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said da first peerie gricegengawa wi dee an laeve
said da third peerie gricegengawa wi dee an laeve
said da second peerie gricegengawa wi dee an laeve
lettin doon hit hed tagengee wye or tidder da
the same fash bother troublegenggo ee wye or tidder
da cattery fur we dunnagengawa on holiday at da
shö ll no need tagengtae da cattery fur we
fur shetland an if yougengtae da exhibition dunna gaff
fee was paid aggle messgenggo ithoot without trivvel grope
no let johnsmas come angengithoot a bonfire an wir
tae girse thyme poo pullgenggo sochs sighs deeply ithin
weeds and every time igenghaem i poo oot a
an i telled her tagengin an mak maet dan
laerned an dey hae tagengso you mak maet tae
göd shö could come angengis shö plaesed pickin apö
wi smootie whin wegengon holiday we ll hae
tak wi me whin igengtae his side da ocean
dat dey wirna able tagengaff very far efter fish
bairns you ll hae tagengan mak your ain gaet
o da photographers art tagengwi hit i wirkit wi
whitna godless price hit widgengtil forbye da cost o
ya said dad we llgengeftir you re unpackit da
at wid ensue dt widgengalang da lines o teacher
upo a plan he widgengdoon da lum so up
his haand an he saysgengdu hame mam we re
rules so at you cangengoot if you re biddin
an blackbacks might he mightgengbacklins ida stanks or joost

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