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pennsylvanian dutch originally deutsch orgermancountry this is largely a
forms of german what ingermanis called hoch deutsch and
deutsch is present day standardgermanit has little or no
north east of scotland lowgermannieder deutsch has had some
crannie cweet dubs loon lowgermanand dutch could of course
known in english as dutchgermanand in their own tongue
a variety of reasons lowgermanand its close relative dutch
s time walter feinishes wigermandutch an the hindi o
is from the dutch orgermanfor church some members will
than english shall does thigermanform is sollen thi dutch
compare modern dutch haver andgermanhafer whence english haversack originally
the dutch side then lowgermanit becomes the future of
the chamber including french gaelicgermanitalian russian dutch basque and
to the obscure and inventedgermanitalian spanish dutch basque danish
leids or atween dutch angermanor atween thae o latin
languages or between dutch andgermanor between those of latin
speech which is possibly lowgermanor dutch and that is
compare modern dutch roggebrood moderngermanroggenbrot dutch is probably also
of dutch independence on thegermanside of the dutch border
of pupils coming from dutchgermanspanish welsh as well as
and something similar in dutchgermanswedish and danish with spelling
middle dutch or middle lowgermanvracht transport carriage by sea
british propaganda he speired outgermannationality bi readin german psychoanalysis
is the english repone taegermanpsychoanalysis acks no wards cures
buchan wis readin up ongermanpsychoanalysis an in fack john
out german nationality bi readingermanpsychoanalysis nou the british meenistry
invents too so they trygermandoesn t work italian doesn
the parliament in english gaelicgermanfrench spanish and italian in
four different official languages frenchgermanitalian and romansch when i
the sqa packs in frenchgermanitalian and spanish provide exemplification
classes in four languages frenchgermanitalian and spanish the minister
the hague and i tookgermanand spanish at school i
languages i did like frenchgermanenglish and spanish in my
years and speaks catalan spanishgermanfrench and english the complete
familiar languages like french spanishgermanwhere you always had some
due till e translations intaegermana gweed job naebody bothered
love despite the lull ingermanlanguage translations of burns in
men 17 and what thesegermantranslations bring into relief is
a red red rose thegermantranslations draw attention to the
in my own perusal ofgermantranslations of burns in the
by the rhetorical imagery mostgermantranslations on the other hand
including english scandanavian french andgermana tiled plaque erected in
an ah kens french angermanan inglish an irena here
i d done you knowgermanand french and stuff f746:
principal teacher of french andgermanand my main work now
a choice between french andgermanand probably later on you
f1148: you do french andgermanand then you do latin
cause you do french andgermananyway and then you st-
that it s french andgermanas i m sure the
take erm three languages likegermanfrench and english but this
yourself using french grammatical patternsgermangrammatical patterns you re tempted
offered in s1 e ggermanin primary and french in
do they ll do frenchgermanit s just sort of
french why should it begermanm865,: okay ehm what about
taught already i mean frenchgermanm865,: yeah f950: ehm m865,:
understood that they do frenchgermanm865: mmhm mmhm f948: i
languages greek latin scandinavian frenchgermanmuch of this results from
in different languages ehm againgermanor french or ein twein
sounds like another language likegermanor french when would you
second language like french orgermanor would it be instead
sit down with a agermantext or a french text
because you do french andgermanthen latin f1148: you do
ll gie you french orgermanversions o da information whit
english and either french orgermanwhatever language you d been
mm m964: well it sgermanwith a french [?]sauce[/?] f965:
m sure the french andgermanwou- you know wh- they
one variety of german lowgermanas millar explained in the
present day influence from lowgermanbut the low german influence
high german or into agermandialect without doing some damage
area known as little hollandgermangerman has also influenced north
m964: it s it sgermangerman with a [inaudible] f963:
known as little holland germangermanhas also influenced north east
low german but the lowgermaninfluence is tangible in north
in particular one variety ofgermanlow german as millar explained
either into the standard highgermanor into a german dialect
think in two forms ofgermanwhat in german is called
it s it s germangermanwith a [inaudible] f963: mm
the calle archduke luis salvadorgermanand english tourists predominantly middle
es port gloomy tourists mostlygermanhave felt badly done by
the music room mingling withgermantourists in the vast entrance
strauss to a party ofgermantourists tonight the restaurant has
than a form of lowgermanbecause of the fact of
on is possibly a lowgermaninfluence because certain dialects of
seems to be of lowgermanorigin visitors also helped especially
mutchkin or quarter pint lowgermanthe administration also held physical
flees awa and to lowgermanwisker a duster the ramifications
completed in 1914 the originalgermanedition robert burns leben und
translate burns s poems intogermanhochdeutsch or dialect as a
the scottish studies centre ongermaninterest in burns in the
burns s apparent disappearance fromgermanliterary consciousness in the post
the reception of burns ingermanliterature i weimar and berlin
the reception of burns ingermanliterature the first part of
artist 1 catherine carswell agermanon robert burns spectator 7
1914 reading burns with agermanprofessor and his class in
aroused my interest in thegermanreception of burns with her
by burns to appear ingermantranslation 4 hecht found on
by burns to appear ingermantranslation however boslit now gives
the translation of burns intogermanwith particular reference to the
present as well as pastgermanwriters on burns are making
and the scandinavian and thegermaninfluence but ehm u1028: [inaudible]
s translation into scots ofgermanfolk songs and ballads and
to you can take upgermanas well f1148: mmhm f1149:
like sort of fluent ingermanf1148: mmhm f1149: and she
is it s like thegermanspeaking part anyway ehm f1148:
p 15 6 quotations ingermanand english are from the
taxi or menus translated intogermanand english yet not so
do honours english language andgermanand even if i don
contain in english and ingermanblank verse the poem written
crime the warning flashed ingermanenglish hindi after the passport
but lower than english andgermangiles studied language in depth
including our rafting companions englishgermanisraeli and new zealanders were
and english are from thegermanlanguage quotations given by gillies
gey broken english he wisgermanon seein the peats he
him in english american andgermanperiodicals up to 1803 but
speaks english to me butgermanto granny and granda scots
two language systems english andgermanwith which the teacher can
a long conversation with yourgermancolleague from the languages dept
s middle east furthermore hergermanis getting much better and
primary six we also dogermanas a modern language so
present in germany congratulates thegermangovernment on this environmentally progressive
wachtveitl who s in agermancop show called tatort which
our day it was calledgermanm815: [laugh] rubella m816: in
oor day it was calledgermanmeasles so ye ye never
inflexibility as opposed to eastgermanefficiency while we tried to
the first time the eastgermanguards allowed people to pass
load o words in ingermanthat fitted north east scots
sonnets and conceits in ourgermanlanguage which she believes cannot
a different language to thegermanthat was used in the
phrases and subordinating conjunctions ingermanit is also at this
the parliament notes that thegermangovernment has reached agreement with
reasons to do with thegermangovernment mr kohl was not
end and insert applauds thegermangovernment on their decision to
the stated intent of thegermangovernment to close down nuclear
or selections were translated intogermanbetween 1839 and 1896 some
of mine never translated intogermanerm and you might think
herder did much to changegermanpoetic taste and to promote
come shot from a dubiousgermanskin flick without so much
no native speaker of highgermanwould have had much to
she was studying for hergermanexam or she s waiting
others supposedly buried in agermantown now in poland or
his lover she ran thegermanend of his mallorca operation
brought an end to francogermanhostility which erupted in three
down cock your snook atgermanband try to jook their
at rickarton beside stonehaven agermanplane came down the locals
with estonia to link upgermanbusiness to opportunities in the
with which to beat contemporarygermanliterary fashion she did have
with the artificiality of contemporarygermanpoetry with its foreign influences
with the general fate ofgermanpoets and goethe adds of
john anderson my jo withgermanreaders in his references to
have ye deen captured agermanspy american accent armed with
and m a creaky oldgermanthriller with peter lorre as
choice with a number ofgermantranslators and i was interested
on central edinburgh hit thegermanchurch near our childhood home
actually more more attached togermani mean our numbering een
is spoken at home andgermanin schools business work shops
27 tuesday begin to learngermanspare time work slow to
ye know it s moregermanthan anything but th- the
ither day an it wisnagermanspies i can tell you
below me would have donegermanfrom the start and then
s to meet gunther agermanlektor up from yerevan and
far from carole a silvergermanpen wot i am writing
in luxemburgish it sounded likegerman[?]hier ist[/?] radio luxembourg m964: it
he fartit twice like agermanin navy speedo trunks nae
m959: mm f958: like thegermanmarket s all just been
reads the bits out ingermani read them out in
syntax of subordinate clauses ingermanif they had had the
wine festivals in germany hergermanis improving and she can
goes on to quote ingermanjohn anderson my jo the
editor johann christian hüttner agermanresident in london and correspondent
he was a hero wigermanshrapnel in him but ye
poet become an unknown ingermanspeaking countries this question chimes
there s a rumour abootgermanspies fit s in yer
were to say that ingermanwould the effect be as
lyke yeirsell ah m nogermanat aw apairt frae the
thinkin ah m a sentimentalgermanbut ah can tell ye
div ah look lyke oorgermanteacher laughs here ah div
of war a while agermanlad an the first question
the first twa year thegermansaid he wis gey near
look aboot there wis thegermanawa doon at the fit
wis real sorry for thegermanit took a lot o
licked my face noo thegermanwisnae happy sayin it wis
friend of mine he isgermanand a wonderful draughtsman i
assumption that i must begermanby both germans and mallorcans
aviary now and a younggermancouple recently arrived and unaware
s enthusiasm for scottish andgermanculture at times leads him
compulsory as they are forgermanmeasles and hepatitis b for
argentinian and one each ofgermanmexican ghanain and yugoslavian the
to drumyocher and latterly agermanp o w stayed at
happen i can t speakgermancan you there is no
army single handed but aegermansodger i can deal wi
generally agreed to be poorgermanblank verse is as alexander
tricked oot as tart agermanpeinter chiel oot tae impress
cannot be pleasing to agermanear 6 an attack which
it a shittenhassen which isgermanwe d a prisoner of
he had just had agermanexchange group at his school
the embassy where erika thegermanassistant librarian was celebrating the
of visitors every year mostlygermanto swarm through cells where
tae thair haiverins aboot agermanairieplane doon the beach she
a six former a seriousgermanwoman who said she was
sax seeven ach- aicht f1043: germanyes mmhm m1042: ye know
a business me an thegermangot on fine an he
a dog let alane agermanhe winnert if arthur hid
telt their freens an thegermanhid hit a winner noo
dinna speak a wurd ogermanma faither wes brocht up
tin drum last night agermanmovie about the sexual adventures
a particularly horrible cargo ofgermannerve gas arrived by sea
two tables along dines offgermanpastry elegant under a beautiful
daniel s mother married agermanwhom hitler decorated for bravery
up the elgin wye yongermanmannie turned the kirk intae
ye div look lyke thatgermano yours olga laughs ay
romansch just another form ofgermanthe swiss are proud to
macaskill s1m 1018 colin campbellgermanclosure of nuclear power stations
mr [censored: forename] [censored: surname] presented thegermanoccupation of poland 1939 45
helmholtz almost the only contemporarygermanscientist of whom he was
[quotation in german, possibly dialectal] wow you all speakgermanthe saltire i- i ll
forebeir o welsh follaed bigermanthat haed tae hae its
shipping caused by the unrestrictedgermanu boat campaign efforts to
that i was rubbish atgermanj ai aussi étudié le
fash frae the likes ogermanair raids atho oo hed
the scotch stewarts ti thegermanhanoveirianes thai bou the craig
me genes irish cheyenne angermanthey are pairt spittle only

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