mait igeedin got ma camera geed
get e ither bit aathinggeedintil a big pail an
e didna ken aboot fitgeedon aboot e place it
acclimateesed an deil a cwytegeedon for e lave o
not sit still e teachergeedon wi e wark at
o e sabbath an wegeedower e hill on wir
denner ere wis sax aeraplanesgeedower e road roller wis
at e tap eyn igeedricht roon e back o
seen if e is igeedricht up e hill ower
han on e wheel igeedroon be e front an
boddem o t an wegeedroon till e aal soo
boat like e time igeedtae lewis fin e win
on e snails fin igeedtae tak ma paperies oot
fit ye see fin igeedtill e fairm aifter a
wye o deein afore egeedtill eez bed we won
e gloamin ay fin igeedup e stairs ere wis
a bit o courage angeedup e steps bit fun
e sneck an in igeedweel ere wis a byre
skills an e tools atgeedwi em for a richt
e knock hill an igeedwi will a retired smith
shop forbye e hennies ayegeedye a chance o a
greetins till s as wegeedby nae shy aboot it
the story jist as shegeedit till s fifty ears
back tae ma room igeednaething tae be seen till
the manager at philorth ayegeedtill t an in the
a ledder an faith itgeeda gweed bittie doon ye
wisna bad at aa angeeds a gweed foon for
oot wi hairst frames atgeedextra support aa roon for
yer moo an jist abootgeedroon yer hert like a
a hait simmer it ayegeeddry as eel s a
felt em as yer tyresgeedower em i min comin
i wisna here fin yegeedsome o them an orange
lot dt wiz my cousinsgeeddair i dinna kein bit
at d yooniversitee dt igeedtae a lecture dt instructit
ye mith dee if yegeedblin i fan my wye
owld trow caam in angeedralph a firsum glower wir
tings cheinj dey wir fensisgeedup fauk heid title deeds
bilin watter afore the creamgeedin temperature made a great
doon a bit afore hegeedon mair bit you hae
a pow wow afore theygeedtheir separate wyes again besides
involved ah weel we aageedawa for a lang wik
a lang time at seggatgeedhame tae fleers she said
lang jump an fit igeedin for for fun turnet
hame wis barberin the mengeedeen anither a crop wi
bit the local fowk maistlygeedhame for their tea an
aa wyes syne ae paageedoot syne a step an
geed in got ma camerageedoot again an ye cd
reed coo an ayrshire atgeeda lot o milk though
a lot o their wagesgeeddoon their thrapples an little
of the time a lotgeedon at younger fowk noo
button holes so the whispergeedaboot bit of coorse she
did naething aboot it igeedtae ma bed fine at
aboot charles an diane angeedye yer horoscope as weel
ma bare knee ma hertgeeda richt lowp and i
it caaed a grannie poochgeedin doon the seam when
hait sin on yer shoodersgeedye an appetite piece time
at the olympics an mabelgeedsome examples ae wifie wis
at wis far i aftengeedtae read books i d
ain though tess so wheygeedum the help he needed
hid an interest in ploosgeedtae veesit a lad at
racer o a shalt hegeedtae aiberdeen in a gig
i d been maitit igeedtae hae a look it
but whether or no theygeedtae their beds then was
much spikkin atween s wegeedup tae jock s place
be keings whan thaim thatgeedme cawdor hecht the mair
suppoas sum o d trowsgeedawey t d circus dey
intent on aathing as wegeedalang at we werena sayin
kin o dibber dabberin thatgeedon at feein markets there
glory hole some stray eensgeedon fleein back an fore
chowks were aye stingin timegeedby i pickit up a
wi nae warnin sae yegeeda lowp a grey doo
having a slightly twisted neckgeedgave gey very girnel meal
nerves come with me igeedfither i wintit or no

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